10 Things That Make Me Feel Good Within!

hello lovelies,

Since falling ill, I’ve had to give up many different things I could once do which is nearly impossible to do now. Different activities like; netball, kickboxing, going to the gym, being with friends 24/7, doing art and the list continues on.

You may be wondering, well why can’t you do those things now, nothings ‘impossible’ but for me, those things are right now (maybe in the future they will become activities of mine again but for now, they are my past). I can’t walk so I can no longer exercise the way I use to, I have dislocated shoulders which means I have barely any use of my arms therefore I can’t do art the way I use to, I spend the majority of my days either bedbound or at hospital appointments so I don’t get to see my friends as much as I’d like. These are things I’ve had to learn to accept over the years.

Although, not being able to do what I use to love may be heartbreaking at times BUT I’ve come to love other activities which bring me the joy and happiness that the others use to. These may only be little things to you, but to me they bring me such happiness and make me feel good from within. That’s what is important.

So today, I thought I’d share with you 10 different things that bring me happiness from within and bring back that smile to my face which sometimes gets lost between all the negativity. Let’s begin;

10 Things That Make Me Happy From Within;

  • Getting My Nails Done
  • Washing My Hair
  • Reading Positive / Motivating Quotes
  • Having A Proper Skincare Routine That I Do Daily
  • Shaving My Body
  • Doing My Makeup
  • Online Shopping
  • Doing Blogging, Watching/Filming Youtube Videos, Baking Etc
  • Listening To My Spotify Playlist / Favourite Songs
  • Spending Time With My Friends & Family

Whilst writing this, I was thinking, people are going to think I’m mad that these little things in life bring me happiness. what you’ve got to understand is, I’m genuinely not able to do much for myself anymore, so when I can do these little things – they make me feel like the Elle before Illnesses!

I really hope you enjoyed today’s blogpost and it may have even given you a nudge to do more things that make YOU happy! As nothing is more important than self care and self loving.

What makes you happy from within? I’d love to hear your answers and know that I’m not alone when thinking it’s the little things in life.

Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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