3 Underrated Makeup Brands!

Hello lovelies,

Every year the makeup industry is growing, not by a little either, every other day a brand is bring out some new products, with new formulas and new colours.

The makeup industry isn’t even just growing in stores now, everyday I’m learning about new brand which have been created by a makeup artist on Instagram. Let’s just say, these Instagram brands… aren’t messing with their releases either! I’m forever being blown away with their products, which are unique and nothing like the products you can buy in stores. Mind you, the brands which are currently in stores are constantly expanding their ranges, making new formulas and trying to make new products which no other brand has thought of.

With that being said, as the industry is growing, some brands are being ‘left behind’ or aren’t being reached for as often as others. Yes, this is bound to happen BUT it’s not to say these brands haven’t brought out some incredible products theirselves. It’s disappointing to see, as I know I’ve used many brands over the years that have completely changed my makeup game for the better, yet their new releases are being over shadowed by others. Although, you may think this only happens in the drugstore world, but from what I’ve witnessed over the years, this is far from true – the high-end brands are as easily overshadowed as the drugstore.

So, I wanted to do a blogpost today, inspired by underrated/overshadowed brands to give you a heads up, that their products are just as good as other brands! let’s get into it…

  • Kiko Milano, https://www.kikocosmetics.com/en-gb/| When Kiko opened their first store in our local mall is when I began my journey into makeup. So Kiko was one of the first brands I’d ever brought from, and let’s just say I couldn’t complain. I’m obsessed with their ‘water eyeshadows’, ‘ high pigment wet and dry eyeshadows’, highlighters and face powders, all of which preform incredibly well on the skin. I’m beyond confused why this brand isn’t spoken about more in the beauty community as every product I’ve tried from Kiko has not only succeeded my expectations but has given me the intensity I want from it. They’ve got amazing pigmentation, blend like a dream and can be used all over the skin. If I had to recommend you trying one item from Kiko to really understand this brands incredibility, it would be the ‘water eyeshadows’ as not only do they look UNREAL on the eyes but can be used as blush o highlighter also.
  • NYX Cosmetics, https://www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk| now, I would say NYX is properly more talked about than the rest of the brands I’m mentioning today YET I feel as though many of their products go unnoticed in the beauty world. One product in particular, is their Micro Brow Pencil which I can honestly say is a dupe for the Benefit Precisely My Brow pencil. It’s creamy yet doesn’t apply the product harshly, has good pigmentation and gives you any brow that you desire. I’ve been using this NYX pencil for years now and being that the Benefit one was my holy grail for a while, it’s much more expensive so I went back to my NYX and let’s just say, they are pretty damn similar! I’d highly recommend checking out this NYX brow pencil before splurging on a Benefit one. Not only are their brow products amazing, but I feel like the rest of the brand goes highly unnoticed which I disagree with. I’ve been collecting their glitters and pigments for years and each pot is like gold dust. Their eyeshadows are blendable and highly pigmented. Their lipsticks are pigmented, creamy and long lasting. This brand overall has the most incredible products, from face, to eyes, to lips, your covered by all bases!
  • Primark Beauty, | Primark is one of those stores, that everyone knows you can buy your staples, basics and ‘new in’ clothes from YET I never see anyone talk about their makeup range. Over the years, I’ve brought many of different products from Primark and quickly these products became staples in my everyday routine. Admittedly, a handful of their makeup products aren’t exactly what I’d call brilliant but that being said, 90% of their products are high quality yet incredibly low in price. From their highlighters, to their eye pigments, to their lipsticks, each preform in the exact way you’d expect a higher end product to work. I haven’t really ventured into all of Primark’s makeup range, so I can’t comment on everything but one thing I can comment on, is their growth over the last couple of years which is why I can’t understand why it isn’t spoken about more in the beauty community? I’d highly recommend going in and checking out their items.

I’d highly recommend all three of the brands I’ve mentioned today as I truly believe they don’t get the regonition they deserve.

Leave me a comment below or message me on my social media platforms if you think there’s any brands which I haven’t mentioned today that are seriously underrated and you’d recommend to anyone. Are there any products you’ve tried over the years which you think is worth the talk, yet others don’t? I’d love to know your thoughts, as I’m always open to recommendations etc.

Sending tons of love & hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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