The Best Of Skincare 2020!

Hello lovelies,

It’s become a tradition of mine that every year I share with you my drugstore / highend makeup items that I’ve been loving and using frequently throughout the year. Well, 2020 was the year that I barely went out the door thanks to corona so I didn’t use makeup as regularly as I usually would have. Don’t get me wrong, I found a handful of new products which have worked their way into my everyday makeup bag but I don’t feel like that warrants a full post, ya know? I feel it would be pretty short and sweet.

Which has lead me to today’s post. Instead of sharing makeup, I’m instead going to share with you my favourite skincare products that I’ve been using throughout the year.

I think I mentioned this in one of my first posts of 2020 – I wanted to make skincare a top priority of mine and actually have a proper skincare routine day and night. I’ll be honest, at the beginning of the year, I’d become VERY lazy with my skincare and boy, was I noticing it. My skin was dull, extremely dry and overall, just looked rough.

So after having a pretty tough talk with myself, I put together a proper routine and let’s just say, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve wheeled into 2021 with brighter, softer, hydrated and glowing skin – everything I’ve ever wanted.

Yes, I still get blemishes (what human doesn’t?) but man, does my skin look and feel better for this skincare routine. So I thought it was only right that I share with you some of my absolute FAVOURITE skincare products for dry, blemish prone and very sensitive skin.

Favourite Skincare 2020:


I have to have a light moisturiser in my everyday routine. I wish I was one of those people who loved thick, rich moisturisers but honestly, the thought of that on my skin makes me shiver, so a light moisturiser is what I look for. These three I’ve mentioned below are just that. They’re light on the skin yet give me the intense hydration I need everyday. They sink into the skin quickly which is perfect for me and don’t leave me feeling sticky afterwards.


In 2020 I really got into my cleansers. I’ve been applying my cleansers with my Foreo, really buffing the cleansers into my skin and it really does give you a clean, fresh feeling. These five cleansers give me moister whilst cleaning any bacteria / impurities off my face.


I only really found out about toners at the end of 2019. I hadn’t heard of them before that but I really do feel like it’s made a huge different to the pores on my skin. One thing I’d really noticed through the year was that my pores had become really noticeable on my T-zone area, so I religiously started using this toner and it’s defiantly helped with that.

Eye Creams:

I feel like eye creams have become my new obsession. I’ve always had dry under eyes but never done anything about it but in 2020, I really wanted to change that. These two are the best I’ve found for sure. I truly believe you don’t have to have an expensive eye cream for it to make a difference. The ones from Revolution are unbelievably cheap yet have made my under eyes smooth, hydrated and looking/feeling the best they have in ages.


Exfoliates have been a life saver for my skin! If you’ve got dry skin, these exfoliators are for you. These three all remove dead skin cells which can give your skin the ‘dull’ look. They also give the skin a smoothness that you can’t achieve with other skincare. Big fat YES to these!

Face Masks:

Who doesn’t love a good face mask? I think I can keep this one short & sweet – each of these have different things that they do for the skin but are all worth the buy.

Spot Treatments:

Honestly… I’ve always thought spot treatments were a gimmick but as I’ve tried more of them, I soon come to realise that some do actually work. These two being the best I’ve found. Have you heard of the Mario Badescu spot treatment? Well this revolution one does the exact same thing and is a quarter of the price. It works just as well to dry the spots out. The blemish stickers are a god send! If you’ve got some big ass spot that’s under the skin these blemish stickers are what you need.

My 2020 Skincare Shelf

As you’ll be able to tell, I use the same 4/5 brands as I’ve trialled others like Garnier over the years but there’s many different brands that have a tendency to break my skin out or leave me with a rash (thanks sensitive skin *rolls eyes*). These are by far the best I’ve found.

Please believe me when I say, I wouldn’t be sharing these brands with you if I didn’t love them and been trialing them for many months now.

2020 was the year I got my skin looking and feeling it’s best and I can’t wait to continue that into this year.

Are you a skincare fanatic? if so, have you got any skincare products that you love and think would work with my skin? I always love getting new recommendations!

Sending tons of love and hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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