Instant Effects – On The Lash Challenge 

Hello my loves,

Have you ever looked at your eyelashes and wished they was longer? more curled? thicker? I think we can say we all have at some point in our lives. well I personally think I’ve found the perfect product which does all of them in just two weeks, hard to believe I know but it’s honestly the truth. I’ve witnessed this for myself! 

My eyelashes are one of the only things on my body I actually like but I’ll do anything to make them look healthier and elongate them as I’ll be honest, I’ve got tiny eyes so my eyelashes can really help make them larger with and without mascara. 

After my instant effects – instant lip post, instant effects got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to be part of another one of their challenges, and without a doubt i said YES because I fell in love with my first product from them. I just knew I’d fall in love all over again. I fully trust Instant Effects products and would recommend them to anyone as I myself have noticed such a difference to my lips & lashes since using their products and I couldn’t be happier. 

What can you expect from Instant Lash? 
Well if you use for 14 consecutive days there is an average increase in thickness of the hair shaft of 40% along with an average increase of 20% in length which to me is perfect! 

About Instant Lash; 
– The independent clinical trials show an average in excess of 20% thickening of the hair shaft in 2 minutes. 
– Instant lash works on both the lashes and the brows (extra bonus!). If the brow line is extremely thin and you wish to grow fuller and thicker brow line then as long as the brow bulb is intact this can be achieved. 
– This product is best at night. 
– If the product is used close timing of mascara application them allow at least 5 minutes and wipe away any excess fluid. 

How amazing is that? Although I will add, because we have very strong self imagery, you might not necessarily see the difference therefore I would recommend you take a before and after photos like I have above as this will show the full effect. 

I couldn’t believe the difference. I seriously couldn’t be happier with the results. 

Did you catch my blogpost on the Instant Effects – Instant Lip? If not the link is here; – make sure you check this one out too if your interested, absolutely obsessed! 

If you’d like more details on the product, the company, read other reviews or just have a look the website is:

or go visit their Instagram which is: 


I really hope you liked today’s post, Instant Effects are an amazing brand who I’d highly recommend you try out!

Sending tons of love to you all as always, 

Elle xo 



  1. November 27, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    Ohh I have been searching for something like this! Will check this out ! Thanks love, great post. Xx

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