May Favourites!

Hello lovelies,

For today’s blogpost, I thought I’d do something a little different. back last year (possibly even the year before) I done a ‘favourites’ blogpost where I shared with you all my favourite things which have come into my life during that month!

If I remember rightly, that blogpost went down pretty well with you lovelies which read my posts, so I thought I’d write another one for you all.

Admittedly, you are meant to do these blogposts every month but let’s be real, I don’t always have new stuff to share with you – so doing these every known and then is a much more realistic approach.

This month, i may or may not have a LOT of different things to share with you. From beauty to skincare to series I’ve been loving, I’m sharing the lot with you today!

Series & Films:

On the 30th of April, I had my RIG feeding tube placed and the recovery time is quite long (not forgetting the added infection time)… therefore, myself and my mum have watched way too much TV. Saying that, we’ve come across some bloody good films and series which I HAD to share with you guys. Now, I’m not going to write about each series/film as we’ll be here forever, but I’d highly recommend checking these out. Some series on Netflix we completed in a day, yes you heard right, a day!

  • Sky, The Bay | Series
  • Sky, Million Dollar Listings LA | Series
  • Sky, Celebrity SAS – SU2C | Series
  • Sky, Game Of Thrones | Series
  • Sky, SAS Who Dares Wins | Series
  • Netflix, Dumpling | Film
  • Netflix, Black Summer | Series
  • Netflix, Sex Education | Series
  • Netflix, Jailbirds | Series
  • Netflix, Girls Incarcerated | Series
  • Netflix, Dead To Me | Series
  • Netflix, Burlesque | Film
  • Netflix, Dirty Grandpa | Film
  • DVD, A Star Is Born | Film

Makeup Products:

  • Benefit Cosmetics, Cheekleaders Pink Squad | this is one of benefits newest products alongside the ‘Cheekleaders Bronze Squad’. so many influencers have been raving about this and I’m a huge lover of Hoola already, therefore I knew I’d love this Palette. This Palette in particular is perfect for fair skinned people like myself and let me tell you, if you do buy this product, you won’t be disappointed! not only are the pans full size, they are incredibly pigmented and beautiful.
  • Primark, Powder Foundation | this has honestly changed my life! Due to autonomic dysfunction I have no control over my body temperature therefore I can’t stop sweating and as you can imagine, my foundations don’t stay on my face for long. It’s been a real challenge finding a foundation that will stay on my skin and not drip off. That’s when I came across the Powder Foundation by Primark, it’s meant to be a dupe for the Mac Cosmetics Powder Foundation. This has got the perfect pigmentation that covers all my redness, my dark circles and helps cover any spots that are being difficult. It withholds my sweat and makes my skin look flawless for hours on end! I’d highly recommend to anyone whose in a similar position or is looking for a lightweight foundation this summer.

Skincare & Body Care:

  • Simple Skincare, Daily Skin Detox Charcoal Cleansing Stick | it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I knew this cleansing stick even existed, so when I stumbled across it, I was very happy. I’ve been using this stick ever other day and the difference I’ve seen in my pores / blackheads in particular is incredible. On my nose, i suffer quite badly with pores that never vanish no matter what I use but since I’ve been using this charcoal stick, I’ve noticed such a difference.
  • Simple Skincare, Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser | alongside the charcoal cleansing stick this vitamin foaming cleanser has made such a difference to my skin. I tend to double cleanse with both these products to make sure my skin has been deep cleaned, regardless of wether I’m wearing makeup or not. This cleanser has vitamin C in which hydrates my skin and brings back a youthful glow. It works beautifully on my sensitive skin and basically brings my skin back to life. I’d highly recommend buying both these cleansers for the perfect routine.
  • LÓreal Paris, Smooth Sugar Kiwi Face And Lip Scrub | as many of you will know, I suffer really badly with dry skin. Some days my face feels like sand paper and the way I use to “exfoliate” was by using a glove from primark, if you know you know! Until, I brought this scrub and my word, this has changed the game for me. I use this twice a week as it’s quite intense on the skin but as I slowly rub it into my skin, it begins to heat (that’s when you know it’s working). Once I wash it off, the difference in my skin is amazing. It feels smooth, looks plump and gives me confidence again.
  • Zoella, Fruits Peach Body Sorbet | I’ve been buying Zoella products since her first collection ever launched! I’ve always been a fan of her body moisturisers as they keep my skin feeling smooth and moist for days. Now, when this collection launched, i knew I had to buy the sorbet. THE SMELL is everything, the peach punch is quite strong so if your not into fragranced products then I wouldn’t buy this but for me, I think it’s perfect. Especially for summer, this will be travelling with me everywhere I go. |


If you know me, you’ll know I’m very much a perfume kinda gal. I love to spray a ton of perfume before I go out, after a shower, if someone’s coming over etc, as I personally think there’s nothing better than smelling god damn delicious. I’m very picky though when it comes to my fragrances, if it smells the slightest bit ‘off putting’ to me then I won’t wear it at all (I’d think everyone’s the same though). So, this month I’ve been absolutely loving the ones I’ve listed below. Both are very ‘sexy’ smells which always make me feel confident and they’re both long lasting, 12 hour days… no problem with both these perfumes, you’ll be smelling good for days.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s May Favourites! It’s something a little different for my blog and it’s something I’m thinking of continuing… what you think?

Also, please don’t judge me for the amount of TV I’ve been watching recently. In my defence, I have had a rather large operation which has left me bedbound for over 3 weeks! So, I’ve just spent my time watching Netflix, a job someone has to do and it couldn’t be better in my opinion haha.

Have you found anything this month which has quickly become a favourite to you? if so, do share with me down below as i always love reading your comments. Plus, it may become my favourite!

Sending tons of love and hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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