Summer Staples For ‘Curvy Ladies’!

Hello lovelies,

Summer is pretty much here now and quite honestly, it’s the worst time of year for me. not only do I sweat like a pig in the heat, I really struggle knowing what to wear and how to style myself in summer items.

I find being a bigger gal myself, that feeling confident during the summer can be unbelievably difficult. I wish I was one of these girls which can feel sexy in anything they wear and embrace their ‘curves’ but I’m not… I’ve never been able to embrace my size, it’s a real mental workout trying to convince myself to wear summer clothing and not just cover every body part!

although, it is something I’ve been working on. I’ve never been skinny, even when I was healthy I’ve always been the ‘broad back, big binned girl’ who was bigger than all her friends and stood out like a sore thumb. Even though I can’t eat now due to my illnesses (gastroparesis & EDS), the steroids I’m currently on have made me gain a LOT of weight. SO, I gave myself a pep talk and decided to take inspiration off other ‘curvy’ girls fashion and slowly incorporate it into my own wardrobe.

It’s been a journey finding out what suits my body shape and what I feel comfortable in but I feel I’ve done well considering. Therefore, today I wanted to share with any of you who are in a similar position or any of you who just wanted some fashion inspo, my summer clothing staples for 2019! Not only will they suit a young women like myself, but they’ll suit all ages and body types!

Let’s get cracking;

Brands You NEED To Try:

Firstly, the brands I’ve listed below are my FAVOURITE brands for clothing. I feel their range of ‘plus size clothing’ is really versatile and isn’t limited to just a few items. These clothing brands each give a variety of clothing items that will suit all your curves and there’s enough items for you to find something that suits you.

Some brands are incredibly disappointing when it comes to their curve range, actually it’s quite disgusting how they don’t cater to all shapes and sizes! So, the brands I’ve listed below are the brands that I buy from and would highly recommend to anyone.

Boohoo –

Pretty Little Thing



Simply Be

New Look Curves


Summer Clothing Items:




Oversized Tops






Swimming Accessories


Swimming Costumes

Bikini Tops


Bikini Bottoms


Us ‘bigger girls’ shouldn’t have to feel insecure about our bodies, instead we should be embracing them (however hard it seems). We were given this life, to enjoy it, not to spend our time worrying about what others think!


I really hope todays blogpost has helped you in some way. I spent a lot of time browsing the internet, finding these clothing items to help you get some inspiration this summer, which I hope it did. We all worry about our bodies too much, instead we should be buying clothes we love and feel confident in.


Remember ladies, we are all beautiful – no matter our size!


sending tons of love & hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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