BLOGMAS, The Lead Up To Christmas! 

Hello my lovelies, 

If you haven’t seen on my social media accounts already, this year I decided I’m going to partake in “BLOGMAS!” If you don’t know what Blogmas is, it’s where I upload a blogpost everyday starting from today which leads right up until Christmas Eve. As you probably would have gathered by now, all the blogposts will be about/related to Christmas and everything I love about it! I genuinely couldn’t be more excited to be doing my first blogmas and I really hope you enjoy these blogposts as I’ve worked extremely hard at them. (and hopefully I don’t get on your nerves to much haha). 

Anyway, today’s blogpost is all about the things I love about this month and the days leading to Christmas! 

The Christmas period is my favourite time of year for sure, I love everything about it. it’s the one time of year were pretty much everyone is happy, sharing the love to all and just embracing the festive spirits. 

What do I love personally about the build up? 

– Firstly, has to be the garden centres. Who doesn’t love walking (well wheeling for me haha) around a garden centre when it’s filled to the brim with everything you could possibly need to make your home a real life Santa’s grotto. I love the fact that the Christmas decorations come out in October so we have three months in total to continuously search for the perfect Christmas tree / decorations. The two main garden centres I absolutely love to go to are – Hassock’s and Ditchling. Each year without fail we will continue to go back and forth these places getting inspiration, buying decorations and just spending our time staring at the most beautiful ball balls you’ve ever seen. Their Christmas layouts are all equally as beautiful as each other which is why I have no choice but to take my camera with us to capture the beauty of each setting. I’d highly recommend going to your closet garden centre and getting yourself into the festive spirit, you won’t regret it – I promise! 

– The Christmas food plays a huge part in the lead up to Christmas! the smell of the mince pies cooking, the turkey crisping in the oven and the Christmas chocolate boxes surrounding you as you relax after your day. There’s not one person I don’t know who doesn’t love the Christmas period just for the food, it’s the best time of the year for food for sure. 

– Of course I had to mention the makeup. I mean come on, I wouldn’t be a good beauty blogger if I didn’t. The makeup at Christmas time is always much more fun, that’s when you can proper whack out the glitters and smother yourself in them. The berry tones are what do it for me during the festive period; the thought of a glitter eye at a Christmas party with a popping red lip just sounds amazing! I cannot wait to start creating my Christmas looks ekkk. 

– Next has to be seeing the cities covered in the most beautiful decorations and lights. Nothing can beat that breath taking experience when you see a house glowing from within. Every year as a child, my dad without fail would drive me around the estates so we could look at the beautiful outside Christmas Decorations on the houses. There’s no denying I enjoyed every moment of it. There was this one house which will always be engraved in my memory forever – in their garden they’d set up a nativity scene to help raise money for charities during the Christmas period. It was the most amazing nativity scene and completely outdone any house I’d seen before! 

I adore seeing the city decked out for Christmas, it’s what makes the festive period that one bit better. 

– The Christmas songs, adverts and movies, who doesn’t love them? If anything will get your heart pumping for Christmas, it’s the songs, adverts and movies. My heart jumps out my chest when the Coca Cola advert makes its first appearance on our screens alongside the John Lewis advert, Sainsbury’s advert, M&S advert etc. the lead up to Christmas is really beginning when these make their way to our Tv’s. I love that every year we compare each advert and pick out our favourites, mine this year is the M&S advert with Mrs Clause – I think it shows true girl power! Let me know below what your favourite is this year? I also love the feeling you get when the first Christmas song is played on the radio and the Christmas movie channel makes it way back onto the TV guide. That’s when you know Christmas is creeping up! 

– Then has to be the cold nights spent in with family – snuggled in warm blankets, the heating blaring, the fluffy socks at the ready and a classic Christmas film playing. This is a feeling nothing can beat. I’d happily take spending time like this with family over going out drinking till god knows when anyday. I know I’m old before my time but when your as poorly as I am that’s what happens! I’m 18 going on 80 and I don’t even care hahahah. 
And finally one of my favourite things about the lead up to Christmas is seeing the sparkle in the kids eyes as the excitement bursts out they’re bodies waiting to meet Father Christmas. It’s the cutest thing and I love seeing it. I love seeing their faces light up as the elfs come to collect them to go into the grotto where their dreams begin to become reality. I think this is a feeling most people love to feel wether it’s a younger family member whose eyes are sparkling or your own child. It’s the sweetest thing!

Nothing can beat the lead up to Christmas and the month of December in general. It truly is one of a kind and I’m getting shivers writing this post were my excitement is beginning to build up. Yes I’m 18, but your never to old for Christmas! 

I really hope you enjoyed my first blogmas post and your ready for 23 more Christmassy blogposts which are coming your way. 

 I hope your all as well as can be.

Sending tons of love to you as always, 

Elle xo 

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    • January 2, 2017 / 2:21 am

      thank you so much! the garden centres are all so pretty and festive at christmas time, it’s so hard to say no to buying it all isn’t it:( I’ll go check your blog out now. Happy new year lovely!xxxx

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