Victoria Sponge With A Topping Twist

Hey lovelies, 

today I thought I’d write about this delightful cake I’ve made recently for my family!

Serving: 8-10 servings 

Cook Time: 25 minutes per cake 

Difficulty: medium 

You Will Need: 

       (Per Cake) 

– 10 inch cake tins 

– 6oz (170g) margarine or butter 

– 6oz (170g) caster sugar 

– 6oz (170g) self raising flour 

– 3 large eggs

       (Centre & Topping) 

– 1 box of strawberries 

– 1 white chocolate bar 

– 8oz (250g) Icing sugar plus some aside for dusting

– 1 jar of strawberry jam 

– 6oz of unsalted butter

Instructions To Make Cake: 

1. Collect all the ingredients together, grease and line the cake tins ready for the mixture and preheat the oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 6. 

2. Add the 6oz of margarine or butter and 6oz of caster sugar into a bowl and cream together till a light fluffy texture. 

3. Beat the three eggs in a cup when beaten, slowly add the eggs into the bowl containing the butter and sugar making sure you stir the eggs in properly.

4. Once the eggs are stirred in, slowly sieve (or slowly add) in the 6oz of self raising flour making sure you fold the flour into the mixture. 

5. add the table spoon of vanilla extract and stir. 

6. Now the mixture is done! Put the finished mixture into the lined and greased cake tin and put in the oven until golden brown or bounces when touched.

7. Repeat these steps again for the second cake.

8. Once cooked, leave to cool for at least half hour. 

9. During this time, I usually prepare the centre. Firstly I make the butter icing (Now this is completely up to you, you could also use double cream but I opted for butter icing this time) by putting 6oz of unsalted butter into a bowl and gradually add the 8oz of icing sugar, cream together until a light and fluffy textured. 

10. Once the cakes are completely cooled, cover one side of the first cake in strawberry jam and place the cut up strawberries on top. 

11. Spoon the butter icing into a disposable bag and pipe all over one side of the second cake or do what I do and spoon the icing straight onto one half of the cake and spread the icing as equally as possible. 

12. After both halves of the cakes are done, flip and place the butter icing half of the second cake on top of the jam and strawberries half of the first cake.

13. Now the cake is done, it’s time to do the topping. I started by melting the white chocolate in the microwave. Whilst that’s heating, cut four large strawberries in half and place on a clean plate.

14. Once the chocolate has melted, drizzle it all over the strawberries and over the top of the cake. 

15. Finally, pipe with the butter cream – small circles on top of the cake and sit the strawberries on top of each circle. Once all the strawberries are on, dust some icing sugar over the top to give it the finishing touch!

And that’s it, you’ve got your Victoria sponge cake with a slight twist to the topping. 

Cooking is something I’ve never been good at until now. Anyone who knows me will know the funny story I’m about to tell you… Well, in year 9 we was cooking cupcakes for our class whilst being assessed by our teacher, me being me stupidly picked up a tub thinking it was sugar and put it in the mix. anyway, once the cakes had cooked and cooled my friends tried them, within seconds they’d spat the cakes out everywhere. being totally confused and a little shocked I asked why? and it wasn’t until I tried one that I realised I’d put a ton of salt instead of sugar in the cakes and made everyone including the teacher puke. Vile absolutely vile they were hahah. Although, thankfully as Ive got older I’ve learnt to look at labels before cooking so I’ve never made that mistake since! 

It’s weird, since becoming ill I’ve got to like doing things I never use to do, baking one of them. My Nan, mum and auntie are all incredible cooks but it never phased me. It’s only ever since I’ve not been able to eat, I’ve found a passion for cooking. Strange, I know! I only cook cakes or biscuits but i love to experiment whilst cooking them and find new flavours that my parents, family and friends can enjoy. I find it rewarding seeing people enjoy the food I’ve made, considering I can’t eat them or enjoy them myself I like to know others can & do. 

Please let me know in the comments below or on any social media sites if there’s anything you’d like me to cook and write up a post about. I enjoy it so much and would love some new ideas from you guys. Thank you all so much for reading. 

I hope your all as well as can be!

Sending tons of love as always, 

Elle xo 


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