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the Christmas period is the one time of year when you want to spend quality time with your friends and family to celebrate the festive season. It’s the time of year when you want to do things which will create special memories for life, the kind of memories you can reminisce on throughout the following years to make you smile. 

Although, sometimes it can be very hard to choose things to do which are family friendly and fun for all ages which is why I’ve come up with a list of amazing thing to do during the festive season. 
FYI: some of these photos have been taken from google images & some are my own!

  • Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London! oh my goodness this place magical. I remember getting to the entrance and being blown away by how beautiful Winter Wonderland is. It’s completely free to get into, is completely wheelchair/disabled friendly, is filled to the brim with amazing things to do for all ages, has festive markets and is decorated like what I can only imagine the north pole looks like. There’s rides, games, market shops, food stalls, ice skating (which is also disabled friendly, yes you heard right DISABLED FRIENDLY. People in wheelchairs can go on the ice but you have to book in advance), the ice kingdom for adults who love a cheeky drink, bars upon bars and everything Christmassy related. It’s everything you could wish for an more! This is honestly the most amazing day out, I’ll admit – the weekends are madness but Christmas is all about the buzz, right? If your a Christmas lover, this is a place you NEED to visit, you won’t regret it I promise. 

  • Ice Skating. This is something for everyone to do and is one of the funniest few hours ever! Plus, family members can’t get out of going on the ice due to “not being able to skate” as every ice rink has little penguins you can skate with to keep you balanced. I genuinely think this is an amazing way to spend quality time with loved ones and make amazing memories. Who doesn’t love watching someone fall on the ice, it’s an added laugh isn’t it?! 


  • Christmas Markets. My happy place! I’ll admit, Christmas markets are defiantly something which varies with ages. Some are filled with things for the younger ones to do whereas others are genuinely structured around teens/adults. Its certainly something you’d have to research before going but if you get a chance to, go to one. Who doesn’t love being surround by everything Christmassy? the smell of the meat cooking in a oven, the incredible Christmas decor, the Christmas classics playing softly in the background or the Christmas carollers singing songs which bring so much joy, the stalls filled with waffles smothered in maple syrup or stacks of pancakes dribbled with chocolate source which will send you into a food comar just looking at them, the smell of the hot chocolates topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, the Christmas grottos which are surrounded by the sounds of children’s laughter whilst being spoken to by elfs and stalls which go on forever filled with everything you could want and more. The whole vibe of a Christmas markets is so excitable, I’d highly recommend doing this. 

  • Pantomimes. There are honestly so many amazing pantomimes about during the festive period, perfect for families. I always went to these as a child and they never failed to have me in fits of laughter at times and moments of shock at others. I know a lot of teens will be reluctant to going but there’s pantomimes for all ages – wether it’s children, teens or adults. There’s a pantomime out there to suit everyone. A really good way to make memories – I remember the majority of pantos I’ve been to in my time and I’ve never seen a bad one or been disappointed! 

  • Lapland. Now I’ve never personally been to Lapland but I wish more than anything I had. I’m a little to old now and I don’t have the excuse of a younger sibling as I’m an only child… *secretly gutted* haha. But on a serious note, this is a memory which your children will never ever forget. From what I can gather it’s truly a place were dreams become reality – it’s magical. Your whole day is jam packed with fun activities like: meeting Santa and his team, being surrounded by snow, presents, reindeer rides and so much more. It’s every child’s dream for sure. Need I say more…

  • Garden Centres. I’ve spoke about garden centres so much during blogmas I must looked obsessed but they are just amazing at Christmas time. You cannot beat walking into a garden centre and it being filled to the brim with decorations which could make your home a real life grotto. But I also mentioned this as a lot of garden centres this time of year have Santa & his grotto and a meet with the reindeers. I know the garden centre I go to which is Ditchling Garden Centre, England has two beautiful reindeers you can meet, stroke and feed which I know for a fact the younger ones love. I have no shame in saying I want a pet reindeer, they are SO cute and so grumpy looking. I wouldn’t say you can make tons of memories in a garden centre really but it’s the little things at Christmas time which count. 

  • Christmas Carol Services. I’ve gone to a Christmas carol service with all my family every year since I was born and still to this day we all enjoy it. There’s something about joining together on Christmas Eve, singing carols with the ones you love which becomes ingraved in your memory forever. Yet again, this isn’t for everyone but I genuinely think it’s something worth doing with all ages. There’s usually a nativity play that the younger ones can join in with, a carol service and in our church we use to do find baby Jesus which was rather competitive considering we’re in a church but hilarious too. 

  • Festive Lights. Going round as a family looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights your city has to offer is something I’d highly recommend to do. It’s something I really enjoyed doing and something which will always stay in my mind. It’s a nice way to spend quality time together whilst looking at the magical lights which surround all the houses. Plus, it’s a good opportunity for a cheeky Instagram picture for the teenagers, there’s always a bonus in every situation my lovelies! Some people go to town with their Christmas lights which is something you shouldn’t miss out on, its absolutely amazing what people can do and I know for a fact some people put on a proper light show which is so lovely to watch as a family. Huddling in together looking at lights is a picture which never gets old. 


  • Ginger Bread Houses. Now this is a strange one to add in but it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time together as a family. It’s fun, a little stressful but a classic festive activity. Ginger bread houses can sometimes be a bit of a task which is why you need everyone to muck in and help. who doesn’t love a memory which is created through a task that ends with a beautiful result. Or a result which has flown out the window hahaha. Either way it’s a lovely thing to do and look back on.

If you were struggling to know what to do with your family during the festive season, I really hope this helped in some way. The things I’ve listed above are memory makers for sure! Festive fun is what everyone should have during Christmas, it’s a time for happiness and joy – everyone deserves to feel that. 

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and are all as well as can be. 

Sending tons of love as always,

Elle xo 

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