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Hello loves, hope your all as well as can be! 

It’s that time of year were you are constantly thinking of presents for everyone and getting yourself in a muddle (I know I certainly do). So for today’s post I decided to take on the challenge of doing a teenage boys gift guide to help anyone out who needs some ideas. 

Now as you can imagine putting together a teenage boys gift guide wasn’t easy for me. So I decided to just put my ideas of some presents I’d buy a teenage boy down on this list in hopes that someone you know may love one of these items as a present. 

Although I have teenage boy friends and I’m surrounded by boys everyday in college etc, each boy is completely different from one another, each so unique and have their own style so I’m hoping that the items I’ve chose caters for all different interests and characters. Let’s get started; 

  • Mana Stuff, Mans Drawer Hamper Gift Set – £20.00

To start off I thought I’d add this amazing deal. Let’s be honest, every mans got to have a mans drawer filled with grooming goods to make them look clean cut and keep the, smelling devine. There’s no two ways about it, every man is like a women when it comes to their appearance. The Mans Hamper Draw includes: 1 Bath Soak, 1 Body Scrub, 1 Shower Gel, 1 Beard Oil, 1 Shave Balm, 1 Face Wash, 1 Body Lotion And 1 Soap. For £20 you seriously cannot go wrong!

  • Paco Rabanne ‘One Million ‘ Eau De Toilette 50 ml Christmas Gift Set – £39.15

You cannot beat the smell of One Million on either gender but there’s something about it on boys which makes it amazing. It’s certainly that smell which grabs your attention straight away and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love it! This gift set includes: One Million EDT 50ml and 100ml Shower Gel. This is genuinely going for an amazing price considering a 50 ml bottle alone is usually £50+ depending on were you get it. So to get both for £39.15 is incredible if you ask me.

  • RED5 Helium T900 Speaker – £39.99

Every boy especially teenage boys loves their music, wether it’s rock and roll or rap, i never see a teenage boy without a pair of headphones in. So I thought this would be an amazing present for them. This speaker is wireless which means it can be paired up to your phone through Bluetooth whilst out which is an added bonus for parties, gatherings etc. Not that your probably bothered boys but it also gives a disco effect with LED lights! It’s got everything you want a speaker to have and more.

  • Reebok Dumbbell Set, Grey/Light Blue – £39.99

Now this isn’t a gift for everyone but I know for a fact there’s a few gym obsessed teenage boys out there so this is the perfect home workout set. The weights aren’t exactly what you’d class as “heavy” (1kg, 2kg & 3kg) but these are perfect for helping you stay fit and becoming more toned whilst being in the comfort of your home. I didn’t think the price was too bad either.

  • ASOS Loungewear Christmas Pyjama T-Shirt And Skinny Jogger Set – £22.00

These are the cutest pyjamas ever! I always see lovely Pj sets for girls but rarely see them for boys but ASOS have out done themselves this year with the cutest sets, perfect for boys of all ages on Christmas Day. You cannot beat opening a brand new set of Pj’s on Christmas Day so I knew I had to add these in.

  • Beer Pong Game – £5.00 

I had to add some kind of alcohol drinking game in as what teenage boy doesn’t love a cheeky beer or two on Christmas whilst celebrating. I thought this was a game for the older boys of the families to play and have a laugh with. Beer Pong is by far one of the best drinking games going I must admit.

  • Beer Hat – £8.00

To go along with the Beer Pong Game why not buy the Beer Hat? It just adds to the fun don’t you think? These are so hilarious and will certainly create some great photos and memories for future family gatherings. Need I say more…

  • ASOS Claw Slippers In Green – £16.00 

These are amazing don’t you think? Personally I think these are a blooming brilliant present for someone but others may think otherwise which is why I thought you could also give these are a jokey present too. Slippers are a classic present so why not be adventurous and get some great looking ones whilst your at it.

  • RJR. Rocha Grey Wool Rich Tasselled Scarf With Cashmere In A Red Gift Box – £25.00

I know not all boys wear scarfs but I thought this was a lovely scarf which will go with any outfit wether it’s casual or dressy. Everyone needs to keep warm now it’s winter so I thought this was perfect. It’s by a very well known brand which is usually on the more expensive side but this scarf is currently half price. A bargain you can’t miss out on!

I also wanted to add a shop which you can buy beautiful engraved/personalised gifts from which are also perfect gifts for boys/men –

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post! As with girls, buying for boys can be so stressful this time of year so I’m hoping this gift guide can help you in some way and make Christmas that little bit easier. Boys please don’t laugh at any items I’ve put, I am a typical teenage girl remember hahaha! 
Sending tons of love to you all as always, 

Elle xo 

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  1. December 7, 2016 / 10:05 pm

    haha, I love this! the Beer hat and the Dumbbell Set are such a good idea for young guys and even older!! My OH would love it! I did this post yesterday and found it so hard so was intrigued to see what you had 🙂 xx

    • January 2, 2017 / 2:40 am

      thank you so much lovely, it was such a difficult post to write as I genuinely wouldn’t have a clue what a typical teenage boy would want these days. Your blogpost was so good, you had some amazing ideas which I know for a fact will have helped others who are struggling for ideas! The beer hat is such a brilliant memory maker, I loved it so had to add it to this gift guide haha. xxxx

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