Things To Do Whilst In Isolation / Lock Down!

Hello lovelies,

Who would have thought that 2020 would start off like this? a global pandemic that doesn’t seem to be going away as soon as we hoped.

So for today’s blogpost, I thought I’d share with you some of the things you can do whilst isolating. For me, someone whose got chronic illnesses, isolating isn’t really a big deal but I know for thousands, if not millions of people worldwide, isolating can be a daunting thought.

Before having Mabel, I didn’t really have a routine and now that she’s here and she has a pretty strong routine going, the thought of going back to no routine makes me feel stressed. I know that’s the case for many people when it comes to the isolating for what could be weeks. Covid-19 isn’t just hitting people physically, it’s also hitting people mentally so I just wanted to share a few little things you can do to not only get a routine going, but to take your mind off everything that’s going on in the world currently.

I’ve been racking my brains for a few days now on different things you can do to keep your mind active. So I’ve broke it down into sections for you! let’s get into it…

Things To Do Whilst In SelfIsolation:

Be Creative:

  • Do Some Drawing
  • Paint A Paint By Numbers
  • Practice Your Makeup And Learn New Techniques
  • Make A Blog & Write Whatever Makes You Happy
  • Practice Painting
  • Create A Scrap Book With All Your Memories
  • Get Creative In The Kitchen And Cook Up A Storm
  • Create Your Own Sweet Treats To Enjoy
  • Get Your Instagram Poppin’ By Creating New Content
  • Learn To Edit Photos
  • Set Up Your Phone/Camera And Film A Video For Youtube


  • Put That Pile Of Washing Away
  • Deep Clean Your House
  • Declutter Your Cupboards
  • Declutter Your Wardrobe
  • Declutter Your Makeup
  • Re-Organise Your Jewellery
  • Sort Out Your Chest Of Draws
  • Re-Organise Your Wardrobe And Draws
  • Sort Through Your Shoes
  • Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Self Care:

  • Do At Home Workouts
  • Get Ontop Of Your Skincare Routine
  • Meditate
  • Take Time For You And Read
  • Deep Clean Your Hair
  • Relax With A Facemask
  • Do A Hair Mask
  • Take Those Acrylics Off And Give Your Nails A Break
  • Shape And Paint Your Toe Nails
  • Scrub That Old Fake Tan Off And Apply New Tan
  • Pluck Your Overgrown Brows And Moustache
  • Take The Time To Incorporate Healthy Foods Into Your Diet
  • Take Your Bra Off And Enjoy The Freedom
  • Live In Comfortable Loungewear And Appreciate It


  • Learn TikTok Dances And Become TikTok Famous
  • Binge Watch Netflix Series
  • Watch A Ton Of Sky Films
  • Watch YouTube Videos
  • Play Board Games
  • Do A Puzzle
  • Turn Your Wii On And Smash A Game Of Mario Carts
  • Play Your Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation Ect
  • Play Cards

I really hope this helped you get ideas on how to spend your time whilst in isolation. I know it’s especially hard for some people to know what to do with their time. I’ll be uploading weekly to help distract you from what’s currently going on, I know it only takes you a few minutes to read my posts but if it helps take your mind of all this for just a moment, then I’m happy.

I hope everyone is staying safe. It’s crucial that we abide by the rules and isolate to help prevent the spread and help protect those who are vulnerable like myself. By staying indoors your saving people’s lives!

Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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