I’ve Got News – General Update – May 2018!

Hello lovelies,

If your a long time reader of mine you’ll know that I do three monthly updates in which I update you on my health, how my appointments have been going and just anything illness related. Although, whilst writing those updates I’m talking about the biggest factors of my life as of this moment and I don’t tend to write about the other side of me. Me who isn’t just my illnesses but actually tries as hard as i possibly can to live a life despite the constant knock backs of my illnesses.

This may sound cliché to some of you, but to me I generally feel like two different people at times, both who are screaming to be let out. Strange I know but unless you’ve lived a life before illness, you’ll never truly understand that feeling. Anyway, that was totally off track…

Obviously, during these three-monthly updates other things do tend to happen, you’ll be pleased to know! So I thought I’d share with you a “General Life Update” where I don’t talk about anything illness related, I just talk about a couple of the more pleasurable things which have been going on throughout the last few months!

Officially Becoming A Makeup Artist – 15th Of May 2017;

Okay, so this may not be something that happened this year but this is possibly one of the happiest moments of 2017! I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually told anyone accept a couple of friends and immediate family as I’ve been incredibly nervous about doing others makeup but I now feel confident enough to put myself out there.

On May 15th last year, I done a makeup course in which I learnt everything I needed to know from clients, product hygiene and the low down on makeup for each skin type etc. It was everything I’ve always wanted to experience with a professional and more if I’m completely honest with you, I love learning from others and getting to learn her tips&tricks has helped hugely.

After learning pretty much everything I needed to know, we moved on to doing the practical side of the course which of course was doing makeup on my model (which was my bestfriend). Throughout doing the two different makeup looks, one natural and one glam, we was also bouncing different makeup tips, tricks and learning bits off one another! My course leader done one half of the face and I had to imitate it on the other, personally, I think they both ended up looking pretty damn good.

My course was with “BC Beauty Training” and cost around £280 for me to “successfully complete a course in makeup artistry”. I’d highly recommend them if your looking for a course with a lovely teacher, quick learning and tips which will last a lifetime.

So I’m now professionally able to do any kind of makeup people would like, from natural, glam, prom, festival and everything in between! I’m so excited to put myself out there & get started.

If you’d like your makeup done then please contact me on any of my social media’s which are linked on my home page or email me at; ellegracedeveson@outlook.com

Making A YouTube – In Progress;

As you may have gathered by now, I’m a huge lover of watching youtube. I spend way to many hours of a nighttime watching makeup tutorials and vlogs made by my favourite YouTuber’s and it’s become a massive part of my life since becoming ill.

As I’ve mentioned above, i absolutely love doing makeup, I know a lot about it and something I’ve always wanted to do is share my passion for it with others. So not only will I be continuing to sharing it on my blog, but I want to make myself a YouTube channel to share my makeup on there also. Makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, tips & tricks and anything else makeup related will be making an appearance on my YouTube. Though, I don’t want my channel to just be completely makeup filled, as not everyone loves makeup SO I’m also thinking of doing; Lifestyle – Q&A’s, Tags, talking about my illnesses & challenges etc. Fashion – clothing hauls, lookbooks etc. Vlogs – they certainly won’t be daily but I’d like to vlog days out or just some of my daily life so people get a look at my life. My YouTube is going to be a place for me to communicate with you guys on a different level as to what I can on my blog.

Although, the youtube is currently a “in progress” situation as we didn’t realise that my computer didn’t have a editing site which worked with what I wanted to do, therefore I’ve now got to save up for a Apple Mac Pro (which will take a fair while). So for now, I’ll be pre-filming until I can finally upload! It’ll hopefully be worth the wait though. I’ll keep you informed…

What’s To Come…

I think it’s fair to say my illnesses do take up the majority of my time, but like I mentioned above, myself & my family do try to live a life despite them. So over the next few weeks/coming months we’ve got some fairly exciting things coming up which I’m genuinely looking forward too (and that’s something no illness can take away!).

In June myself & my mum are going to see Ed Sheeran which I’m literally busting a gut over! I mean, he’s got a voice of a angel so who wouldn’t want to go and see him? I cannot wait to hear him sing my favourite songs and just go into my own little cocoon as Wembley Arena chants alongside him as he sings. It’s been on my bucket list since I can remember to go and see him live (plus meet him obvs), so I’m beyond grateful I’m finally getting too. What are your favourite Ed songs?

Then just three days after Ed – myself, nan, grandad & little cousin are off on holiday to Benidorm to get away from normality for a week. Ugh, there aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to describe how amazing that feeling is of knowing your getting away, in the sun, no hospitals, just pure bliss…. perfection! The only problem is, you never want to come home afterwards.

It’s a while off from now but if you know me, you’ll know how much I love the series “Friends”. I’ve watched the series well over the normal amount of times for the average person but every time I watch it, I still find it to get funnier! Anyway, I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever now for the Friends Fest to come to London so I could go visit, unfortunately it hasn’t (or when it has, I haven’t known about it) BUT this year it’s coming to Brighton and guess whose got tickets? THIS GAL! When reading what sets they bring down and what you can do at the Friends Fest, I literally felt my heart rate rising with excitement. It’s always been such a dream of mine to go to NewYork to visit the real apartments of friends that I’m fangirling bigtime that the Fest is coming to Brighton.

And that’s it for today’s “General Life Update”. I know it’s abit here, there and everywhere unlike my other updates but I thought you’d enjoy reading something that wasn’t just illness related.

You’ll have to let me know in the comments or on my social media pages if you want more of these General Life Updates posts alongside my Health Updates or if you’d rather them just be together in one blogpost? let me know as I love hearing your feed back.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my little update for you all though, I’ll make sure to keep you updated with everything!

Sending you tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo


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