Hot Cross Buns Scones Recipe | Easter Bakes 2022!

Hello lovelies,

When it gets to this time of the year, we all know what hits the shop shelves right? You guessed it… hot cross buns! You know Easter’s approaching here in the UK when the hot cross buns come out to play.

Did you know there’s over 20 million hot cross buns sold in the UK every year during the Easter period and I can imagine a good percentage of those sold have been sold to my family.

My family do love a hot cross bun, especially my dad and grandad, we buy packets of them from the supermarkets every year, especially for them. That being said, I did actually end up making my own batches of hot cross buns last year which my family absolutely loved. (I did share my recipe with you guys too, so if you’d like to make them, here’s the link:

Whilst I was scrolling through Pinterest a few weeks ago, I found a recipe for hot cross bun scones which instantly had me excited. I knew if my homemade hot cross buns were a hit last year then I can imagine these scones would be too.

The fact I’m sharing the scones here with you today is the very answer to that sentence above – my family loved them! So, of course, I had to share them with you guys too! It wouldn’t be right not to share them with you now, would it?

So let’s get baking shall we…

Category: Sweet Treat

Serves: 12

Prep Time: 25-30 Minutes

Cook Time: 12-15 Minutes

Overall Time: 60 Minutes

Ingredients You Need:

  • 450g Of Self-Raising Flour
  • 2 Level Spoons Of Baking Powder
  • 50g Of Caster Sugar
  • 2tsp Of Mixed Spice
  • 100g Of Butter/Stork
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • Whole Milk
  • 100g Of Sultanas

Ingredients You Need For Crosses:

  • 100g Of Plain Flour
  • 100ml Of Water
  • 1tsp Of Lemon Extract

How To Make The Scones:

  • Firstly, gather together your equipment and ingredients, line 2 baking trays with parchment paper and preheat the oven to 220C / 200C Fan / Gas Mark 7.
  • Secondly, in a large bowl add the 450g of plain flour, 2tsp of baking powder, 2tsp of mixed spice and 50g of caster sugar.
  • Next, add the 100g of butter into the bowl with the dry ingredients and using your fingertips, rub the butter into the dry ingredients until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add the sultanas.
  • Now, crack two eggs into a measuring jug and then add enough milk to make the total liquid 300ml and whisk together.
  • Stir the wet mixture into the dry ingredients (TIP: you may not need it all) until a soft sticky dough forms.
  • Once the dough has formed, turn out onto a lightly floured surface and using a rolling pin, roll the dough out to the 1inch thickness.
  • Using a circle cutter, cut out as many scones as possible, re-rolling the dough if needs be. This mixture should make twelve depending on the size of your cutter.
  • When you have cut all your scone out, place onto the lined baking trays.

How To Make Crosses:

(This part of the recipe is optional, I just feel like the crosses give it more of a hot cross bun feel)

  • Once all your scones have been cut out and are on the baking tray, it’s time to make the crosses.
  • Mix together the 100ml of water with the 100g of plain flour and 1tsp of lemon extract. It should become a very thick paste.
  • Put the paste into a piping bag (TIP: you can either use a nozzle for this or just snip off the end of the piping bag) and pipe the crosses onto each of the scones.
  • When the crosses have been piped on, place the scones onto the baking trays and place into the oven and allow to cook for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.
  • Once the scones have baked, allow them to cool on the baking tray before transferring onto a wire rack to cool completely.
  • Finally, serve with strawberry jam and whipped cream.

That’s your Hot Cross Bun Scones prepared, baked and ready for you to enjoy!

I just love how quick and easy these scones were to make. Unlike homemade hot cross buns which can take all day to make, these scones take all of an hour to make and taste almost identical to a hot cross bun (just different textures).

I’ll certainly be making these every Easter, they went down an absolute treat with my dad and grandad (and the rest of my family too ofc)!

Let me know in the comments below if you make these scones yourself and if you do, what your thoughts are on them. Are you team hot cross bun or hot cross bun scone? Let me know.

Sending you all tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo



  1. March 30, 2022 / 5:12 pm

    My Mom used to make her own hot cross buns, and the smell of them would linger around the house for days, haha! I really liked this post, it reminded me of that. Also, I now cannot wait for Easter, having read this! ^_^ Thank you for sharing another great recipe!

    ~ Jayne |

    • ellegracedeveson
      March 31, 2022 / 11:59 am

      Oh it’s the most amazing smell, isn’t it? I’d bottle it up and use it as a air freshener if I could haha. Easter is creeping up and I can’t wait! I just love Easter baking and these scones were so fun to make and tasted absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

    • ellegracedeveson
      March 31, 2022 / 11:59 am

      They are honestly so so delicious and so easy to make. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  2. March 31, 2022 / 9:24 am

    Oh wow! This is an amazing recipe and love that you’ve combined these two signature treats into one! A great option for those who don’t have time to make hot cross buns either! xx

    • ellegracedeveson
      March 31, 2022 / 12:01 pm

      These are such a great option if you don’t have a full day to make hot cross buns as these taste exactly the same, just a different texture. I’m really happy with how these turned out, they are just delicious! Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  3. March 31, 2022 / 11:41 am

    I live in the US so I am not familiar with hot cross buns but these look so good! What is the filling in the middle? Looks delicious.

