Insta Accounts That I’ve Been Loving This Autumn!

Hello lovelies,

Instagram has become one of the biggest mobile social network platforms worldwide, with close to a billion people having an account online.

Despite the massive problem with the algorithm, I do believe over the last year, Instagram has grown to be most peoples favourite way of social networking – including mine! Instagram has completely changed peoples way of life, with it becoming peoples jobs to post photos of their outfits, makeup, travels etc and becoming a way of getting payed for doing something you simply enjoy. Likewise with blogging, the blogging community doesn’t just stick to their site no more, it extends onto instagram as it helps promote not only our blogs, but ourselves also.

Although, I’m not actually here to talk about that today, (if you’d like a blogpost all about that side of instagram/blogging let me know and ill happily do so) I want to share with you some of the incredible ladies and gents that I’ve staggered across whilst scrolling on instagram. Some of the ladies I’ve mentioned are from the blogging community and the rest are from the makeup world, each are so insanely talented.

Blogging Community:

Every time I click onto Lauren’s page, automatically I want to get my bake on. Lauren’s bakes are so perfectly made, decorated and photographed that I personally believe she should have a shop of her own, so that she can share her talent with the world. Alongside her incredibly cute and delicious looking bakes, Lauren posts outfit photos which include ‘on trend’ seasonal looks. Saying that, she also posts her cosy nights in, in her comfies and lets just say, who doesn’t love someone who can pull off both? There is one thing in particular I really do admire Lauren for, and thats the way she continues to push out content on her instagram daily despite the pain she’s dealing with daily due to her chronic illnesses. Being someone who deals with them also, I know how hard it is and im constantly motivated by Lauren’s determination! She’s got the kindest heart and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

I genuinely don’t think there’s a blogger in the community that doesn’t know or hasn’t heard of Maria, am I right? This girl has gone from strength to strength over the last year and its been the most rewardable thing to watch to such a lovely, down-to-earth girl. I’m constantly taking inspiration from Maria’s insta on the ‘best places in London to capture the cutest shots’, ‘whats new in fashion’ and basically how to dress myself to keep ‘in trend’. She not only takes the prettiest of pictures for her instagram on the daily, but Maria is always engaging with everyone on her instastories. Showing latest PR gifts, her days out, and events she recently been too, all of which are throughly enjoyable to watch.

Not only am I wanting to buy all of Maria’s clothes, but Ali’s also. I love to scroll through Ali’s instagram to take inspiration from what she’s been wearing that week, what autumnal clothing she’s got in her wardrobe and how she pairs items together – its defiantly upped/helped my fashion game haha. Alongside being a fashion blogger, I truly admire Ali for the way she is continuously raising awareness for mental health and her chronic illnesses. Over the last couple of months in particular, I’ve seen multiple posts of Ali’s blow up, with numbers amounts of people commenting their own stories, ‘whats helped them’, and how Ali has helped them to feel like they could talk openly on instagram about it. Ali really does create a safe place on her instagram to talk and for that, I think she’s remarkable.

Lauren was one of the first girls I was lucky enough to talk to when I first started blogging, and over the last year I’ve been lucky enough to watch her grow massively on both her blog and instagram. On instagram Lauren’s defiantly changed the game, with editing skills like no other, captions which will have you creasing in laughter and I can almost guarantee you’ll be won over just by the cuteness of her dogs. Alongside this, I think everyone who has been a follower of Lauren’s for a long period of time will have noticed the confidence growing in her everyday when it comes to being in front of the camera, sharing OOTD’s (outfit of the day pictures) and just in general, which has been lovely to see.

I think everyone and their pet gold fish knows Beth, she has become an internet sensation for her instagram story rants and if i’m completely honest, they’re something ill never get bored of. Beth has got a personality that continues to shine through, not only on her stories, but her photo’s and photo captions also. Alongside this, I love how strong minded Beth is about the blogging community! She is undoubtably one of the most supportive, encouraging and reliable bloggers, who stands up for smaller creators and will always be there for advice etc.

Zoe is obviously known worldwide for her YouTube channel, but it all began via her blog back in 2009. She has from then, built an empire and is one of the biggest girl bosses around! Yet, one thing I will always admire about Zoe, is that she’s always stayed true to herself – especially when it comes to her instagram. I’m constantly scrolling through her insta pictures for inspiration as Zoe is one of those who ‘just knows’ how to take the prefect picture and never has to much of a theme. If she isn’t picturing the perfect setting, her incredibly chic OOTD or her cutie of a pup Nala, then Zoe is speaking up for Mental Health and raising awareness in every possible way. Being that Zoe has suffered massively over the years, she can share her story on her big platform to help others which I truly admire. She’s been my inspiration since day one and I can’t wait to watch her empire grow.

Makeup Community:

  • Instagram Name: @glambycamx

Cameron is one of my most recent follows on instagram out of everyone I’ve mentioned today, but his skills & creativity has had a massive effect on me from that day I found him. He has recently just done ‘Camzoween’ in which he uploaded a Halloween inspired look everyday for the month of October and my word, his talent blew me away! With looks from glam makeup to everyday makeup to sfx makeup – Cameron does them all with such detail and precision.

  • Instagram Name: @abbyrobertsartistry

Like Cameron, Abby is undoubtably one of the most talented makeup enthusiast’ that I follow. At only 17, yes you heard right 17 years old, Abby creates some of the most incredible looks. With some glam looks thrown into the mix, the majority of her Instagram feed contains her creative skills – these are looks which just inspire me to get artist flow on. You can see the detailing that goes into each look and it’s just amazing.

  • Instagram Name: @makemeupmissa

Missa is my ‘go-to-girl’ when it comes to inspiration for my makeup! She creates the most stunning makeup looks which are constantly motivating me to push myself out my comfort zone when it comes to my own makeup. Her Instagram is filled to the brim with glam makeup, natural everyday makeup and colourful makeup that all are equally as pretty as each other. Missa also posts videos on her Instagram on how she creates some of her looks which are so useful. Her talent mind boggles me.

Other Instagrams:

  • Instagram Name: @eggnogthebulldog

Now anyone who knows me, will know my love for bulldogs so when I came across Eggnog my heart skipped a beat. I have followed Eggnog for a couple of years now, in which time her mum Jen & Dad have added to the family – Eggnogs real sister (from a litter after Eggnog though) Igloo. These two precious girls never fail to put a smile on my face with their funny antics, all of which their mum Jen posts on their Instagram page. I have actually spoke to Eggnog & Igloo’s mum Jen multiple times and they are such a kindhearted, beautiful family. From cuteness overload, to dress up, to play fighting, to stick hunting, Jen pictures and films it all and it’s just so worth watching. Your heart will melt…

That’s all of the Instagram accounts which I’ve been loving this autumn! I highly recommend you follow each of the ladies & gents that I mentioned above today as each of these talented bunch are so lovely, each have an Instagram which is inspiring and enjoyable.

Before I end today’s blogpost, I just wanted to clarify, that I do have multiple accounts that I adore and multiple other bloggers, makeup enthusiast/artists etc that I enjoy reading and watching but these accounts in particular have just stood out to me this Autumn and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their content. I hope no one gets offended.

Have you got any accounts that you’ve been loving recently? If so who? Let me know in the comments below or on any of my social media’s (which are linked below) as I’m always open to following new people and love finding instagrams that I enjoy scrolling through to get inspiration.

Sending you tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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