Autumn Is Nearly Upon Us, Yay!

Hello my loves,

I couldn’t possibly be happier knowing Autumn is soon arriving, it’s by far my favourite time of the year with winter coming close to it. You can tell as summer is beginning to end as the days are becoming darker earlier and there’s certainly something in the air that screams “Autumn Is Upon Us”. 

there’s so much to look forward to in Autumn so I’m going to tell you what I’m most looking forward to! 

Firstly, it has to be the change in weather. I’m not the biggest fan of the heat especially in England. due to my swelling it just makes me very hot, sticky and sweaty therefore I just become so uncomfortable. Plus, England doesn’t have a nice heat, it’s a horrid humid heat which makes everyone miserable and moody. So I certainly love it when the heat begins to subside, the temperature cools right down and the crisp air sneaks it’s way back in. Although I will admit, I hate the freezing cold rain (it hurts my bones & joints like mad). I’m fussy, I know but I just love it when the sun is shining but you can see your breath in the air. that’s my kind of weather!

Next is defiantly the change in wardrobes. I love the process of changing over my wardrobe, chucking the vests and shorts in the drawers and replacing them with beautifully warm coloured jumpers & thick leggings. That’s when I’m at my most comfortable! the colour ranges is just my favourite, going from brights to the dulls, the neon pinks to the burnt oranges, it’s just the best. being able to pull out the thick coats, warm gloves and fluffy socks again has me incredibly excited for the next few months. The same certainly goes for makeup too – especially lipsticks! being able to push the bright peaches and nudest nudes to the back of the draw and pull forward the berry reds, the dark nudes/brown’s and the deep purples makes me a happy girl.

I enjoy photography during all seasons i must admit but one of my favourite things to do is compare photos I’ve taken in the summer when the flowers are blooming and bright colours are everywhere then watching it change to the burnt reds, yellows and orange leaves surrounding you and concurs rolling around on the ground. 

The smells, well there’s no two ways about it, you cannot beat the smell of a cold crisp morning! it’s a refreshing smell I must say. Do any of you watch Zoella? If you do you would have seen her most recent main channel video which was her revealing the candles she had brought from bath and bodyworks, all I can say is W O W! That’s my kind of autumnal heaven. The smell of the leaves, the pumpkin spices, the marshmallows settling into the hot chocolate which is smothered in whipped cream, the smell of gingerbread fresh out the oven and the burning of the bonfires all make me very happy and excited for this time of year! 

Finally it has to be the festive periods which are sneaking up on us. I’m never usually excited for Halloween but this year i certainly am! the fact I’ve got a ton of blog posts planned for the upcoming festive seasons is extremely exciting.  

Are you looking forward to Autumn? Let me know how you feel about Autumn in the comments below! 

I hope your all well. 

Lots of love as always, 

Elle xo



  1. Jan
    September 18, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    Great blog Elle! I love your enthusiasm – it’s infectious! Your photographs are stunning, it’s amazing how you’ve captured the wonderful colours which sum up the approaching autumn season.

  2. Tory
    September 18, 2016 / 8:15 pm

    100% agree with you! Nice bright sunny days that are crisp and chilly are the best! Plus you start getting the great smell of a bonfire! Love the photos! You have great talent…nurture it 😊

    • lablondevoyage4
      September 25, 2016 / 2:20 pm

      I can’t wait for Autumn and this post has got me even more excited. I’m also craving gingerbread right now :) I love your photographs Xx

  3. September 21, 2016 / 7:45 pm

    I loved this post!! I am also a lover of Autumn and winter and I just love it all and your post he got me so excited for it all!!! X x

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