    • ellegracedeveson
      March 31, 2022 / 12:03 pm

      Oooo hot cross buns are the ‘must eat’ in the UK around Easter, they are just delicious. I used jam and whipped cream in the centre of these scones – they pair so beautifully with the ingredients in the actual scones. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  4. March 31, 2022 / 12:04 pm

    This is so yummy, the results at the end is nice. I would love to try them since I haven’t tried them before. Thank you for sharing!

    • ellegracedeveson
      March 31, 2022 / 5:30 pm

      They really are delicious and worth trying. Something a lil different this Easter! Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  5. March 31, 2022 / 6:40 pm

    Ooh great recipe! I had absolutely no idea so many hot cross buns were sold during Easter in the UK alone, that’s crazy! My dad loves hot cross buns so I’ll have to make them for him – I think it’s his favourite part of Easter, haha! Thanks for sharing x

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 4, 2022 / 10:14 am

      It’s madness, isn’t it? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read how many were sold every year. I’m almost certain my family make up for half of those sells haha. It’s my grandad and dads favourite thing about Easter too! They both loved these, so I hope your dad will too. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  6. April 1, 2022 / 10:18 am

    Oh these sound fabulous! I love hot cross buns but my husband isn’t too keen so I don’t buy them that often – will have to try this recipe and see if this sways him instead xx

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 4, 2022 / 10:16 am

      You can’t beat a yummy hot cross bun at Easter, can you? These are such a delicious alternative, I hope he loves them! Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  7. April 1, 2022 / 10:39 am

    These look sensational! Jam and cream is simply the best combination! Can’t wait to give these a go x

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 4, 2022 / 10:17 am

      It really is a heavenly combo, isn’t it? Paired with these hot cross bun scones – it’s an absolute dream! Thank you so much for commenting Xo

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 4, 2022 / 10:17 am

      It’s such a great fusion of two already yummy sweet treats! It’s the best of both worlds and honestly tastes so delicious. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  8. April 1, 2022 / 4:24 pm

    I had no idea hot cross bun scones existed!!! They look divine! Love that it can all be done in less than an hour, too! I’ll give it a whirl and see if the kids enjoy them as well. Xx

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 4, 2022 / 10:18 am

      These really are the best of both worlds! It’s such a quick and easy bake to do and honestly tastes so delicious. I’m obsessed! Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  9. April 1, 2022 / 11:18 pm

    Your Easter bake recipes are on fire. Hot cross buns are popular bake items at the bakeries here in NYC around Good Friday; the lines at the bakeries are always wrapped around the corner. Your Hot Cross Scones looks interesting and very tasty; sounds like a popular treat you would probably find in Britain. Another interesting sweet treat Elle. 😋

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 4, 2022 / 10:20 am

      Ah thank you so much Kevin, that means the world! Omg really? I just love a good hot cross bun, you can’t beat them at Easter. These hot cross bun scones are defiantly the best of both worlds, I think these will become very popular as the years go on. they really are delicious. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  10. April 2, 2022 / 6:18 pm

    I have never seen hot cross buns scones before, but they look delicious! It’s also good to know your family loved them and they don’t take all day to make.

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 4, 2022 / 10:22 am

      I hadn’t either but I’m absolutely obsessed with the outcome! These are such a easy recipe to make and the outcome is delish. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  11. April 3, 2022 / 7:00 pm

    I’ve never likes Hot across Buns, the smell is the one thing that just doesn’t agree I’m with me, but they are just the sort of thing I should like, if that makes sense x

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 4, 2022 / 10:23 am

      Oh really? That’s fair enough, I have certain smells which literally make my stomach churn haha. I totally get you. These are the best of both the scone and hot cross bun world! Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  12. April 4, 2022 / 8:06 pm

    They look really nice! I’m not that keen on regular hot cross buns so this version would be so much better for me x

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 17, 2022 / 12:49 am

      This really is a great alternative if hot cross buns aren’t your thing. They’ve got a similar taste spice wise but totally different texture which I love about them. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  13. April 10, 2022 / 1:08 pm

    Nothing like a good hot cross bun. We love them in Canada too! Thanks for sharing,

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 17, 2022 / 1:16 am

      They are just delicious, aren’t they? My family are hot cross bun obsessed. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  14. April 14, 2022 / 2:54 pm

    Even though I am not a fan of hot cross buns or scones, I think I will share this recipe with my partner and our families. They would just love this! Thanks for sharing!

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 17, 2022 / 1:48 am

      These are something completely different which I think will impress those who your feeding. They are just delicious! Thank you so much for commenting Xo

  15. April 20, 2022 / 5:12 pm

    These look delicious. I love scones and hot cross buns so this is a winner for me.

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 25, 2022 / 7:27 pm

      Scones and hot cross buns are just the best kind of sweet treat, aren’t they? It’s the perfect combination of both, they just delicious. Thank you so much for commenting Xo

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