The Perfect Bikini’s For Us Curvey Girls!

Hello lovelies,

As you’ll know if you read my recent “General Life Update” I’ve literally just come back from my holiday to Benidorm, which by the way was everything I needed and more.

When going on holiday you want Bikini’s which suit your body, looks flattering on your figure and are extra pretty, especially as the majority of the holiday is spent in them. I’ve found recently, so many clothing brands are coming out with ranges which focus purely on smaller sizes (well sized I can’t fit in anyway haha) so finding bikini’s for us “plus size girls” can be really tough sometimes.

After searching the net high and low, I found some sites with the cutest swimwear which actually suit my body and that’s saying something.

Before I share with you the bits I found, I wanted to say something; I’m not the slightest bit body confident, so sharing these images with you today is such a big step for me. I’ve never been slim as Im “big boned” (as people say), it runs in my family, but also, due to my illnesses I’ve gone up and down the scales like a yo-yo. I’m currently on steroids which have actually made me put on way over 4 stone in weight, yet I can’t eat so I loose weight drastically and then the steroids kick in and make me put it back on again so my body truly doesn’t know what it’s doing. Alongside that, I have to deal with water retention, hormone problems, excess skin, medications and the list continues on. Plus my body is stretch mark hell but hey, I want to take a step out my comfort zone and make myself more confident in my own skin as why shouldn’t I be?!

Now I’ve got that off my chest, let’s carry on with the actual blogpost ay. Anyway, I’m one of these girls that loves a brightly coloured bikini as it always looks as though it enhances the look of my tan, so you’ll notice throughout this post I’m sharing with you, they have a pattern to them. Ladies, you’ll love these;

Firstly, are these High Waisted Brief Bikini Bottoms which are perfect for those of you who like to cover all those curves & dips which you don’t like, also to tuck you in, in all the right places so you feel as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, the Bikini Top has a clasp back and a tie up neck, perfect for holding your boobs up and keeping them in a nice position/place all day.

Both the bikini top & bottoms have the most beautiful floral pattern on them, not the old fashioned floral pattern by the way, the type of pattern which flatters you in every way possible. Colour wise, it’s a white background with a pink, purple and baby blue all-over floral pattern. I’ve had this bikini for well over 3 years now and honestly, it’s one of my favourites for enhancing the look of my tan and making me feel comfortable overall. It certainly washes well and has lasted well. The links to this bikini is below;

bikini bottoms:,size:

bikini top: *i can’t find the top at this moment, if I find it later on, I will edit in the link*

Next, is two of my newest bikinis from “” both of which have yellow colouring in.

The first of the two is this White Ditsy Frill Bikini, which also has the prettiest of patterns on it. It’s got a white background, with bold sunflowers covering the majority of the bikini and bright flowers/leave like patterns popping out behind the sunflowers to make the bikini stand out. This stunning bikini is a tie back and it offers you removable pads which allow you to get the fit and shape that suits you most! This top is £18.

Bikini Top:

The second bikini of the two is this Yellow Stripe Soft Triangle Bikini Top, which is a probably one of the more simple bikinis I have, yet to me, is one of my favourites! This is a “banana yellow” (as my mum says) and white striped bikini, this is perfect for all skin tones and perfect for those of you who like to enhance the look of your tan. Like the other bikini above, this bikini is a tie back with removable pads. Simple yet stunning. This top is £14.

Bikini Top:

Furthermore, obviously I can’t just wear those two bikini tops I’ve mentioned above yet go in the nude down below so I wanted some bottoms which were comfortable and made me feel confident. ASOS did that for me. These have to be my FAVOURITE bikini bottoms ever!

These bottoms are the Boohoo Plus High Waisted Bikini Brief’s which honestly, make me feel so confident within myself and that’s something I never thought I’d say about some bikini bottoms. These fit to your figure, hide any flaws you want to hide and sit perfectly on your body, in whatever position you put them in wether your standing, laying or sitting which is a massive bonus for me being in a wheelchair (I can’t be dealing with a bikini bottom rolling down my stomach constantly, and having to be aware of that 24/7). These are only £8.

Bikini Bottoms:

*picture taken from ASOS website* though, you can see in two of my photos above I’ve got them on!

Ladies, be sure to check out In The Styles “LATECIA’S” new plus size swim wear range; as she’s got some gorgeous pieces!

I’d highly recommend each of these bikinis to any of you “plus size” ladies out their like myself, as honestly, they are everything I wanted.

Though, I know not everyone will want to wear the same bikinis as myself, therefore I’ve linked the websites I’ve got them from so you can browse their sites to see if there’s any you like yourselves.

I hope you liked today’s post, I really felt nervous writing this one and sharing these photos with you all but funnily enough I’d never felt so confident as I did in a bikini this year! I don’t really know how to explain it… anyway, I hope this post help’s you and you get your body out this summer, as your all beautiful!

Sending you all tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo


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