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Hello lovelies,

Revolution is a brand I’ve been buying and loving since I can remember! It’s one of those brands which you know you can always rely on for bringing the goods each time there’s a new release and honestly, their prices are unbelievably reasonable.

2018 has been a huge year for revolution, maybe even THE year! Around March time this year, they released the newest member to their brand “Revolution Pro” which is the replacement for the “Freedom” range that was discontinued. Usually if a brand brings out a PRO Range it’s aimed at makeup artists, now that doesn’t mean Revolution Pro is, but if your a makeup artist, then this range is pretty damn perfect for you. Not only has Revolution Pro stole the makeup game, but on January 3rd this year, Revolution released their newest “Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer Range” which has become the number one drugstore concealer, worldwide! With 18 shades ranging from C1 to C18, there’s a shade for every skin tone (and since that date they’ve come out with 5 more shades I believe) which is why I honestly believe this brand has become one of the best drugstore brands. I’ve never witnessed a brand release a range with such an amazing shade variety first-time and this also happened with their stick foundation range.

Anyway, talking about releases, I was scrolling through Instagram a week or so ago and I saw that Revolution had just launched their new “Get Glitter” range which is a whole new Glitter range. If you know me, you’ll know this entire range is right up my alley, as I adore anything glittery as I think it really makes a look go from pretty to ultra glam. Nevertheless, I did buy a few bits outside of this range that I thought I’d add into this haul also, so let’s get down to business;

Revolution “Get Glitter” Range Haul;

  • “Revolution, Pressed Glitter Palette, Abracadabra” – this 9 pan glitter palette is intensely pressed so that when applying to the eye you get the best pigment pay off! This palette is filled with the most beautiful, vibrant colours which includes; blues, greens, red, purple, orange and pink (some of which when the light hits, shimmer different colours – they’re just amazing). The swatches below are swatched without any glitter glue but personally, I’d say the best way of applying these glitters to your eyelids is by applying glitter glue first so the glitter has something to stick too, then I’d press the glitter onto your eyelid with either a synthetic brush or your fingers to get the most pigmentation.This palette is £10.
    • “Revolution, Pressed Glitter Palette, Hot Pursuit” – likewise, this glitter palette has 9 amazingly vibrant pans with some fiery colours. Theses colours include; sizzling reds, oranges, golds and pinks! I won’t repeat what I’ve mentioned above but I’d highly recommend both of these palettes if your a glitter lover, as these palettes are so cheap yet have the most incredible, unique colours! This palette is also £10.
    • “Revolution, Glitter Paste, Feels Like Fire” – this is a product which I’d honestly never come across before, it’s totally unique. It’s name literally describes its formula if I’m completely down with you all, it’s a paste like product with glitter in – perfect for both the eyes & cheeks. Though, this formula does have its own built-in eye primer so you can apply it straight to the skin/eyelid! I’m obsessed with this fiery, burnt orange which makes my eyes pop (I’ve got green eyes but personally I think it’d make any eyes pop it’s that pretty), it stays vibrant throughout the day & night. This is only £4!
    • “Revolution, Glitter Paste, Long To Be Desired” – Likewise, this unique formula is just incredible. something I didn’t mention above is that both of these I’ve noticed do apply wet yet dry down completely matte (though just to be on the safe side I’d still set in place with a setting spray as pastes do tend to budge/ move around especially in this hot weather). This is the most unreal pink which is certain to make your unicorn dreams come true! This is also £4!
    • Revolution, Glitter Bomb, Retrospect” – this is possibly the most finely milled glitter I’ve ever come across, and I’m a glitter fantasist! But if your a lover of uniquely colour glitter then this “Glitter Bomb” range will be right up your alley. This is a beautiful pink glitter with reflective particles in which gives the most amazing, sparkling finish to any eye look. Obviously, you should apply a glitter glue before applying the glitter to get the best pay off. I’d recommend using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply the glitter so it doesn’t apply all in one place. This glitter is £4.
  • Revolution – Rest Of The Haul;

    • “Tammi X Revolution, Tropical Paradise Palette” – I’ve literally seen this palette everywhere on the world on Instagram! This has 23 beautiful matte and shimmer shades, which are pigmented AF. These shadows are literally an array of vibrant colours which suit all skin-tones. This was created by the incredible YouTuber @makeupbytammi who I personally admire, so I knew this palette would be bomb! I mean you only have to look at the swatches below to see that. This palette is £10.
    • “Revolution, Glitter Glue, Glitter Eyeshadow Primer” – Glitter isn’t safe without glue which is why I had to invest in a good one! I’d heard amazing things about this one so of course I had to buy it and I must admit, it lives up to my expectations. This is a really creamy consistency which dries down matte, it doesn’t have a colour pigment to it and keeps your glitter there all day long. This glitter glue is £4.
    • “Revolution Pro, Rose Gold, 4K Highlighting Palette” – This formulation is quite honestly something I’ve never felt before, it’s pressed yet so buttery and blends like a dream. The pigmentation is just amazing (the swatches below are just one backwards/forward swipe in the pan, crazy right?), it’s sparkly but isn’t chunky nor glittery which is something all us makeup junkies appreciate as it doesn’t enhance texture. Plus, rose gold? Perfect for us pale gals & boys out there! I’d say it’s a dupe for the Kylie Wet-Set / the Huda Beauty 3D Highlight, yet a fraction of the price and lives up to all expectations. This highlighting palette is £8.
    • “Revolution, Bold As Brass Palette” – I actually got this for free (probably because I spent way to much money) and it’s such a pretty palette. If your a golden tone babe, then this will be right up your street! It even has a highlighting colour which is an added bonus. I’m not sure how much this was but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it online!
  • This is everything I brought from Revolution / Revolution Pro, I couldn’t be happier with everything I brought which is why I had to share everything with you guys.

    I hope you guys enjoyed reading today’s post and if you were on the fence about any of these products, I hope this helped you decide wether to buy them or not! Furthermore, if you have any of these products I’ve mentioned above or just any products from Revolution / Revolution Pro, let me know what products you have and what your thoughts are on them as I’m always open to suggestions and love to hear your thoughts…

    If you want to buy anything from Revolution or Revolution Pro yourself, then you can click on the links below and scroll through endless incredible products. You won’t be dissappointed;


    Revolution Beauty:

    Sending you tons of love and hugs as always,

    Elle xo


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    1. August 19, 2018 / 8:05 pm

      I decided against buying the glitter palettes because I was afraid they would be messy. I have the glitter glue and I absolutely love it. It works amazing with shimmers too.
      I have a lot of Revolution palettes too but some of them don’t perform very well. I have to say I like the ones you picked up. I wonder how they apply and stay throughout the day?


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