Spring/Summer Makeup Essentials!

Hello lovelies,

Spring time has officially hit England and although the weather isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘spring like’ at the moment, we are still getting the beautiful cherry blossom hitting the tree’s and the smell of fresh air hitting our lungs.

Spring is one of my favourite seasons (pretty close to autumn) as the days are still chilly but the sun is shining, which is perfect for me and my autonomic dysfunction.

One thing that spring does bring that isn’t weather related, is how people wear their makeup. From a full coverage beat during the colder months, to less coverage more glow! my favourite type of makeup. now, I’m a gal who can completely understand why a full beat would be a favourite to some especially during the winter months as it makes your skin look less dull and pale BUT during spring time, I feel for my makeup to look its best, I prefer to go down a ‘less coverage’ with my face products and more blush & glow! The weather is getting warmer and for me, I’ll just sweat a full face of makeup back off again.

So, I thought I’d share with you today some of my Spring/Summer Makeup Essentials that I believe is a must have in my makeup bag during this time of year! let’s get down to it;

Spring/Summer Makeup Essentials:



For me, this time of year isn’t about the full coverage glam as it’s beginning to get that little hotter and boy do I sweat (sorry if that’s tmi). Instead, I prefer to have much less coverage, as it allows my skin to breathe rather than being too cakey. Please don’t think I’m saying everyone should do this, it’s totally up to you but for me and my major problem of sweating, less coverage makes me less cakey.


As the warmer weather approaches, I always find I tend to apply much more bronzer to my skin than I do during winter. I’m actually extremely pale due to my illnesses, so I don’t like to apply bronzer too much to my skin as it doesn’t look right on me BUT I’m lucky enough to tan as soon as the sun hits my skin, so when the warmer weather arrives, I’m able to go a little more heavy handed with the bronzer. I’ve really struggled to find bronzers which work for me, their either to cool toned or too red/orange for me, so the bronzers I’ve mentioned below are my all time favourites! I love having bronzed skin, especially around spring/summer time as it makes me feel confident and more like myself!


Blush has become a REAL obsession! there’s nothing I love more than searching the internet high and low for the perfect blushers which not only suit my pale skin but my tanned skin also. Blush you can wear all year around (obviously) but spring/summer is the one time of year, I feel you can go heavy handed and it not look awful! I feel like blush just brings back life into your skin, I know this is going to be a weird description but I think blush makes everyone look SO cute. You go from looking flat after applying your base products, to looking like you’ve got life in your skin – it just pulls a look together in my opinion.


Now, if you’ve been a reader of mine for a long time, you’ll know I adore highlighter. Wether it’s winter or summer, I feel like highlighter is a ‘all year long’ product. For me, alongside blush, highlighter brings that bit of life back into my skin. I go from pale and dull too having a beautiful base! Although, as the spring draws in, I feel I can go a little more crazy with my highlighter. Whereas I’d be very careful during winter with my highlighter as I’m much paler I have to stick to the ‘white’ toned highlighters, but in the spring time as I’m starting to tan a little more, I can step out that area and go bolder with my colours. Pinks, purples, gold and peach, I think these are the perfect springtime colours (and ofc the white highlighter still stays present)! Therefore, the highlighters I’ve listed below are perfect for this.


When it comes to prepping the skin, I must have a hydrating base which allows the base products to apply smoothly and not look crusty! I think this applies for both the colder months and hotter for me. Then, for setting, I want a product especially in the spring time which will leave my skin looking glowing and dewy! that’s what both of these products do perfectly.


When it comes to eyes, I personally think any eyeshadow palette will be perfect, wether it’s summer or winter – eyes are easily the best part of a makeup look. Although, for me the perfect summer look is a warm, bronze eye with either a pop of colour or a champagne shimmer!


During winter, I feel like lip colours vary for many people but for me, i love wearing dark, vampy lips which work well with the winter theme. Whereas, during spring/summer time, I prefer to go much lighter In colour and start incorporating pinks, orange, reds etc. I’m defiantly a lip girl, so bright colours are EVERYTHING! It adds that extra pop to any outfit.

Thats the end of today’s Makeup Essentials!

I really hope today’s blogpost inspired you to switch out your makeup bag and incorporate your spring/summer products. Having a change in season is the perfect time to really sit down and go through your makeup collection, get to know the products and add them into your daily routine.

What are your spring/summer essentials when it comes to makeup? I know everyone I’d different so I always love hearing people’s feedback!

Sending tons of love and hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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