The Skin Care That’s Changed My Game!

Hello lovelies,

If your a long term reader of mine, you’ll know that last year I wrote a blogpost all about Garnier Skincare and the incredible effect it was having on my skin.

Well throughout the past year since writing that blogpost, I’ve been chopping and changing my medications due to things worsening which has unfortunately had a massive effect on my skin. Ive never quite seen my skin change as dramatically as it has this past year and honestly, it’s been a long, hard battle finding products to help my skin to settle.

What happened to my skin you ask?

Well, let’s just say it turned from acne clear, moisturised goodness to the complete opposite. Suddenly, I wasn’t able to put any of the Garnier products i had on my face as my skin would react almost instantly to them by coming out in large under the skin spots, red blotchiness and my eyes would become puffy. I become so sensitive to any product that I started to question even recognising my own skin. After leaving it a couple of months to settle down, which it did, I tried again with the Garnier “blackhead clearing mask”, only applying it to my chin and nose which I instantly regretted after washing it off. Obviously the same thing happened again, though this time the areas I applied the “blackhead removal mask” too actually become blackhead central, I’ve never seen anything quite like it before! It would be Dr Pimple Poppers dream to get her hands on the effected areas after that… gutted was an understatement.

Now I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly the best at keep up with a “skin care routine” as my brain fog kicks in and I just forget BUT I knew I had to get some kind of routine put in place to do something about the mayhem which was happening to my skin. Considering all I’ve been through with my skin, I need to try and take care of it as much as possible so my mum suggested trying natural based products which by a miracle, has been the answer. *fingers crossed it’ll continue to be and I don’t jinx this now I’m sharing my secrets with you all*

Skin Care;

Apart from two products, one of which my doctor prescribed me, all the skincare products I’ve been using are from Simple .

“Simple is the UK’s number 1 facial skincare brand. It cares for you day after day to ensure your skin is clean, fresh, perfectly hydrated and free from any sign of sensitivity.”

Simple is all about the “free from list” and clearly this is what my skin needed! So these are the main products I’ve been using by Simple;

  • Kind To Skin, Hydrating Light Moisturiser: this is possibly the lightest moisturiser… well ever! I’d much rather that though as it absorbs super fast into your skin meaning you don’t feel like you have a thick layer of stickiness on your face for what feels like forever after applying your moisturiser. this moisturiser doesn’t contain ANY harmful products like colour, dye or artificial perfume just pure goodness! Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to replenish the skin to make it smooth & soft, yet it doesn’t clog my pores. Oh, and how does it treat my unbelievably, wreckless dry skin? LIKE. A. DREAM. no other words needed.
  • Kind To Eyes, Revitalising Eye Roll-On; my under bags you could practically call designer they are that big, dark and dry so I had to do something about immediately. this product basically has the perfect concoction of ingredients (B5, Vitamin E, Glycerine, Lupin Extract) that when applying to your under eyes, it helps to awaken them & revitalise them. the rollerball helps to instantly cool your under eyes and gently massages the delicate eye area (which feels like heaven!).
  • Water Boost Hydrating Sheet Mask; now if you suffer with extreme dry skin like myself, this is a mask you need in your life! I can’t even begin to tell you the difference I noticed to my skin before and after the application of this sheet mask, plus, application of makeup is incredible after using this mask. pro makeup artists use these also ( @makeupbymario & @makeupbymikey inspired me to start using these ). this mask is purely formulated with minerals and plant extracts inspired by Asian beauty rituals. amazing!
  • Kind To Skin, Moisturising Face Wash; this is a product that I use when I’m in the shower, so I squeeze a little of the product into my hand, lather it up and massage it into my skin for 2-3 minutes before rinsing with water. this product literally removes all the dirt, oils which aren’t meant to be there, dry skin and any other impurities WITHOUT leaving your skin dry or dehydrated. It’s almost like a cleanser yet it has B5 and Vitamin E Bisabolol which helps it to moisturise the skin also. I don’t use this everyday though, I tend to use it every other day. though, that’s completely up to you.
  • “Clean & Clear” is a brand Ive been using for years now, since my first year in high school I’d even go as far as saying and it’s been a continuous product in my skincare routine (when I remember to have one that is). I’m currently using the “Clean And Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin” and I can hand on heart say, I can see the difference in my skin if I go one or two days without using it, which is a rather large statement from me. This lotion is made to gently cleanse the skin and effectively remove any build up of grease, dirt or oil off your face. Also, it throughly cleanses your skin to help prevent spots, yet it can also refreshes, tones and tightens pores. I’ve noticed that if I don’t use it for a day or so – that whatever spots were beginning to fade, aren’t anymore and my pores are worse. I’d personally say all skin-types can use this product and I’d highly recommend as it’s changed my life! Although, a pre-warning – when first applying to your face it may sting a little, especially if you do have any open wounds (spots, cold sores etc) but that sensation does die down within seconds and doesn’t leave your face with any redness or irritation.
  • Clean & Clear Cleansing Lotion;
  • Then the product I’ve been using that was prescribe by my doctor is; “Cetraben”. Although, I’m almost sure you can buy it from your local pharmacy? (don’t count me on that though). Anyway, this product was the main one which helped get deep into my skin and clear up the acne / black head explosion that had taken over. Its a moisturising and protective cream for the relief of symptoms such as; redness, inflammation, dryness, chapped skin and anything associated with eczema. I literally lather my skin in this every night just before bed (I probably put way to much on) and allow it to soak in over night. It is one of those creams which is extremely heavy feeling and still by morning isn’t fully sunk into the skin but somehow it’s worked some kind of miracle so I’m all for praising it.

    And that’s all the fabulous products that’s worked there wonders on my skin. I wanted to share these products with you all today so you can check them out for yourselves if your going through a rough patch with your own skin or just looking for something new to try.

    I really hope you liked today’s blogpost. let me know in the comments below or on my social media’s if you’ve got any skincare products which are your “holy-grails” or “must haves”. I love knowing what everyone else uses and finds works for them. Plus, finding new products for myself is always a added bonus, especially if their natural.

    Sending you tons of love and hugs as always,

    Elle xo


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