Fav Online Autumn Clothing Sites! 

Hello lovelies,

Autumn is fast approaching and nothing excites me more than knowing that I can get my autumn wardrobe out as it’s possibly my favourite clothing to wear. Shop’s are beginning to fill their stocks with bugandy’s, burnt oranges, mustards and not forgetting those khaki greens – those autumnal colours which warm the heart.

As the colder days/nights are drawing in its time to put aside our summer clothing, sort out what autumnal clothing we’ve got and what clothes we haven’t got – you have go shopping for… that’s essential isn’t it girls? So I thought I’d share with you today my favourite online shopping sites, where I myself buy my autumn range or just make a huge basket and hope one day I’ll magically have hundreds of pounds to buy my never ending basket of clothing items haha.

Before I start, I thought I’d add in that if you didn’t know already, I’m one of the girls you’d class as “curvy”. I’ve never been the skinniest of girls but in 2013 obviously I fell ill and due to swelling on both my brain & bowel I’m on high doses of steroids which have made me put on nearly 6 stone despite not being able to eat. So each of these sites are perfect for any body shape/size also those in wheelchairs (not every clothing site is, which is so upsetting)! Let’s get on with it;


  • NewLook: I think NewLook have truly upped their game these last couple of years online & Instore. Their autumnal range never lets me down, especially their jumpers – the Colour range is endless as is the range of materials|| http://www.newlook.com/uk/womens?comp=NavigationBar%7CmainNav%7CWomens
  • ASOS: being that this is only online, Asos is one of the best places to find whatever clothing items your looking for. I’m pretty obsessed with this website I won’t lie. I love that they stock so many different brands. || http://www.asos.com/?hrd=1
  • River Island: river has always had colourful/quirky clothes which never fail to inspire me. I love scrolling through their site looking at their tops in particular, as it give me ideas on how to piece clothing items together (I think River Island is good for that). ||  https://www.riverisland.com/
  • InTheStyle.Com: when I saw this done plus sizing I was truly in disbelief as I adore some of the pieces the website sells. The cute t-shirt/jumper dresses and knee high boots gives me that autumnal feel all over. Not only that, if your looking for that perfect outfit for a night out this website will always come through for you.|| https://www.inthestyle.com/
  • Forever 21: this originally was an American store and site but now it’s came over to the UK which is incredible as Forever 21 has some unique outfits which you won’t get elsewhere. || http://www.forever21.com/UK/
  • BooHoo: I only discovered this a year ago when my friend showed me a purchased she’d made and I instantly loved their style. They’ve got a range for everyone and their size guideline is true to size. || http://www.boohoo.com

You can’t beat a cheeky splurge and these online stores are perfect for that! Not only do they have beautiful autumnal clothing, but the cutest of accessories to vamp up any outfit. With scarves, hats and gloves being a must during these colder seasons – each store is really upping their A-game when it comes to colours and styles (which is why I’ve got way to many scarfs…).

So i really hope this blogpost has helped you in one way or another; wether you needed to find somewhere new to shop OR your an obsessive online shopper, I hope you find a online store you love the look of. As there’s nothing better than a browse online… or a little treat from you too you!

Sending you tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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