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Hello lovelies,

Buying gifts at Christmas can go one of two ways, it’s either terribly stressful and you hate it or it can be a really enjoyable experience that you love. I personally am a bit of both, I get really stressed out finding the perfect present for a loved one yet I enjoy the whole process and thrive off it! 

Now being a teenage girl myself, I know that buying presents for girls can be extremely difficult and stressful at times. But one thing I do know is, is it’s the little things us girls love more than anything. 

Us girls don’t want big presents, we like presents that we know you got because you know we wanted it rather than something that you brought for the sake of it. Thoughtful gifts are what we love most and appreciate. 

So if your wanting to buy a nice thoughtful present this year for a loved one then I think these two shops are absolutely perfect for it; 

  • “Not On The Highstreet” –
  • “Pandora” –

Ive also put together a list of gifts which I know the majority of teenage girls will love and hopefully these can help you in some way! So here we go; 

Firstly, I thought I’d start with fragrance because let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t love smell good? Superdrug have the most amazing offers that you cannot turn your back on. 

  • Ghost Deep Night Eau De Toilette 50ml Mega Set which is only £30.00! 

This amazing gift set includes: GHOST Deep Night 50ml EDT & Ghost Eclipse10ml EDT, Eclipse 50ml Shimmer Gel, 2 Nail Polish 2 Lip Crayon and Cosmetic Bag. This I personally thought would be such a lovely gift for a teenage girl, includes some amazing products & fragrances and I know many people would love this.

  • Victoria Secrets Love Spell Gift Set which is only £12.00! 

this Victoria Secrets gift set includes: Love Spell Body Mist 125ml, Love Spell Body Lotion 60ml, Love Spell Body Wash 60ml & a loofah. How amazing is this? Victoria Secrets over the last year has become one of the biggest selling stores world wide, everyone absolutely loves there items/products they sell and when I saw this deal I know it had to go in my gift guide. This will be a huge hit with any girl for sure!

  • Finally for fragrances I couldn’t help but add – Impulse 5 Piece Body Spray Exclusive Gift Set which is currently only £5! 

How couldn’t I add this to the list as let’s be honest who doesn’t need impulse sprays to chuck in their bag for a cheeky top up throughout the day. I literally have every impulse spray in their collection as I love it. 5 for £5 is a deal you cannot beat really!

  • – Fruity 18 Piece Shower & Bath Gift Set £12.00

Next I wanted to add in a bath set as let’s be honest, that’s a classic Christmas present for any teenager/adult. Having a bath filled with beautiful smelling soaps is just what you want all year round but especially during Christmas time. There’s nothing better than using new bath products!

  • – Coco-Cola Santa Classic Tin Box – 6 x Balms which is £9.99

I know myself I absolutely love lip balms and the fact they do them in fizzy drink flavours is just amazing. Every girl needs a lip balm, well multiple of them actually so this would be the perfect and very handy gift!

  • – Zoella Pamper Hamper – £45.00 

Now this is a little on the pricey side but personally I think it’s totally worth it as it includes:  Gingerbread and warm vanilla body cream. Lightly whipped to perfection and enriched with extracts of nourishing shea butter and Vitamin E. Spicy gingerbread and warm vanilla shower glaze. Bath fizzer and sprinkle. Gingerbread and Warm Vanilla hand cream & Spicy Gingerbread and Warm Vanilla bath crystals. A Christmas dream, no more needs to be said!

  • – Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eye Shadow Collection £8.00

This is the ultimate eyeshadow dream! Over 100 shimmering eye shadows to make your eyes pop is exactly what a girl loves at Christmas time. With every colour imaginable you just cannot go wrong in buying a makeup obsessed teenage girl this!

  • – Makeup Revolution Iconic Nudes Brush Collection £20.00

If you couldn’t tell already, makeup revolution have absolutely smashed the Christmas range this year and there’s no two ways about it, every girl needs makeup brushes! Wether your  blessed with makeup or just do the basic day to day makeup, brushes are an amazing gift. These are such amazing quality and for £20 you really cannot go wrong!

  • – JML Simply Straight Heated Hair Straightening Brush – £39.99 

This is probably the best invention in the world for a teenage girl or any age actually! This is the easiest way to a girls heart is through straight hair, only joking but this would be an amazing gift. I cannot believe how quickly this straightens your hair, amazing for if your running late for school, college or work.

  • – Club L Night Mermaid Blanket £32.99

Now this may seem a lot for a blanket but these have taken over the world I swear. These are the most beautiful blankets, fluffy, warm and who doesn’t want a mermaid tail? Every girl since the days of H2O wants to be a magical mermaid and this is the perfect blanket for it. It’s suitable for any height and this isn’t just for girls in all fairness, boys can have this too. This is literally magical!

  • – New look Glitter Contrast Unicorn Slippers £14.99

Along with the mermaid blanket these are the second most magical presents haha! Who wouldn’t love these glitter unicorn slippers? Everyone in life needs warm toes and this is the way to do it. They cover the whole of your feet and are literally beautiful. The perfect magical gift is the way forward.

  • – Paperchase Mermaid Set of 2 A5 Exercise Books £5.00

Everyone needs a set of notebooks in life, whatever age & gender everyone needs notebooks and honestly these are perfect size. Mermaid notebooks of course because what girl doesn’t need these in their life haha. I just thought these were so cute and such amazing price Iswell!

  • – Step By Step Baking £9.99 

Me being me I absolutely love baking so this will be the most amazing gift for someone whose interested in starting to bake or already is a pro. This has lots of step by step instructions to make delicious foods for yourself and the ones you love throughout the year.

  • – Cadburys Medium Selection Box – £2.00

And finally, the perfect way to a girls heart (literally) is by buying her chcocolate. So I thought I’d add a cadburys selection box to the mix as it’s tradition in my family to have one of these.

And that’s it for today’s post, I really hope this helped you in some way wether it gave you ideas on what to buy or ideas on what shops to buy from. Each of these presents are so lovely in their own way and certainly good for teenage girls.

I hope your enjoying BLOGMAS so far, cannot wait for you to see the posts over the next couple of weeks ekkk! 

Sending all my love as always, 

Elle xo

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  1. December 6, 2016 / 9:01 pm

    Love this gift guide! Not on the highstreet is one of my favourite online stores, everything has such a personal feel xx

    • January 2, 2017 / 2:37 am

      Thank you so much sweet! Ahhh I love not on the high street, by far one of the best places to buy presents I think. I totally agree with you – the personal touch is what makes it such a special present to give someone or a gift to receive xxxx

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