BLOGMAS, A Time For Giving! 

Hello my loves, 

Today’s blogpost is a bit of a different one, a different vibe all together really but it’s one I wanted to do and I’m very passionate about. 

Christmas is a time for giving, a time for happiness and a time to spend with family but not everyone is lucky enough to experience this, this Christmas. Wether that’s due to homelessness, illness or death, not everyone will have a chance to celebrate the festive period like most of us do which is why I’m doing this post today. 

Having chronic illnesses myself I know what it’s like to be constantly in and out of hospital, I’ve experienced things that most people won’t in a life time and I’ve been in hospital during the festive period. This time two years ago I was rushed into hospital because i had gone into bladder retention and was moments away from kidney failure which meant I spent the majority of the lead up to Christmas in hospital. I remember being gutted that I was in hospital when I should be enjoying all things Christmassy and I remember it being a very dark time for myself & my family. 

The children’s hospital is absolutely amazing at Christmas time, the wards & hospital itsself is filled with beautiful decorations and it’s such a lovely atmosphere despite it being hard time for families. 

A lot of people around Christmas time donate to the children’s hospitals so everyone within it gets a special treat. If you’d like to donate to your local children’s hospital, you can go to the hospitals main charity to donate or actually go to the hospital and donate directly to the play leaders or ward sisters who can go through the gifts you’ve donated and give them out to those within the wards.

The children’s hospital ranges from newborns to 18 year olds! So anything given is hugely appreciate and your generosity means the world.  

Ideas for presents:
DVD players, DVD’s, computer games, any kind of gadget, adult colouring books, smellies, blankets, pillows, nail polishes/care, toys, clothing (bibs, vests, pjs, dressing gowns, onesies etc), fluffy socks and any kind of essentials would be so amazing for a young child/teenager to receive during a hard time. Something for them to do/have whilst being bed bound!

Imagine being homeless… It’s hard isn’t it! I know myself that I could never imagine being homeless anytime of year let alone during the cold, rainy nights of winter and Christmas. Its heartbreaking to see and I know it must be 10x worse for those during the festive season. 

Everyone deserves happiness at Christmas which is why I wanted to say that there’s a charity called “Crisis” which provide companionship and support to help loneliness, isolation and help people take their first steps out of homelessness. They give individual help to those who need it and have centres all around the world!

By donating to Crisis at Christmas (or any time of the year for that matter) they offer warm showers, a freshen up, clean clothes, three nutritious hot meals including Christmas dinner, health checks, treatment from a doctor and a chance to receive all year round services to help move on from the streets.

Donation information/Amount: 

1 place: £22.32 

2 places: £44.64

5 places: £111.60

10 places: £223.20

20 places: £446.40

Every penny will help someone in need this Christmas. Imagine having no family, no home or no where to turn? It’s heartbreaking which is why Crisis is so important to donate to. 

For more information and details on how to donate, go check out their website it’s:

Did You Know? 

at Christmas time the percentage of people who become homeless increases by 20%. 

Unfortunately as I’ve mentioned above, illness do not stop at Christmas and unfortunately for some this may be their last which is an unimaginable feeling. Being classed as “terminal” or “incurable” is a heartbreaking situation which is why there are so many amazing hospices out there to help, support and guide these patients in a positive direction despite the darkness within their lives. 

These hospices don’t just help the one who fighting, it also supports the families which is why it’s so important that these hospices are able to maintain this critical care. They offer visits, stay overs and residential care to those who need it. By donating £5 or more you can help a patient and their family during a unbareable time.

I’ve listed a few charities which are either hospices for adults or children with progressive, life-limiting or threatening illnesses below:

  • Martlets:
  • Chest Nut Tree House:
  • St Barnabas:
  • Together For Short Lives:
  • Shooting Star:

Or you could visit Hospice UK which will provide you with information and confrontations to find the perfect hospice for you or your loved one:

As the Christmas period is upon us we think of those we have lost, the ones we love who unfortunately didn’t make it to this Christmas and we think of those who are grieving for their loved ones too. It’s a time when we remember all the things they’d love to have opened as a present on Christmas Day and it’s a daunting time. 

I always think of all those people who don’t have their family around them this year as they have sadly passed away, i think of how their dealing with this time of year and how lonely they must feel which is why I wanted to add about donating to bereavement charities this Christmas as they help those who are longing for their loved one to be beside them Christmas Day. 

Having someone to talk to is so important, our loved ones wouldn’t want us to be sad during the most festive time of the year which is why councilling is so helpful to release these emotions. 

I’ve listed a couple of charities which I know do some incredible work with parents, partners, children and family members to help them through the heartache their feeling: 

  • Winstons Wish:
  • Grief Encounter:
  • Cruse:
  • Care For The Family:

The rise in depression/suicide during Christmas increases more and more every year, mental illnesses don’t stop at the festive period and the unbareable pain these people must feel is heartbreaking. 

But having someone to talk to can really help those in need this time of year and having a quick & easy number to dial when you feel like your at wits end is so important which is why I wanted to include an amazing charity called “Smaritans” who are there to listen when your ready to talk. 

You don’t have to give your name, address or any personal information. They are there Day and night to listen, talk you through whatever’s troubling you, find answers which are right for you and offer kind of support they can. 

To talk to the Smaritans contact: 

Phone Number: 116 123 (this number is free to call) 


Please go check out their website and donate to help those in need. Imagine if it was you or your loved one feeling so much hurt, especially at the happiest time of the year:

All of these charities I’ve listed above and plenty of other amazing charities are incredible all year round but the Christmas period is one of the hardest times of years for a lot of people. Grieving, homeless or very ill these people deserve to encounter the festive period the way others do which is why donating to the charities is so important. 

Giving is widely appreciate by all and unless you’ve ever been in one of these situations you’ll never understand the true pain you go through but your donations really do help. Everyone is so grateful for your money given.

Christmas is a time for all to enjoy! 

I hope your all as well as can be. 

Sending tons of love as always,

Elle xo 

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  1. December 13, 2016 / 8:32 pm

    What a lovely post! People do tend to get wrapped up in the material side of Christmas and you’ve highlighted what it truly is a time for. Giving! Xxx

    • January 2, 2017 / 2:47 am

      Thank you so much lovely! My life was turned upside down due to my illnesses but it did teach me such valuable lessons. One being: never take things for granted. And two being: always give to others who need it especially around Christmas time. The slightest bit helps, that’s what I always say xxxxx

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