The Best Websites To Buy Cute, Christmas themed, Dog Jumpers & Bandanas | Christmas 2020!

Hello lovelies,

Okay, so i totally get that some people don’t agree with dressing their dogs up as their ‘dogs not humans’ but me personally, I love it!

It started when we had our staffordshire bull terrier, Gypsy, she was an old girl bless her so to keep her warm during the winter, we brought her a jumper. Then, after Gypsy passed away and Mabel came into our lives, buying dogs clothing continued on.

It isn’t just jumpers we buy though, we also buy the cutest bandanas!

I know that there’s many people out there who also love their dog to look ultra cute especially around Christmas time so I felt it was only right to share some of the amazing small businesses I’ve come across that make the cutest Christmas items for dogs.

So if you’d like to buy your dog something festive, keep on reading:

Festive Jumpers:

Festive Bandana’s, Bow Ties & Everything Inbetween:

Bella Bows Boutique –!/sort/manual/page/4

How blooming cute are these Christmas inspired dogs clothing though? I’m obsessed!

One thing I’ve learnt from COVID is to support small businesses more often which is why I’ve shared with you some amazing instagram businesses! I’ve genuinely found some amazing pages on Instagram which i just had to share with you. They aren’t expensive, you can always guarantee high quality and all in all, a lovely gift for your doggos.

Keep an eye out on Mabel’s Instagram page ( ) for some cute, festive pieces that I’ve brought her for this year. so excited!

Christmas 2020

Let me know if you end up buying from any of these businesses I’ve mentioned above. Honestly, your going to love their stuff.

Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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