13 Days Of Halloween, Horror Films! 

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When I was younger I was one of those people who never really enjoyed horror movies and I’ll be completely honest with you, I was a right wimp! BUT over the years as my dad has become more and more obsessed with watching films, I’ve had no choice but to watch them too. The more horrors I’ve watched, the more and more I’ve got into them. The heart thumping moments, the hiding behind the pillows, the clenched fists and the squinty eyes makes the film even better to watch. 

So on the night of Halloween we like to sit down as a family with the curtains drawn, the lights dimmed and snuggle up in blankets to watch as many horrors as possible. 

Although I will admit, after certain scary horrors I do have to watch something like “Friends” so I don’t suffer with daunting thoughts that night. I know your laughing at me but admit it, we all have to do this sometimes! 

Therefore, for today’s post I wanted to share with you my all time favourite top 10 horror movies. 
– Number 1 has to be the “Paranormal Activities”. Who doesn’t love these as a good old horror movie? It’s one of those films that you always go back to when watching a film with your friends. I’ll admit, I do jump at certain bits of the film but personally I don’t find it too “scary”. I’d defiantly say if you wanting a film that makes your heart pump but isn’t too daunting I’d recommend the paranormal activities films. 

– Number 2, “MAMA”. Now I’d say this is one of the more “horrifying” films. it made me jump a fair few times. It’s based on quite a sad yet frightening story of young children loosing their parents and they vanish to the woods to be found a couple years later. Let’s just say, MAMA isn’t someone you’d want to mess with. It has to be one of my favourite horror films! 

– Number three, is defiantly one to watch! “Oculus”, my good god this film done me in. To be honest with you it is one messed up film which still to this day has me questioning my sanity. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really get the film but that’s why I think it’s so worth watching. It’s one to make you jump 6 foot in the air every few minutes. If your a horror addict and love a film which makes you want to never watch it again, I’d say this one is a must. It certainly had me hiding behind my pillow more times than my eyes set on the TV. All worth it though! 

– Number four has to be the “Conjuring 1 & 2”. This movie is certainly jumpy and at certain points has you on the edge of your seat. It’s all based on a possessed doll, who torments a family. It’s actually a very good film, it’s one I’ve watched a fair few times. After you’ve watched it the first time, it’s certainly a fi that always draws you back! 

– Number five, “CHUCKY”! Let’s be honest, if your a 90’s kid you’ve probably watched this a thousand times before. It’s not really what I’d class as “heart pumping” but it certainly has a few oh my god moments in it. This is another that’s based on dolls which have a nasty streak about them. I certainly wouldn’t want to come across them. 

– Number six, “The Purge 1 & 2”. This is another one I wouldn’t exactly call scary but it’s certainly jumpy at points and has a very good storyline. It’s another film that I always go back too and enjoy watching (I hope that doesn’t make me sound to gory). all I’ll say is; if this was to happen in real life, there wouldn’t be many people left in the world I don’t think. 

– Number seven has to be “Sinister” another film that has me on the edge of my seat, squinting behind a pillow and jumping every so often. If your into the scarier horrors, this ones worth watching. 

– Number eight I’d recommend watching is “The Exorcist” which is based on a true story, let’s be honest that’s what makes it so scary. It’s a another good one for those thrill seekers. 

– Number nine, “The Poltergeist” this has to be one of my all time favourite films / series. Jumpy doesn’t come close during this, or certainly has it moments. I much preferred the series to the film as the characters were brilliant and I found the story line much better. So worth watching! 

– Finally, number ten Isn’t bad at all but one totally worth watching is the “Scary Movies 1, 2, 3 & 4”. Oh my god you laugh more than your scared but it’s a good one to watch with your friends on a cozy night in. These movies are mick takes of actual movies and it’s just brilliant. Although it’s not really a “horror” I wanted to add it in! 
I do have some more movies which I like but these are my top ten favourites of all time! the fact the majority of them are classed as “based on a true story” is what literally has my heart skipping a beat. 

I couldn’t bare to think of any of these happening to me in real life, the thought of seeing a ghost scares me enough let alone being possessed by one! But these storylines certainly have you drawn in and wanting to watch again. 

Are you a big fan of horror movies? If so, let me know your favourite ones below and if your not, let me know why! I’d love to hear from you. 

Happy 13 Days Of Halloween! 

All my love as always, 

Elle xo 


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