Christmas Home Touches || BLOGMAS, DAY 5!

Hello lovelies,


One of my all time favourite things about the lead up to Christmas is the thought of turning the Christmas tunes up high and decorating the house from top to bottom with my mum. On the first Saturday of December every year, we dig the boxes of decorations out and turn our home into Santa’s grotto (quite literally). Nothing puts a smile on my face more than coming down stairs every morning and seeing our home looking so beautiful, it truly puts you in the festive spirit.

Our tree and decorations aren’t your typical ‘Instagram’ type, we’ve never been a minimalist family and we prefer to stack our tree with decorations from my childhood, even some that were made before I was born! My mums even got my angel which I made from a toilet roll tube from when I was in primary school out on display, so we’re a pretty sentimental family (even though it can be a little embarrassing).

My mum every year for her birthday gets a Christmas ornament off her siblings therefore we have quite the collection in our house. We light up like the northern lights at night, what with the tree, ornaments and candles! Though, everyone who steps into our home, always compliments how festive it looks which makes all the stress of putting the tree up, lights on and everything together all worth while.

My favourite decorations have to be the cute little singing Santa and snowman that I got back when I was a child off my GreatNan. They’ve always been a decoration that’s stayed close to my heart over the years and bring back so many memories of my old house, and past Christmas’s when I use to have them playing on repeat to the point it would annoy everyone. Still to this day my mum renews their batteries so we can listen to them sing, or when my little cousins come to visit they can get the enjoyment I did out of them. I’ll always treasure them.

My bedroom tree was always just something I just decorated with baubles up until I lost two of my best friends, then it became for them. Yes, its still got baubles on (but the baubles are both their favourite colours) also, hanging on my tree is some special decorations which I’ve brought especially for them. This time of year is unbelievably hard, especially as I can’t go visit their special beds so my tree is something I can have in my room which is dedicated too two of the most inspirational, courageous fighters I have the privilege of calling my musketeers!

I really hope you liked having a look round at our decorations for 2017! I actually uploaded “Christmas Home Touches” from blogmas last year on this day so I’ll be sure to keep this as a tradition on my blog so we can see how it changes over the years to come.

Seeing people’s Christmas decor is one of my favourite things to look and read so I hope you enjoyed today’s post. What’s your favourite decoration in your home?

Sending tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo


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