13 Days Of Halloween, Halloween Games! 

Hello my lovelies, I hope your enjoying the #13DaysOfHalloween so far! 

Now who doesn’t love party games? Every occasion has some sort of game wether it’s New Years, Easter, Birthday, Bonfire Night, Christmas and of course the best party games of them all – Halloween! 

Halloween is well known for its gruesome, gory and quite frightening games. It’s the one party of the year where you can bet your life people will cringe and feel sick afterwards. 

I personally always loved the Halloween games, you could guarantee a good laugh with friends and family. Everyone always played along and enjoyed themselves whilst doing so. 

So if your struggling for game ideas, I thought I’d give a list of some of my favourite games for you to take inspiration from! 

– Firstly, it has to be apple bobbing! Who doesn’t love this game? It’s the one game that gets you soaking wet through the water and through laughter. This is a good one again for any age and you can make it your own in so many ways. 

– Dress the mommy! An absolute classic. This is such an amazing game for any age or any kind of party in general. This a game bound to have your competitive streak come out and have you in fits of laughter. 

– Witches hat ring toss or pumpkin ring toss! Another amazing game which is good for all ages. You could use glow sticks as the rings or personalise your own to make it spooky. the glow rings are amazing for if your playing in the dark to make it funnier. 

– Halloween bingo! A very simple but effective game. Who doesn’t love a good old game of classic bingo? Place gory Halloween pictures on the card, use blood splattering pens to dob off the pictures called out and make it as fun/grimy as possible. 

– Halloween cup pong! Now this is one more for the adults but you could use alternative drink options for children to have fun playing it too. This is certainly a game to get the blood flowing and can be very competitive but such a laugh. You could use eyeballs as the ping pong balls and nasty Halloween cocktails to make it gruesome but fun. 

– Pin the hat on the witch or Pin the bow tie on the skeleton! just like pin the tail on the donkey but Halloween version. Although this is a pretty simple game you can make it your own by; spinning around a number of times so you become crazily dizzy or if your an adult, play with a classic shot or drunken! these can make the game even more fun which is why it’s so good. 

– Mummy bowling! This is an amazing idea especially for children. Yet again like the other games you can make it your own by doing different things to make it funnier or keep it simple. Either way this is a brilliant game. All you need to buy is some bowling pins and wrap them in toilet paper to make them a spooky mummy. Using a spookily decorated ball of any kind to knock them down. 

 – Find the gummy worm in the flour! A very typical Halloween game with a disgusting after taste which is left lingering for hours. You could use anything for this game as it’s very similar to apple bobbing. You can make it as grim, grimy and gross as you wish. 

 –  biting at doughnuts! it’s a classic, incredibly fun and one of the more tastier games out of them all. 

I really hope this helps you if your struggling for ideas. These games are so simple yet so effective!

A good site to check out for Halloween ideas is Pinterest, it’s an absolute lifesaver. 

I really hope your all well. 

Sending you tons of love as always, 

Elle xo


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