13 Days Of Halloween, LUSH Haul! 

Hello my loves, 

If your a massive fan of bath bombs, soaps and things to make your bath smell & look amazing your going to love the post I have for you today as its a massive LUSH haul! 

Last month (September 23rd to be precise) LUSH brought out their Autumn and Halloween range and I couldn’t have been more excited. I’d seen it advertised everywhere on their social media and I also saw online that LUSH had thrown an event with some of the very well known youtubers & bloggers which allowed them into the store early letting them see the brand new range before anyone else. This meant we viewers got a sneak preview of the range early and I was just obsessed from the start. I’d say this is by far LUSH’s best range they’ve done and watching, reading and listening to people talking about the new range had me on the edge of my seat. The wait honestly felt like it went on forever. 

I personally was counting down the days as i knew I had to get my hands on some before they sold out. So I actually went down to my local LUSH store and brought the majority of the range the day after it was released. 

my word these bath bombs are some of the cutest I’ve ever seen, so cute to the point I’m 50/50 on wether or not I actually want to use them haha! The new range has a variety of different smells from the fresh to the spicy which I thought was a perfect mix and means there’s certainly a smell for everyone. 

So firstly I brought “Pumpkin” which is part of the LUSH Halloween gift range, this is also completely Vegan. It cost £20.95 to buy and inside is 4 full size products which include; 

– “Sparkly Pumpkin” which is a bubble bar, the product itself is orange but it’s covered in beautiful gold glitter which I absolutely love. Sparkly Pumpkin has a very spicy smell, just enough to keep the monsters at bay according to LUSH’s wording, buying this alone would cost £3.95.

– “Pumpkin” which is a pale orange, pumpkin faced bath bomb. my god it’s so cute. Pumpkin also has a very spicy smell about it but nothing that is over powering or sensitive to the nostrils. Using buying this product alone would cost £3.95.

– “Boo” which is the cutest white ghost with black dotted eyes and mouth, this is a bath melt. I’ve never tried one of these before now and just by looking at the product I know I’m going to love it. Boo has a rich floral smell and if buying alone would cost £3.50.

– ” Lord Of Misrule” which is a bright green textured bath bomb, I was very uncertain on this one I’ll admit as I know it had mixed reviews but when I smelt it I know this pumpkin package was for me. Lord Of Misrule has a sweet, vanilla scented smell. if buying alone costs £4.95.

After checking out the gift range, I went over to the bath bomb, soap and bubble bath heaven to check out some more of the Halloween range. Like I said above I got four of the items from Halloween range in a gift set so I didn’t want to buy doubles until I’d tried, tested and approved so I want to buy some different ones, narrowing it down was hard but I brought three more items which include; 
“Monsters Ball” which is possibly the cutest one eyed monster bath bomb I’ve ever seen! This is a Monster Mashup of lime and neroli oils which is a very fresh and clean smell. It’s honestly unreal. I’m not really a person for fresh smells as I can find them very over powering but this one is just the right amount of fresh smell to make it perfect. As you put Monster Ball into the bath she will fizzle away leaving just her eyeball floating around your bath, amazing right? Monster Ball cost £4.25 and worth every penny for the perfect Halloween bath bomb. 

I also got one item from the Autumn / Halloween range which was “Autumn Leaf”. Autumn Leaf is a yellow, red and blue leaf shaped bath bomb, smells purely of the perfect crisp morning with a hint of the fresh grass smell which is just pure bliss. This bath bomb is uplifting, soothing, toning and cleansing leaving you the perfect relaxing bath. Autumn leaf costs £3.75 and personally is everything I love about a bath bomb. 

Last but not least I brought a soap, this was my first ever time buying a soap from LUSH but I’d read such amazing reviews about their Halloween soaps that I couldn’t turn my back on it. 

Well that’s it for my rather large LUSH haul, I really hope you enjoyed it and your enjoying my 13 Days Of Halloween! If you get a chance, I’d recommend popping into your local LUSH store and trying some of their new ranges out. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Christmas ones. 
I hope your all as well as possible.

sending tons of love as always, 

Elle xo


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