Stocking Fillers Under £10 || BLOGMAS, DAY 4!

Hello lovelies,


Stockings have been a tradition in my family ever since I was little and it’s something that will continue on for the years to come for sure. It wouldn’t be Christmas morning without waking up too my stocking whilst being tucked in bed with the ones we love most.

Buying stocking fillers is quite the task. Finding small gifts that someone likes yet aren’t a main present is defiantly something which we all find a struggle so that’s why I’ve put together this blogpost for you today.

I’ve seen a fair few people talk about how this is the period to buy completely unrealistic gifts that will cost you an arm and a leg to afford whereas my gift guides do tend to be on the lower price range. In this Gift Guide, I’ve put together an assortment of stocking fillers that are pretty decent presents and for under £10! So this Christmas you don’t have to break the bank when getting your loved ones a good present.

Stocking Fillers;

• Tinder Nope Books – £7.99 –

• Purple Sloe Gin Candle – £7.99 –

• Navy Sleigh All Day Christmas Present Sack – £4.49 –

• Pink Prosecco Princess Cup – £6.99 –

• Nutella Mug Set – £9.99 –

• Zoella Snowella You’re Cracking Xmas Cracker Bathing Set – £10.00 –

• Cadbury’s Chocolate Selection Box – £2.00 –

• Sass & Bell Cactus Ring Dish – £10.00 –

• Bulldog Sensitive Duo- £8.50 –

• Fizz Beer Pong – £6.50 –

• ASOS Christmas Socks With Animal Santa Hats, 3 Pack – £8.00 –

• Easy On The Eyes Make Up Book – £9.99 –

• Ciate Kiss Collective Duo – £8.40 –

• Christmas Sweater BathBomb – £4.50 –

That’s it for this years “Stocking Fillers Under £10”!

I hope this helped or inspired you in any way possible, wether that be you buy some of these fillers or it gives you an idea on what to buy to fill a loved ones stocking this festive period. These are decent fillers so defiantly keep them in mind!

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post, where do you shop for your stocking fillers?

Sending you tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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