I’ve Got A Puppy!

Hello lovelies,

If you know me personally, then you’ll know for years now I’ve wanted a sausage dog, quite honestly, I’m obsessed with the breed. I’ve got pillows, ornaments, bedding and multiple things dotted around the house sporting dachshunds! It’s been a dream of mine to buy one and have it as part of our family, so for my 21st birthday my mum, dad, nan and grandad said they’d all put money in and buy me one… as you can imagine, my reaction was priceless!

I’ve spent months and months searching through websites and dachshund pages on Facebook looking for different breeders and looking for pups which were for sale. It’s been an incredible journey which I’ve thoroughly enjoyd and the excitement of getting one was indescribable.

Before I get into today’s blogpost though, I wanted to clear something which I haven’t really wrote about online. So, as many of you who follow me will know, late June, I shared with you that we had brought a beautiful little brown dappled dachshund called Ethel. I continued to share her growing older and shared pictures of her as the weeks went by. Now, I know many of you know I went quite towards the 8 week mark, this is because we received a call (11 days before bringing her home) that Ethel had passed away over night. It was a freak accident that no one would have expected but unfortunately, it happened. My heart broke into a million pieces, for a dog I’d never met – my love grew stronger for her everyday. Nothing could have changed what happened, nor is it anyone’s thought but I wanted to share this with you as I know some people are confused as to why we’ve got a different pup!

I was pretty adamant after Ethel passing away that I didn’t want another puppy. Honestly, I was worried it would happen again. But after sitting and talking with my parents a couple of days later, I realised that I do need something in my life to give me a reason to get up everyday and I have so much love to give – that it was only right to continue looking for a new pup.

So, time for the big reveal…

everyone say hello to my gorgeous little girl Mabel ‘Little Legs’ Deveson!

Mabel is a miniature, smooth haired, silver dappled dachshund. She’s 9 weeks old and is everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

We brought her from a breeder in Southampton (please DM me if your wanting to know who she is, I don’t feel comfortable sharing her online in case she doesn’t want to be), she’s KC registered which is why she was a little more pricey than Ethel – she’s worth every penny though! The breeder was absolutely amazing, when we enquired about Mabel, she rang us straight away to talk through her, her breeding, her dogs she’s got and filled us in on everything we wanted to know and more. You know you’ve found an amazing breeder when they spend over an hour on the phone to you! She’s sent me photos and videos EVERYDAY leading up to us getting Mabel.

We picked Mabel up on Saturday the 14th of September! She’s currently been home a week & 1 day.

I had a gut feeling that the settling in process was going to be difficult as Mabel had 8 puppies in with her at the breeders home, therefore I expected her to cry a lot. Well… I was blooming wrong! Mabel has settled in incredibly well, from the moment she arrived. Her personality has continued to shine through as the days have gone on. She has us in stitches multiple times a day. For a little pup (and shes seriously tiny) she’s got a BIG personality.

we had planned to crate train Mabel, but that truly went tits up! She hated the crate and screamed throughout the time she was in there. We decided it just wasn’t the right route for Mabel and as soon as we placed her next to us in her bed, she settled right down. She has continued to be such a good girl throughout night times, she only wakes up once or twice to go for a wee and then she settles right back down again!

Mabel absolutely loves playing with her toys, she proper rips into them and enjoys us playing with her on the floor. She’s defiantly got some strength behind her, along with a massive attitude haha.

I genuinely look at Mabel and feel a love that I’ve never felt before. I’m not a massive animal person (accept for dogs, pigs and elephants) and apart from our Gypsy-Rose who passed away in February this year, I’ve not felt proper love toward an animal. She has brought such happiness to us all as a family and I couldn’t imagine life without her!


Mabel’s First Bath At Home

So yes, I’m officially a dog mummy and honestly, in just a week – I’ve learnt so much!

I’m thinking of writing a 3 monthly update on how Mabels getting on, what she’s learnt and everything inbetween! She’s got so much growing to do that I just want to share everything with you. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to do this.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed meeting my gorgeous little girl!

Sending you all tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo



  1. September 23, 2019 / 3:46 pm

    oh my gosh Elle she is adorable and I’m so happy she has settled in well, I can’t wait to see lots more photo’s. She is the cutest little thing!

    Samantha | https://samanthajblogs.co.uk

    • ellegracedeveson
      September 24, 2019 / 11:26 am

      Thank you so much Samatha! Honestly she’s a little angel, got an attitude admittedly but I couldn’t love her more. I’ll certainly be sharing lots of photos of her as she grows! She has an Instagram page also if you’d like to follow; @mabellittlelegs 💕xxx

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