Highs & Lows Of 2018!

Hello lovelies,

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Happy New Year! It’s like I blinked and 2018 was over…

2018 certainly had its fair share of highs and lows. Throughout the year, I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions – some days were good and others, not so much. Though, I know most of you reading this will understand what that’s like / how it feels!

Saying that, I faced my darkest cloud in 2018… admitting that I had depression and anxiety. Something I knew I had, but never wanted to admit to myself, or anyone for that matter. Why? You ask, well I spent the first 3/4 years of my chronic illness journey having consultants using it against me. Which if I’m being completely honest with you, will always be my biggest mental scar. Thankfully, towards the summertime of 2018, I decided I couldn’t feel the way I did anymore so I asked my GP to refer me to counselling. Not only did my councillor help me face my mental illnesses, but also helped me transition into a better mindset. Now, I’m beginning 2019 the best I’ve felt mentally, in a long time!

Therefore, I thought I’d share with you today, the highest highs and the lowest lows of 2018;

Highs Of 2018

  • We started the year by going to see ‘Grease’ at the Theatre Royal, in Brighton. Myself and my mum love settling down in the afternoon and sticking Grease on to cheer us both up. So when my mum saw them advertising tickets on Facebook, I knew I had to buy tickets for her for Christmas (2017). It was everything we’d hoped for, and more!
  • I finally decided to get my hair cut short, just before the summer started. Something I’ve been scared to do for years. Mainly because I had a horrific haircut once when I was in year 7 and it scarred me for life. Yet, it was the best decision i made. I’m thinking of going even shorter this year…
  • In May, we went to see the ladyboys, a tradition we do every year. A few of our friends get together to go watch it. It was one of the best years yet for the ladyboys and I’m genuinely looking forward to it this year. I’d highly recommend going – it’s not what you’d expect!
  • In June, myself and my mum went to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley Arena, London. I’ve been a massive fan of Ed Sheeran ever since he brought out his first album/single, his music has got a way of getting everyone to sing regardless of whose there or where you are. He’s as good online as he is in person, on stage! I can honestly say, he’s got a voice of an angel and I’m thrilled I got to witness that live.
  • A couple of days after Ed Sheeran, myself and my family went to Benidorm for a week. A well needed rest, in which I soaked up every ounce of vitamin D and just enjoyed being away from my scheduled hospital life!
  • At the end of July, we went down to Hastings to spend the day with my auntie, who was having a quiet get away down there. I spent the entire day lounging in the hot tube with the sun shining on my face. Pure bliss.
  • During the summer time, we made a trip down to Shoreham to have a wonder round. We went to visit the Dogs Trust, which was bittersweet. We then spent the rest of the day wondering round enjoying the sunshine.
  • We also took a trip to London, Myself, mum and dad for the day. Myself and my dad went on the London Eye, which was something I’d highly recommend anyone to do. It’s faster than I thought yet it feels like your not moving! We also visited M&M world, the cutest little store filled with M&M merchandise and obviously rows upon rows of tasty treats.
  • I FINALLY GOT MY BRACES OFF AFTER 8 YEARS OF TREATMENT! One of the happiest moments of the year.
  • Friends Fest, one of the top things to visit on my bucket list and I finally got to witness it, as it came down to Brighton. I didn’t really know what to expect from the fest, yet it was everything I’d hoped for and more. I’m a huge fan of Friends, I watch it most days and I can’t get enough of their one-liners. So, being able to visit the sets and live my friends fantasy was incredible.
  • I finally started my foot tattoo! My parents payed for it as an early birthday present, and I’m beyond happy with the outcome. I certainly will be adding (maybe even finishing) to my ‘sock’.
  • I turned 20 and had the most amazing few days celebrating with my best friends and family.
  • Myself and dad went to the ‘Halloween Experience’ on the I360, down on brighton seafront. It certainly wasn’t what we were expecting, regardless of that, it was a unusually good night.
  • On the 21st of November I went to see Jess Glynne at the Brighton Centre. Like Ed Sheeran, Jess Glynne has the most unique and incredible voice which had the entire audience on their feet. Defiantly a concert to go to, even if you don’t know many of her songs, it’s totally worth getting tickets for. The atmosphere was electric.
  • Finally, Christmas. The most magical time of the year! I spent my Christmas surrounded by my family and bestfriends who I absolutely adore. The perfect way to end 2018.
Lows Of 2018

  • Obviously one of the biggest lows for me in 2018 was my illnesses worsening. Every year since falling ill, I hope that my body will stabilise and my symptoms will become less serve but that hasn’t happened as of yet. Admittedly I’ve got an incredible team of doctors working alongside me, but for them & myself it’s not getting any easier. It can become a real lonely place at times – when your body is working against you leaving you housebound, having to cancel plans that you’ve been looking forward too and just missing out on those special occasions. Its unbelievably hard and frustrating BUT I’m hoping/praying this year, that’ll change!
  • On August 23rd, we lost my uncle. This was a huge shock to myself and my family, which has left a massive hole in our hearts. I can’t begin to explain the feeling of getting that phonecall that evening, changing our family forever. We know he’s found the peace he so desperately searched for, and that is the one message we have to keep reminding ourselves. He truly was a special man who I’m lucky enough to call my Uncle. ‘Death Leaves A Heartache No-One Can Heal, Love Leaves A Memory No-One Can Steal’.
I have learnt many things throughout the year of 2018, about myself and life in general. Each of which I’ll take into this year with me. Every year, you learn something new and I think as you grow older, you realise that you needed to go through those hard lessons to get to where you are today. Obviously, I’m still learning the lessons of life but I’m thankful for what I have learnt, however hard it was at the time.

How was your year? Your highs? Your lows? Did you learn anything? Let me know in the comments below or on any of my social media platforms, as I’d be very interested to hear.

I hope 2019 brings you all: happiness, health and love – as each of you deserve that!

Sending tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo


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