Makeup TIPS & TRICKS Everyone Should Know!

Hello lovelies,

It wasn’t until I started secondary school that makeup entered my world. My mums never worn much makeup, maybe the odd bit of concealer and mascara here & there but nothing too drastic so it wasn’t until I reached that age where all the girls around me were wearing it that I began to want too myself.

I wasn’t a big wearer of makeup during school days, reason being I genuinely didn’t have the time in the mornings – after id rushed round washing my hair and getting that how I wanted it to look, I was being told it was time to leave. Though, when I went out after school with my friends, thats when I’d apply my makeup and truth be told… I wasn’t the best. Let’s be honest, the makeup back when I was in Year 7/8/9 certainly isn’t like the makeup now!

It was when I fell ill in 2013 I found my passion for makeup, it not only become my mask but it become something that brought such light into my darkened days. I didn’t really have anyone to teach me many tips when it come to makeup or teach me their ways – I literally taught myself through watching endless YouTube videos and constant practice.

Makeup is far from easy. It can go wrong within seconds if your not careful, which is why I wanted to share with you today some of my makeup TIPS & TRICKS I’ve found throughout the years I’ve been practicing doing my makeup. I wish someone had told me half of these tips back when I was at school as I wouldn’t have looked such a orange, patchy mess!


  1. Always Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed! this is something I learnt very quickly when I started wearing makeup as a teenager but even more so now as I’ve learnt what effects it has on your skin. Unfortunately, we all have pores on our faces therefore when wearing makeup especially sleeping in it, pores quickly become clogged causing your skin to break out. Let’s be honest, no one wants that do they?
  2. Remove Unwanted Mascara Once It’s Dried With A Spoolie Or Cotten Bud! we’ve all been there when your applying mascara and it gets everywhere, your eyelids, your nose, your forehead and you feel like cancelling all your plans & crying into a pillow as you’ve only just done your base makeup. Don’t worry, don’t wipe it with a wet wipe as you’ll ruin your makeup more… wait for the mascara to dry then get it off with either a spoolie or a Cotten bud! literally saved me multiple times.
  3. Never Place Your Concealer Wand On A Fresh Spot! We all want to cover our imperfections but you shouldn’t place your Concealer wand on a fresh spot as it can pass on bacteria and contaminate your whole Concealer bottle when you put the Concealer Wand back in it. Therefore, the next time you put on Concealer with that same Concealer wand, you’ll be spreading that bacteria which could also brake you out. This also goes for applyingLIPSTICKSwhen you have aCOLD SORES.
  4. Always Use Eye Safe Glitter On/Around Your Eyes! There’s one thing you should never do and that’s use any other glitter around your eye accept EYE SAFE glitter. if a piece of glitter which isn’t eye safe falls into your eye, it can cause serious damage even leading to blindness!
  5. Use Masking Tape To Shape Your Eyeshadow If You Struggle To Do It Yourself! If you struggle with shaping your eyeshadow or need a guideline for your eyeliner, then why not use masking tape? This has become my saving grace. Apply the masking tape to the back of your hand first so that you get some of the stickiness off and it doesn’t tug on your skin when you pull it off once your finished. Then, apply the tape to the corner of your eye up towards the end of your brow so you can get your desired shape/line. Works wonders!
  6. Don’t Share Mascara Wands Or Lipsticks! You shouldn’t share your mascara or lipsticks as like I’ve mentioned above you can catch sores (like Cold Sores and Styes) which are far from pleasant. Though, you can buy extra mascara wands either at your local stores like Primark OR online at Amazon, whereas with a lipstick you can take product off the lipstick doper with a lip brush and place it on the lips then sanitise the Brush after use.
  7. Match Your Foundation To Your Body! There’s posts online that says your should always match your foundation to your neck, which yes is sort of right but I actually match my foundation to my whole body as then I know my foundation matches overall. Sometimes your neck can be lighter than the rest of your body so it’s better to match it to your arms etc as you don’t want to have a pale face, dark body or vice versa.
  8. Micellar Water Will Help You To Re-Use Your Lashes! are you sick of only being able to use your fake lashes once or twice before glue ruins the band or hearing someone you know complain about it? Well I’ve got something that may help you. Place your eyelashes in some form of dish/bowl/lid filled with Micellar water, leave them to soak that water in over night then in the morning you should be able to pick the glue off your eyelashes (carefully of course so you don’t ruin the band) and they’ll hopefully be back good as new. This can only be done a certain amount of times before it really is time to replace them but it’s worth trying to save your favourite pair of lashes from the bin after a couple of wears! I’ve done this myself and it’s worked, as I know others have also.
  9. Don’t Let Anyone Unless Their Professional Pluck Your Eyebrows! If your someone who is wanting their eyebrows done for the first time then my advice would be DON’T DO THEM YOURSELF OR LET ANYONE WHO ISN’T A PROFESSIONAL PLUCK THEM. You should always go to a beautician who knows what their doing because if you mess up, you’ll instantly regret it and that could possibly mess up your eyebrows for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, eyebrow hair doesn’t always grow back the way they once were so make the decision wisely.
  10. Don’t Throw Your Broken Products Away, Repress Them! Have you ever dropped one of your favourite highlighters, bronzers, eyeshadow palettes etc on the floor and felt like your whole world had collapsed around you as the item had smashed into a thousand pieces? Well I know I certainly have and it’s a feeling I never want to feel again. So gather together as many of the broken pieces as you can and crush any of the bigger pieces up (even the bits which aren’t broken). Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact and let it soak in. Then using the back of a spoon or your finger, rub and smooth the makeup down into its compact. You may find it easier to add a bit of plastic wrap over the makeup and then rubbing the plastic wrap to smooth out the makeup. If the mixture is still to dry, then add a little more alcohol and rub again. Once it’s all smooth again, you just have to wait, preferably overnight. The alcohol has to dry out, and once it does your makeup will be totally back to normal, and the alcohol smell will be gone. NO MORE chucking away makeup because it’s broken!

These are 10 Makeup Tips & Tricks That Everyone Needs To Know! I hope these help you in some way – wether you put one of these to use or you just take my advice, these tips&tricks will help your makeup skills.

Let me know if any of these tips&tricks have helped you and comment below and let me know if you have any to share with me. I’ve got a few more of these tips&tricks blogposts planned so stay tuned for that!

Sending you tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo


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