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Hello my loves, 

Buying gifts at Christmas can go one of two ways, either it’s terribly stressful and you hate it or it can be a really enjoyable experience that you love. I personally am a bit of both, I get really stressed out finding the perfect present for a loved one yet I enjoy the whole process and thrive off it! 

Stockings are a tradition in my family and I’ve always had one since the year I was born. I absolutely love Christmas morning, waking up and opening your stockings whilst tucked up in bed with the ones you love most. 

But I know buying stocking gifts aren’t the easiest so I thought I’d put together some items I think are perfect for stockings and all of them are under £15! So if your spending on a budget this is perfect. 

The majority of these presents are from Superdrug as their Christmas range is in my opinion the best it’s ever been. I was gobsmacked by their deals and both the men’s & women’s range is incredible for stockings! 

Stocking Fillers For Her: 

I absolutely love some of the stocking fillers you can buy for teenage girls. Although they are hard to find, you can buy such cute little gifts which is something which I’m a massive fan of. Small gifts are perfect in stockings so I’ve found 5 really love gifts for her; 

Flutter Nail Varnish Cube: 

Firstly, nail varnish! You cannot go wrong with buying teenage girls nail varnish especially at such an amazing price of just £4 for four beautiful colours. Our nails are certainly something we love to take care of!

Zoella Lip Balm: 

Every girl loves their lip balm. Wether it’s to moisturise our lips for lipstick to go ontop or if it’s winter and we like to keep them moist. Zoe does the most amazing beauty range and her lip balms is incredible. £6 for two lip balms is a bargain especially when they smell and taste like heaven.

Tanya Burr Kissmas Lip Gloss Duo: 

Lip gloss has certainly made its way back to the beauty world after a few years of being put aside and I must say, im very happy about it. Lipgloss is a must have beauty item and such a good stocking filler. These two lip glosses are beautifully pigmented too which makes them worth it. I know I’d love to open something like that in my stocking! Only £5 too.

Body Spray Pink Grapefruit Perfume: 

Who doesn’t love a good old body spray to keep in their bag. Girls especially always carry some kind of perfume to top up when needs must so this is a perfect stocking filler. This brand do so many smells and bottle sizes that you cannot go wrong. This bottle is only £1.68 and smells unreal if I do say so myself!

Pink Heatable Faux-Fur Booties: 

These are so cute. Every girl loves a fluffy dock or booties to wear when the weather is freezing and we need to warm up. These are a amazing price and did I mention heatable?! Amazing right? For just £12.99 these are something every girl would love in their stocking this Christmas for sure.


Zoella Deck The Baubles: 

This is absolutely perfect for a stocking, it’s small, compact yet filled to the brine with the most beautifully dented bath soap. Us girls love a good smelling bath soap to make us smell and feel good so this is an amazing present to get someone you love. It’s so cute too! £5 is such a good price too.

Stocking Fillers For Him; 

Now as you can imagine I’m not entirely sure what a teenage boy would want in their stocking but I went with what I’d buy a teenage boy and personally I think all these options are handy and a lovely!

Gillette Mach -3-Manual Gift Set:

Firstly shaving gel and razor, this is always a good present to buy. There’s no denying most teenage boys like to keep their appearance clean and snatched. So this is the perfect stocking present! Such an amazing deal Iswell, only £6

Pub Quiz: 

A classic game which Is a good one for Christmas Day with the family especially for the boys being a pub quiz. This includes 50 game cards and 250 questions for a good laugh! Only £2.50 Iswell.

Chocolate Bi-Fold Wallet: 

Now every teenage boy needs a wallet, there’s no doubt about it. Loosing money is like the world ending when your a teenager so a wallet is a perfect gift to have and you can get some really nice ones for such good price like this one. For £14.99 you can’t go wrong!

Lynx Duo Dark Temptation Shower Gel: 

Nothing beats the smell of lynx on a teenage boy, it’s my favourite I must admit. It’s not for everyone but I do think Lynx do amazing deals at Christmas and this shower gel When I went in store smelt amazing. At this moment in time it’s only £4.50!

Nail Grooming Kit:

And finally for stocking fillers for him has to be a nail grooming kit. There’s nothing worse than dirty nails and the majority of teenage boys are just like girls when it comes to cleanliness. So this is certainly a good gift for a stocking! Only £6

Stocking Fillers For Him & Her: 

These next four gifts are stocking fillers for both, these are such lovely gifts and there’s no doubt about it that everyone loves these! 

Mini Selfie Stick: 

Now who doesn’t love a good selfie especially at Christmas to capture the memories that last a life time. I myself have a mini selfie stick and I absolutely love it. It’s a must have if you ask me and for only £5 you can’t turn your back away from it!


And finally for stocking fillers you cannot beat chocolate gifts or the sweeties. Every year without fail my mum always put chocolate tubes or boxes In my stocking and it’s what makes Christmas I think! So here are my favourites; – 70p – £1 – £5

I really hope this helped you in some way. Like I say stockings aren’t the easiest to buy for but they are totally worth it! I absolutely love my stockings and I’m so grateful to my parents for always doing me one. I certainly recommend it. 
Sending you all tons of love as always, 

Elle xo 



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