Friends The TV Series, Christmas Gift Guide | Christmas 2020!

Hello lovelies,

If you know me, then you’ll know I have a serious obsession with the TV series, Friends.

Ever since I was around 10 years old I’ve watched it and I’ve seen it that many times, I know most the script off by heart! My friends think I’m mad as it’s always on in the background whenever they come down.

For me, Friends is just one of those feel good TV series that I can always rely on to make me feel happy inside. It just has a way of making you laugh, regardless of the amount of times you’ve watched it.

If your an avid Friends fan like myself or know someone who is – today I’ve put together a ‘Friends Gift Guide’.

Friends has become so damn popular now, that they’ve got some amazing gifts and have something for everyone. I personally am not a collector of Friends merchandise but I know there’s people who are.

This Gift Guide is filled to the brim of different Friends related items which I believe anyone who loves Friends would be more than happy to receive wether their a collector or not. So let’s jump into it:

Friends Games:

Friends Pyjamas:

Friends Everyday Clothing:

Friends Merchandise:

Friends Personalised Gifts:

Revolution Beauty X Friends:

‘Could There Be Anymore Gift Ideas?’

Ok so I had to start off my gift guide blogposts with Friends, I just had too. are you as obsessed with Friends as I am? Well I hope this came in handy for those of you who are or know of someone who is.

Be prepared, there’s a Harry Potter Gift Guide blogpost coming your way very soon!

Sending you tons of love & hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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