BLOGMAS, Christmas LUSH Haul! 

Hello my loves, 

If your a massive fan of bath bombs, soaps and things to make your bath smell & look amazing like myself, your going to love the post I have for you today as its a Christmas LUSH haul.

A few weeks ago LUSH announced their Christmas range for 2016 and honestly the products had me from the moment I laid eyes on them. I’ve seen this range advertised everywhere over their social media accounts which got me incredibly excited to go into my local store and pick out my favourites to show you guys today. 

I have to say this is my favourite range so far as not only are all the bath bomb extra cute at Christmas time but the smells are undoubtly the best yet! Each of the bath bombs throughout this range are made perfectly to grab your eye, you can’t help but want to buy each and every product in the Christmas range. This range has a variety of smells which range from the sweetest candy floss to the spice of a Mince pie, it’s a range which has a smell for everyone. 

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a nice warm bath during the winter to get yourself warmed up? If your anything like me, you’ll love it so adding a LUSH product to make your bath a range of amazing colours and hotbox your bathroom with the smell of Christmas just adds that extra bit of excitement to it. 

Firstly, my mum brought me “Festive Friends” which is part of the Christmas gift range! This is actually a Christmas present so I didn’t open the box as I can save that excitement until Christmas Day but I do know what this beautifully packaged box contains which I’ll list below for you. This box is completely vegan friendly so is a perfect gift for anyone. This box is £12.95 and contains 3 full size products which are: 

– “Father Christmas” which is a bath bomb as sweet as santa! This product has the most amazing Father Christmas carving on it which is unbelievably cute. Father Christmas smells exactly like freshly spun candy floss (I also think it smells like fresh out the packet bubblegum) it’s the most amazing smell but I do believe it won’t be a smell for everybody because as you can imagine it’s very sweet. 

– “ButterBear” which is a cocoa butter bear hugs bath bomb! This product is a cute bear/polar bear shaped which you can pop into the water to infuse your bath with warm perfume fragrances of cocoa powder and calming yland ylang to help you relax whilst this product softens the skin. 

– “The Christmas Penguin” which is a bubble bar bird bath! This product is a heart melting penguin shape which grabs your eye straight away. When you crumble this little one under your tap your sure to get incredible foam soar out and make your bath have blue and white bubble mountains. This bubble bath contains Sicilian lemon and mandarin oils to give your bath a citrussy boost. This product when sold alone is £3.95. 

After we checked out the gift range we went over to the bath bomb section where I went a little crazy I won’t lie. I brought some intrividual bath bombs to give out as presents because who doesn’t want to indulge in LUSH products at Christmas? Or anytime of the year for that matter, I know I certainly love too. These are the perfect gifts to buy for friends I think so I brought a few more which are: 

“Father Christmas” which is one I’ve already mentioned above but this one is for a friend. To buy these alone they are £3.75. 

“ButterBear” which is also another one which I’ve mentioned above. To buy this one alone it’s £1.95. 

“Luxury Lush Pud” this is so lovely! This product is shaped like a Christmas pudding but with an extra dazzle of colour and pocodots. The luxury lush pud has a beautiful dessert scent and relaxing lavender to help you slide into the bath to overcome the stress of the day. The relaxing lavender helps to relax the mind which means once your out the bath you can drift off into a deep sleep which is absolutely amazing so I’d certainly say this is a before bed bath bomb! This turns your bath the most amazing array of colours too, very tumblr. This bath bomb is £4.25. 

“Mistletoe” because it’s the time of year where love is in the air for most people. Pop this straight into your bath and be filled with romance as jasmine and sultry vetivert fill your bath. This mistletoe bath bomb fills your bath with layers of floral colours and a nostalgic fairy tale fragrance surrounds you. This is a bath bomb sure to sweet you off your feet! This is £4.25. 

“Magic Wand” this is one of my personal faves – the smell, the design and the cuteness overload, it’s all too much! Magic wand is a resusable bubble bar which you can wave around in your bath to create clouds of candy floss bubbles and this continues every time you use it. All you have to do is pop your magic wand onto a clean surface and let it dry! Amazing right? Snow fairies and lush lovers of all ages love swishing this around, the smell of bubblegum/freshly spun candy floss fills the air. It genuinely smells good enough to eat! This magic wand is £5.95. 

“Snow Angel” this is one which is beautiful but the glitter covers you! Snow angel is a bath melt which dissolves into a flurry of snow to create a blanket in your bath of white foam whilst revealing a shimmering golden glow. This product is ultra moisturising for the skin as it contains fair trade cocoa butter which is always a bonus if you ask me. With a marzipan scent and oodles of rose, benzoin and Cassie this is an absolute winter treat for the skin on the days you feel cold and dry. This bath melt is £4.25. 

“Golden Wonder” is a present for all. Golden wonder is a bath bomb which is a delight when it comes with sweet orange and lime oil to make the bath smell Devine. This product is a surprise as it unwraps in the bath a mixture of colour pours out filling the bath which enventually turns turquoise with a golden shimmer running through. Golden wonder leaves the skin feeling silky and soothed, incredibly beautiful. Golden wonder is £4.25. 

“Candy Mountain” is every girls dream. Crumble this swirled pink mountain bubble bar under the tap and the wonderful smell of vanilla sweetness fills the air. Once your in the bath embrace the shimmering ridges of bubbles and comforting candy mist which will fill you with happiness for days. This bubble bar is £2.95. 

“Northern Lights” you’re guaranteed a coloured sighting. Northern lights brings the beauty of the night sky into your own bath, as the bath bomb shoots out colours of blue, yellow, purple and pink which swirl around your water in overwhelmingly ways. Cherry ylang ylang and sensual jasmine fills the air to light up your spirits for whatever’s next. Northern lights is £3.95. 

“Snow Fairy” is the most beautiful smelling product LUSH have ever done in my opinion. I brought now fairy in shower gel form for £7.95 and I honestly couldn’t be happier. With the incredible smell of candy floss and bubble gum breeze this is bound to put you at ease. Yes this in the shower or bath, morning, noon or night to be filled with comfort, smelling nice for days and share with friends. A M A Z I N G! 

And that’s my LUSH Christmas haul for you guys! I’d highly recommend checking out all these products as well as all the other amazing products LUSH are selling right now for Christmas. Each and everyone has there own unique smell, colouring and features which I love, leaving you very spoilt for choice. If you can’t go into one of their stores, check them out online at: – they’ve got every detail you’d ever need to find products perfect for you.

I really hope you enjoyed today’s blogpost, let me know what your favourite lush products are! 

Sending you tons of love as always, 

Elle xo 

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  1. December 12, 2016 / 9:03 pm

    ButterBear and Snow Fairy sounds fab! I should really wish for something like that for christmas 🎄

    • January 2, 2017 / 2:43 am

      I honestly love them both so much! The smells they both produce are undoubtedly some of the best I’ve come across. I’d defiantly recommend all the ones in this blogpost, so good!xxxx

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