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Hello my lovelies,

One of my favourite things to do during this time of year is listen/read people’s Christmas traditions. I find it so interesting to listen to how people celebrate their Christmas Day and comparing how different each one is from one another. 

Now our family tradition has been going on since before I was born, it never changes and it’s what makes Christmas so exciting to me if I’m honest. I love spending Christmas surrounded by my gorgeous family & friends. it’s such a warming feeling and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

 It’s a tradition which will never change so I thought it would be nice for you to know about how we spend our festive season because if your anything like me, you’ll love knowing what people do.

To those who are reading this: I warn you in advance, its going to be a long blogpost today. make sure you grab your hot chocolate and snacks so your ready for reading haha. 

First Weekend In December: 
So our first tradition of December is a family gathering with my dad’s side of the family which my grandad hosts at my aunties on the first weekend in December. I don’t get to see my dad’s family much unfortunately but when we get together for a Christmas gathering it makes it so much more special seeing them all. We usually have an amazing spread of roast essentials, nibly bits and beautiful puddings. It’s the one time of year when we get together for a massive catch up and we get to share some real quality time together which to me is what Christmas is all about. Seeing them fills me with so much joy! 

22nd Or 23rd Of December: 
Next, is a gathering I host at my house with my best friends usually three or four days before Christmas so we can exchange Christmas gifts, drink and eat lots whilst spending some time with one another. I’ve done this every year since year 7 which was over 8 years ago. I’ve continued to do it every year as I absolutely love being surrounded by my best friends. I’m someone who loves to give my presents and see them open them in person. We tend to jam out to the Christmas classics whilst having a good old gossip. It’s something I look forward to every year and I’m so excited to do this again this year. Ekkkk! 

Christmas Eve: 

Now Christmas Eve, that’s a tradition on my mums side of the family which has happened since before I was born and it’s a tradition will continue on forever. Every year we go to church at 4.30pm for the Christmas carol service, this is filled with the Christmas hymns which are without a doubt some of the best Christmas songs going. This is not everyone’s choice of evening but to our family it’s something we enjoy. After the service has finished (around 6pm) we go off to my aunties for our Christmas Eve Evening.

I absolutely love going to my aunties Christmas Eve. My auntie always puts on an amazing spread of food, the drinks are always flowing and we all have a good old chat. 

This continues on through the night until it’s times to head home to cosy down with my parents and we catch up on the soaps we’ve missed that night. Getting old before my time I know but you can’t beat the soaps especially around Christmas! All the drama in the soaps happens at this time of year which makes it even better. 

Christmas Day: 

Christmas Day is spent just myself, mum and dad. We don’t usually see my family Christmas Day but of course we have our family group chats! 

Usually our Christmas Day starts off with opening the stockings in bed quite early in the morning. It’s the one day of the year were early mornings are acceptable! We get under the quilts and open the stocking presents which then leads on to going downstairs to open the main presents. 

Although, before we dive into the presents under the tree we do like to have tea and biscuits. Sainsbury’s biscuit boxsets you cannot beat, they are unbeliably yummy! We like to turn the Christmas channel on and relax for half hour. Then the fun begins. 

It’s always been tradition that I sit on the floor handing out all the presents. Even though I find it so uncomfy sitting on the floor thanks to my illnesses, this is a tradition that won’t change. We usually do this in two parts so it’s not all in one hit which I much prefer I must admit! I’ve always been one of these girls which likes to sit for hours looking at my presents properly especially when it comes to presents like makeup. I  actually ask my mum keep them downstairs under the tree for a good few days after Christmas so I can keep looking/using them without the hassle of someone having to get them from upstairs for me.
After all the presents are opened it’s usually time to relax and spend quality time making even more memories together. We spend time talking to our loved ones and thanking those around us for everything this year. 

Now don’t shoot me for this but I’ve always hated Christmas dinner. I know I know it’s very rare someone hates it but I’ve never enjoyed it, I couldn’t tell you why but I’ve always disliked it. Thanks to my illnesses I can’t eat anyway so I’m able to skip the dinner now but when I could eat I was always dished up a Christmas dinner despite hating it so I’d eat what I could with a very screwed up face whilst doing so haha. We usually eat around 2pm before ending up in a severe food coma. 

The rest of the day is filled with watching Christmas TV/the soaps, laughing with one another and messing about with our presents! This may seem like your idea of a boring day but to me it’s what I treasure and I genuinely wouldn’t have it any other way. My Christmas days are always the best and even at the age of 18 the excitment fills my body knowing Christmas Day is near. 

Boxing Day: 

Boxing Day is actually my Dad’s birthday which is a lovely time to celebrate. We spend time with him opening his presents before heading off to my mums brothers (my uncle obviously) house for even more Christmas celebrations!  We usually head there for about 4pm and spend the evening playing games, catching up, eating & drinking and spending even more quality time together. I absolutely love doing this as it ends the year on a high. 

And that’s my Christmas traditions! we do so much more throughout December but these are our set traditions which don’t ever change. This is perfect for me, I couldn’t ask for a better family/friends to spend my Christmas time with and I genuinely am the luckiest girl to have them. 

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post. It’s a long one but I know some of you Christmas lovers out there will enjoy reading someone else’s traditions over this festive period!

What are your Christmas traditions? Do let me know as I’d love to know them. 
I hope your all as well as can be! 

Sending you tons of love as always,

Elle xo 

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