Happy Mothers Day, Mum!


While appreciation for any parent should be every day of the year, I still love to extra appreciate you on this special day. 

Not many people have the relationship with their mum, like I have a relationship with you and I’m so proud to call you my best friend. Me becoming ill has brought us even closer and personally, I couldn’t think of anyone better to spend everyday with other than you. We’ve always had the best of relationships, even before I fell ill – Ive always looked up to you since a very young age like any young child does. 

You shaped me into the person I am today by teaching me everything a girl needs to know. Wether that’s how to respect others or my rights from wrongs, you taught me it all and without your knowledge and kindheart I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 

You have continuously been there for me through the times when I’ve needed you most; when I’ve been confused, needed guidance, needed reassurance, been frustrated, been hurt and not forgetting the best of times – you’ve been there through it all. But most importantly, you’ve been by my side since the day I fell ill back in 2013. People don’t realise the amount our lives have changed since that day back on the 11th of September, especially yours. You went from being my mother, to also becoming my nurse, a pharmacist and my full time career doing things no mother should have to do to their daughter. you’ve spent hours sat by my bedside holding my hand whilst I’ve had different medications pumped into me, we have an unbareable amount of hospital appointments to attend to on a weekly basis, there’s a endless list of medications you have to stay ontop of alongside injecting me twice daily and everything else which comes alongside my illnesses and being my full time career. You do absolutely everything for me and I’m eternally grateful. 

It’s true when they say your mother is your best friend, because your certainly mine. You was the very first friend I had as a little girl and I know no matter what happens over the years to come, you will always be my best friend. Not only have you given me the best advice on endless occasions but your the one I can happily tell anything too without feeling embarrassed, nervous or shy. You’ve always made me feel comfortable in confiding in you, no matter what it’s about and I thank you for that. What I’ve always treasured about our relationship is the fact I spend every hour with you, yet I never get bored. I think everyone around us, as well as ourselves have figured that we are the same person; we look alike, we have the exactly the same personality and we love the same things – it’s a little creepy but who cares? The fact we are the same person is the reason we get on like there’s no tomorrow and we rarely argue (we may bicker but who doesn’t?). What I love about you is the way you go above and beyond to make me smile; you are one of the only people who can have me cry laughing whilst I’m in so much pain, you stay up all night talking to me as I’m in too much pain to sleep, you cuddle me for hours because I’m sad and you do so much daily just to put a smile on my face even if it’s for a moment. I cherish every single thing you do as it means the entire world to me, I hope you know that! 

There is no way in this world I could of got through half the things I have or grown to be the person I am today without you. You are by far one of the strongest and most inspirational women I have the privilege of knowing and loving. you are the person who holds us together when everything feels like it’s falling apart and the person who keeps us going when times get tough. You have fought so hard for me in so many different ways and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done and do for me. Out of all the mums in the world, I’m so glad your mine as I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it, I wouldn’t ever want to either. 

Mother & Daughter 

It’s a special bond that spans the years,

Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears,

A sense of trust that can’t be broken,

A depth of love sometimes unspoken,

A lifelong friendship built on sharing, 

Hugs, kisses, warmth and caring,

Mother & Daughter their hearts as one – 

A link that can never be undone.  

Happy Mothers Day, Mum! I hope this blogpost was a lovely surprise to end your special day, you truly deserve the world. You are my everything. 

I love you all the world, forever & always! 

love, hugs and kisses, 

Elle xo 


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