Coconut Polar Bear Cupcake Recipe | Christmas 2020!

Hello lovelies,

Well guys, the time has come, that’s my Christmas content for 2020 finished. I can’t believe how quickly this day has come round, feels like only yesterday I was uploading my first instalment for my festive content and now I’m finishing it, crazy!

I had to start my festive content off with a bake so it’s only right I finish with one… right?

I had convinced myself that I wasn’t going to make cupcakes this year but I saw a photo of these guys on Pinterest and I couldn’t not re-create them for you. I’ve never done any cupcakes like this before or ever used coconut in any of my recipes so it was a must for me to give these ago!

So here I am finishing my Christmas 2020 content with these polar bear cupcakes. If you’d like to create these cuties yourself, the recipe is below!

Ingredients You Need:

  • 6oz Of Butter
  • 6oz Of Caster Sugar
  • 3 Large Eggs, Beaten
  • 6oz Of Self-Raising Flour
  • 2tsp Of Vanilla Essence

How To Make Cupcakes:

  • Firstly, gather together your ingredients and equipment, line a 12 hole muffin tin with muffin cases and preheat the oven to 180C / 160F / Gas Mark 4.
  • Secondly, in a large bowl, cream together the 6oz of butter and 6oz of caster sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Next, the 3 beaten eggs a little at a time, stirring in-between each addition, until fully combined.
  • Fold in the 2tbsp of vanilla essence and the 6oz of self-raising flour.
  • Once all the above done, using a spoon (preferably a Icecream scoop), spoon the cake mixture into the prepared cupcake cases.
  • Place in the oven for around 15-18 minutes until well risen and golden brown. Once cooked, take the cupcakes out the tin and place on a wire rack to cool completely.

Ingredients To Decorate:

  • 50g Of Unsalted Butter
  • 125g Of Icing Sugar
  • 1tbsp Of Milk
  • 500g Of White Fondant Icing
  • 50g Of Black Fondant
  • 75g Of Desiccated Coconut

How To Decorate Your Cupcakes:

  • Firstly, let’s make the butter cream: using an electric whisk, whisk the 50g of butter until it’s paler in colour and fluffy (this usually takes a couple of minutes).
  • Add the 125g of icing sugar a little at a time making sure you whisk well in between.
  • Now, add in the 1tbsp of milk and continue to whisk until the mixture is pale and creamy.
  • Next, on a lightly floured surface, roll out around 2/3rds of the white fondant icing out using a circle cutter, cut out 12 circles – this will make the polar bears faces.
  • Pinch the edges of the icing circles in two places to create the polar bears ears.
  • Spread a little bit of the butter cream on top of each cake and then place the white fondant icing circles on top.
  • Divide the remaining white fondant icing into 12 pieces and roll each piece into a small ball. Place the white balls into the middle of the circles on the cupcake using a little bit of water.
  • Then, brush a little bit of water over the entire fondant circle and dip the cupcake very carefully into the desiccated coconut to coat completely.
  • Finally, roll out the black fondant into 12 tiny little balls to make the polar bear noses and 24 tinier balls to make the eyes. Using a little dab of water, attach them to the cupcakes.

That’s your Coconut Polar Bear Cupcakes prepared, baked, dipped and ready for you to enjoy!

I honestly can’t believe that’s Christmas 2020 finished on my blog. I’ve been working on this content since September so it feels very surreal that it’s all over with. That being said, I’ve had the most amazing time creating this content for you all so I truly hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and it gave you some inspiration to get baking or what to buy a loved one this year.

I hope you all have the BEST Christmas, you get spoilt rotten and you enjoy this festive time surrounded by family and good food! That’s what Christmas is all about afterall.

I shall be back in 2021 (that’s so scary to say, only feels like we entered 2020 last month) with lots of new recipes for you. I’m so excited for you to see what I’ve got planned for next year, it’s gonna be a good’en!

Sending tons of love and hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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