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Hello lovelies,

Many of you will have guessed by now from the title of today’s blogpost, I’m back with some new makeup/skincare products that I want to share with you all.

If your a long term reader of mine, you’ll know I have a slight obsession with buying makeup!

So… this year I’ve made a deal with myself that any products I desperately want, wether it’s skincare or makeup I’ll write down on my notes and throughout this year, this is the only makeup I can buy. I done a similar thing last year and failed miserably only a week in, therefore I’m making myself keep to it this year! Six months in and I’m doing okay, I may have brought a few items outside of the list but I’m sticking to it as much as possible. I’m allowed to add to my list throughout the year but I’m going to prize myself away from the makeup counters whilst out (I doubt this will happen haha).

I’m actually really looking forward to this, I know for a fact I’ll be excited to actually buy the products off my list and trying makeup I’ve wanted for a longtime. Admittedly, I know this will be hard as many fabulous products will come out in 2019, some of which will be added to the list and others I’ll walk slowly away from.

The products I’m talking about today were all on my list and I’m real excited to tell you all about them, let’s go;


Revolution Beauty

I think many of you by now will have come to the realisation that I’ve got a slight obsession with Revolution Beauty. I genuinely find their products so inexpensive yet are such high quality and that’s exactly what I look for in a brand. I am constantly buying their new releases and I’ve never been disappointed in any of the products I’ve brought, including today’s purchases. I haven’t found a drugstore brand that I love as much as this one. So, as you can imagine I’d highly recommend my recent purchases to anyone.

Simple Skincare

Skincare has been a real journey for me over the years, I’ve tried many of brands which haven’t reacted well to my skin ACCEPT Simple. Simple is a brand I’ve been trialling for well over a year now and not one product has reacted to my skin badly. If anything, it’s changed my skin for the better. Of course I still suffer with extremely dry skin and get acne, but it isn’t half as bad as it was a year and half ago. So, I may have gone a little OTT on Superdrug as they was having a ‘3 for 2’ sale on and the price this lot came to was a bargain! If your struggling with your skin, then I’d highly recommend checking out these products I’ve listed below and check out Simple overall. You won’t regret it.

Fenty Beauty, Harvey Nichols

Fenty Beauty is a brand which has taken the makeup world by a storm. If you didn’t know Fenty Beauty is owned by Rihanna, and she really has out done herself on every product she’s released. I don’t think I’ve seen one bad review on any of her products and can I say, the shade options she has for her foundation & concealer range is incredible! Anyway, early last year I decided to give her brand ago, as I was desperate to try her Mattemosielle lipstick range and let’s just say, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s such a creamy, comfortable formula which is incredibly pigmented – basically is everything you’d want in a lipstick and more. So, of course I had to buy another shade and when I saw Saw-C, it screamed summer vibes! It’s a perfect orange, not to peachy, not to red, the perfect vibrant orange shade.


Superdrug is like heaven for me, it’s a shop that I literally could spent hours upon hours browsing around and trying out their newest releases. Saying that, you can always rely on Superdrug to have the newest releases in stock and there’s always plenty of it, so whenever I see a brand releasing a product and the date, I’ll be online ready and awaiting! In 2019 alone there has been some incredible new releases which have been raved about in the makeup community, therefore I had to give them a go;

  • ASOS

    There’s not many people that know that ASOS not only sells makeup BUT sells some of the higher end brands which can sometimes be sold out on other websites! I’ve been in the market for a while now trying to find the perfect base makeup combo. I desperately needed a hydrating Primer which this Too Faced Hangover Primer is, it allows my foundation to apply beautifully over my skin. I’ll be writing a review on this foundation very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


    If you know me, you’ll know I’m obsessed with Morphe and Jeffree Star, both people/brands produce high quality products for reasonable prices, something that I look for in a brand. So, when I saw they collaborated, I had to buy! This brush set is a collectors item in my opinion. These brushes are beautiful, at first I genuinely didn’t want to use them. Now I have, I can say not only are these brushes high-quality BUT this collection has everything you’d need to do a whole face of makeup. In LOVE.


    This is actually a brand I’d never heard of before, my mum saw someone on Facebook selling a 25piece collection for around £20 and let’s be honest, that’s a deal you can’t turn down. I’m not sure what I was expecting when these brushes got delivered but I’m unbelievably surprised. Like the Morphe X Jeffree Star collaboration, these brushes are certainly high-quality, they don’t shed when using, this collection had a brush for every part of your makeup routine. I’m very fussy when it comes to makeup brushes and believe me when I say, these were worth every penny!


    Beautybay is one of my favourite retail websites that sells makeup which is hard to get in the UK. For Valentine’s Day and Easter, my mum treated me to some of the products which were on my wish list and I certainly wasn’t let down by the products. I’m obsessed with each product and I’d highly recommend checking them out.

    That’s all my ‘new in’ products I have to share with you today, all of which I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for new goodies.

    2019 is going to be a real big year for the makeup world and I’m so ready for it! I’m so ready to create new looks with my new makeup I’ve brought and sharing them with you.

    I really hope you liked today’s blogpost, I always thoroughly enjoy sharing my new products with you all. I know these type of blogposts help many of you who are in the market for some new good products. Maybe, my deal with myself may even inspire you to do the same (if your someone who likes to spend). It feels good, believe me!

    Sending tons of love & hugs as always,

    Elle xo


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