Revolution Lip Calendar Review!

Hello lovelies,

I’ve said this before and I’ll happily say it again, Revolution has taken the makeup industry by storm.

I remember going to the Revolution counter when I was younger (i was just starting to take an interest in makeup at the time) and buying multiple products. Revolution had just started getting their name out there in the makeup industry and I’ll be completely honest, their products back then weren’t in the same league as the products they’re releasing today. It’s now become one of my favourite brands to buy makeup from!

This past year, I’ve noticed the biggest difference in their products: the pigmentation, the longevity, the formulas and the range overall has become one of the best to buy. They’ve really made their mark in the makeup industry, wether your a beginner, just love to play with makeup or your a professional makeup artist, this brand is the one I’d highly recommend buying from. So reasonably priced aswell!

So, when I saw that Revolution was bringing out their first Lipstick Advent Calendar, I was instantly intrigued (I was lucky enough that my mum brought it for me as a surprise). Their formulation of lip products overall is unbelievably good. They aren’t drying, nor patchy and I find them to be incredibly long lasting.

I decided when I got the calendar, that I wanted to review it for all you makeup lovers who read my blog. As I know many people are weary of buying makeup advent calendars due to price or worry that the products aren’t up to standard. Therefore, I wanted to give you an insight into this one today;


The Revolution Calendar contains:

  • Five Matte Lipsticks
  • Five Cream Lipsticks
  • Three Lipglosses
  • Seven Lipliners
  • Three Matte Liquid Lipsticks
  • Two Glitter Liquid Lipsticks

revolution 11

My Thoughts On The Products:

I personally think if your a lipstick kinda gal or boy, then this Calendar is perfect for you.

Like I mentioned above, Revolution have really upped their game when it comes to formulation and pigmentation of products, especially their lip ranges. The formulation of each product is easily as good as some of the higher-end brands, maybe even better.

The liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, glitter lipsticks, lip glosses and cream lipsticks have incredible colour payoff. None of them apply patchy, they’re buildable without crumbling on the lips throughout the day and are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods. Like any lipstick, liquid or bullet, they do tend to wear a little easier when drinking or eating oily based foods, but can easily be applied again without feeling heavy on your lips. The matte lipsticks aren’t drying and are obviously long wearing, whereas the creamier lipsticks (my favourite formula by revolution) obviously tend to wear more easily. Oh… not forgetting that the lipglosses aren’t sticky and they don’t become tacky when rubbing your lips together.

The lipliners are one of my favourites to apply! They have a creamy formula which makes lining my lips easier/quicker as they don’t drag or crumble when applying. The pigmentation is everything you’d expect a lipliner to be – you don’t need to re-line multiple times to get good colour payoff and filling in your entire lip with the liner is easy! Sometimes, I don’t even bother to wear a lipstick overtop as the liner looks good enough on its own.

Furthermore, when looking at the lipstick colours that you receive throughout the 25 days, I did notice some of the lipsticks (more so the bullets) have a very similar colour / undertone. Which, if your a nude-tone lover, you’ll appreciate whereas those who like to venture out with colour, this may be something to look into. I’m the type of girl that likes her nudes, but also likes to wear brighter colours and I was more than happy with the lipstick colour-ranges! But, I did just want to mention that.

Thoughts On The Calendar Overall:

This calendar, certainly didn’t disappoint.

One thing I did really enjoy about the Calendar is that you opened something different everyday. It wasn’t seven days of liners and then three days of lipsticks etc, it was spread out nicely (you certainly don’t get bored). Also, i hugely appreciate the fact you aren’t receiving mini’s in this Calendar, you’re receiving full size products!

I’d defiantly say; you receive high quality products, for a drugstore price. it’s a brand and calendar that I’d highly recommend getting or asking for, as it doesn’t disappoint.

I hope this helped any of you makeup junkies, to make a decision on wether to get this calendar next Christmas (or now). I personally prefer to read a review before buying incase I’m disappointed.

It’s currently over HALF PRICE on – was £40.00, NOW £15.00. What a bargain! I’d recommend checking it out, as I’m sure it won’t be in stock for much longer…

Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo



    • ellegracedeveson
      January 13, 2019 / 5:27 pm

      I’m obsessed with their lip liners, so creamy and pigmented, defiantly worth trying out. Saying that, I love all their lip products – the lipsticks & liquid lipsticks aren’t drying or patchy. I just find, for the price you honestly can’t go wrong…Xo

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