13 Days Of Halloween, Halloween Decor! 

Hello my lovelies, how are you? 

As a child each year my mum would cover the front room in Halloween decorations, despite the fact we never actually done a Halloween party. My mum always made the front room look amazing and every year I looked forward to Halloween just to see our house and every other house along our street where I grew up decorated all spooky. 

As I grew older I obviously got to old to have the decorations so we stopped but this year seen as I’m doing the 13 Days Of Halloween both myself and my mum have decided to decorated one little part of our front room which we were both looking forward too. 

We’ve been collecting items for the Halloween decor for a little over a month now, we’ve searched high and low for the best items to put in place for a spooky back drop and we certainly found some. 

I won’t be able to link the items for you but I’ll be sure to write exactly what two shops I brought them from etc for you! 

Firstly, let’s start with Home Sense, honestly it’s like Halloween heaven in there. The whole of the ground floor was covered in Halloween Decor and Autumnal Decor and the first floor is full of Halloween Party Decor and Halloween Baking Items, one thing I’ll say about the range is that it sold so quickly as all the items were such amazing prices. The items sold there are very pretty Iswell, they look expensive and very hard wearing which is always a bonus as it’ll save for a good few years. Anyway, from Home Sense I brought: 

  • Firstly, I brought a “Light Up Pumpkin” which is the cutest decoration to have and personally I think it can be used all through autumn as well as Halloween as it’s very basic but so effective. This product is for indoor use only! This was £5. 
  • Then I got a “Moonlight Manor” which is this beautiful, black candle that has silver glittery spiders drooping down on it. It’s quite a large candle considering it’s only £5.99 it’s a bargain which I couldn’t ignore! 
  • Also brought a “Sitting Witch” which is this beautiful but a little bit creepy green faced witch, it’s very colourful which defiantly made it stand out to me and it’s cape is covered in pink glitter! It’s got material legs which means you can sit in anywhere and in any position and it’s likely to stay. This witch is 30cm tall and was priced only £4.99. 
  • A sign which says “Happy Halloween”, I honestly fell in love when I saw it. It’s covered in green, orange and purple glitter. It’s bold which I loved and such a nice size – 33.5 x 16cm, perfect to fit anywhere. This was 2.99!
  • I also brought three metal ornaments which are shaped as; a black cat wearing a orange witches hat (so cute!), a white skull which has pieces cut out of it to make its eyes, nose etc and black painted features and a orange pumpkin which has black features. These were £1.50 each and I couldn’t resist.
  • Then I got “Riegelein Confiserie” which is a Halloween box filled with all sorts of different milk chocolates shaped in all different Halloween ways. It’s filled with spiders, witches, vampires, pumpkins etc. It’s a 238g box which was only £4.99, I thought this was a really good deal considering the quality and quantity of the box of chocolates. 
  •  Finally, I brought a container filled with dough cutters which I honestly couldn’t have been more shocked. This container was filled with 25 Halloween shaped cutters and was only £5.99. How could I not buy these?! 

Next, we brought a hell of a lot of decorations from the 99p store on North Street, Brighton and honestly they’re range was incredible. They had three isles filled with amazing quality Halloween decor which I do believe me and my mum possibly brought most of it as it was just so hard to resist. So, I brought; 

  • Firstly I got a “Spider Web With 12 Spiders” which is your typical Halloween decor item isn’t it! I just thought this would look amazing as a background! 
  • Then I brought a “Large Inflatable Skeleton” which is 66 x 30cm (26 x 12 inches), I saw it and had to have it. I saw it blown up and it was just the cutest decoration, I couldn’t help myself. 
  • I brought a “Wipe Clean Tablecloth” that is 138cm x 183 cm approximately. It’s a black cloth covered in Halloween figures such as a ghost, a vampire, Frankenstein, cobwebs, bats etc. I thought it would look amazing as part of my arrangement. 
  • I also got some “Black & White Paper Lanterns” which I thought would look amazing once lit. There’s one black paper lantern with has a white Mexican day of the dead skull printed on it which actually looks beautiful and a white paper lantern with has black stripes going across it. 
  • I brought some “Character Lights” which is an eight pack. The lights are covered in the cutest witch characters and I just believe they will look amazing once lit surrounded by all the Halloween decor. 
  • I then alongside the “Spider Web With 12 Spiders” brought a “Glow In a the Dark Spiderweb”. I thought they’d both look amazing together. 
  • I brought a “Halloween Glitter Banner” that’s 6ft long and 100% paper. I thought this was so well decorated. It’s black and white which makes it stand out and looks so pretty. 
  • I also brought these ” Spooky Glow Bat Pendant” which honestly is a bit of a weird buy. It’s only a small decoration which is three bats attached to a glow stick but I expect they look so good once it’s all dark. 
  • I brought some “Halloween Timsel” as let’s be honest, tinsel should be around every day as it’s just so pretty. This tinsel is 4 metres long, it’s this really lovely silver and black tinsel with white plastic skulls hanging from it. 
  • These last two have to be my favourite buys, the first one is a “Halloween Light Up Ghost” which is the cutest thing ever. It lights up bright red and is this beautiful white ghost with black features. 
  • Then the last one is a “Halloween Light Up Spider” which is a bright green spider shaped ornament that also lights up bright red. It has black features with bright white teeth. This one is a little creepier I’d say but so cute!

I also brought some Halloween makeup which I just thought I’d say about. I brought two black and white paint kits from the 99p store but the amazing Halloween makeup bits I’ve found are actually from primark, they’ve got everything you’ll need makeup wise (face paints, skull face gems, masks etc) and I was so impressed with the quality. I was shocked when walking into primark and seeing the items I brought as I never knew they’d do Halloween bits like makeup. I’d highly recommend checking it out before Monday! 

I really hope you enjoyed my Halloween Decoration Haul. I may have gone a little over board but that’s what festivities are all about. If you get a chance, certainly go check out these couple of shops for some amazing decorations. They are amazing quality and will certainly last you a few years. 

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to decorate with them as I haven’t had the time but I promise as soon as it’s done I’ll upload photos for you all. 

I hope your enjoying the #13DaysOfHalloween!

Sending tons of love to you all as always, 

Elle xo



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