Christmas Movies I’ve Discovered This Year || BLOGMAS DAY 7!

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Last year, I wrote a blogpost all about my favourite Christmas movies – movies which I snuggle down too every year and watch without fail. So, I decided this year I’m going to carry on from that but with a little twist. Instead of writing about my all time favourite crimbo movies, I’m going to tell you about the heartfelt movies I’ve discovered throughout this festive period.

Nothing brings me more joy than sitting down in the afternoon, snuggled in a blanket, surrounded by my loved ones too watch a Christmas movie. Wether it’s a classic or a new one, Christmas movies never ever fail to get me in festive spirit and I can’t help but enjoy watching them throughout the month of December. Although I’ve always been one too stick to the same old films, especially when it comes too the Christmas classics, so this year I’ve branched out and started watching different Christmas movies which are featured on the sky box, which quite frankly has been a breath of fresh air.

Yes, I’m nineteen but I’m still a child at heart when it comes to Christmas and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say your never too old to watch Christmas movies! So without mentioning any of my favourites to you on today’s blogpost, I thought I’d share my new discoveries with you, so you can give them a watch yourself. As honestly, if you haven’t already seen them, your truly missing out!

New Discoveries:

  • Polar Express; Do you believe? This film is possibly the most played Christmas film throughout the month of December, yet I’ve never watched it until this week. Usually, I stay away from animated films (unless it’s ice age) but this film defiantly changed my opinion on that. I’d wholeheartedly say that the story behind this film is what makes it so special to watch and is what Christmas is all about.
  • Almost Christmas; This comedy film shows a dysfunctional family coming together for their first Christmas since their mum died, which I think is a perfect representation of what many families go through during the Christmas period. You go through all the emotions when watching this, which I think is what you want in a good festive film.
  • The Grinch; This is another film which is continuously played yet I’ve never watched until this week. At first I didn’t understand the film but as it went on, it continuously got better and it’s certainly something I’ll watch again. Jim Carey (the grinch himself) plays an absolute blinder of a part, from his facial expressions to his one liners – his personality shines through. He may hate Christmas at first, but let’s be honest who can hate Christmas? Even the grinch loves Christmas in the end.
  • 12 Days Of Giving; A human hero saved so many peoples Christmas’s by buying them Christmas presents with the money he won from a competition. This film really gives you an insight on what’s important during the festive period, giving rather than receiving. This romcom is beautifully made and makes you fall in love with Baxter from the beginning!
  • Mr Christmas; Mr Christmas built an entire business around helping clients find the perfect gifts for their loved ones but this one back fires when he falls in love with his clients partner. This is another beautiful romance which blossoms throughout the film, it’s worth a watch if you love to snuggle down to a romcom.
  • A Song For Christmas; This was actually one of my favourite films i staggered across this year. Two single parents fall in love only to have their romantic spirit dampened when they discover their daughters have a “bitchy” rival at school. Therefore the film is set on the girls putting their differences aside not only for their parents, but for their mental health as it brings joy to them during christmas. This film teaches you a lot, which is why I’d recommend it to everyone.

This is all the amazing films I’ve discovered throughout December this year! Make sure you go give them a watch yourself over coming days, leading up to Christmas as I can promise you these will get you in the festive spirit.

I really hope you liked today’s blogpost, films are certainly something you can enjoy alone or with your family which is something I take great pleasure in. What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Sending you tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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