Murder Scene Cupcakes Recipe | Halloween Bakes!

Hello lovelies,

Most of you will know by now that the majority of my baking ideas are inspired by posts/bakes I’ve seen on either Pinterest or instagram! Today though, these cupcakes are made from the top of my head… my imagination let’s say.

My imagination has gone crazy this year for Halloween bakes. I’ve been doing this for what, 4 years now? So as you can imagine, after 4+ years, it becomes extremely difficult to find bakes/flavours I haven’t done before! Like I say tho, for some reason my mind has just gone halloween crazy this year and these are something I just brought to life.

Yes, if you type in murder scene cupcakes you’ll find pictures of other people’s who have done a cupcake really similar to mine but take my word that I didn’t even think about searching that until after I’d baked them.

Another thing, if you know me, you’ll know my dream is to become a forensic scientist working in the labs/mortuary gathering evidence and running tests from a murder scene. I know, sounds pretty morbid but it’s what I’ve dreamed of ever since I was around 10 years old. So these cupcakes are inspired by this dream.

I genuinely think the image I had in my head has come to life with these cupcakes, I’m pretty darn impressed! So if you’d like to bake these yourself, the recipe is below:

Ingredients For Cupcakes:

  • 6oz Of Salted Butter
  • 6oz Of Caster Sugar
  • 6oz Of Self Raising Flour
  • 3 Large Eggs, Beaten
  • 2tsp Of Vanilla Essence
  • Bag Of Frozen Fruit, Defrosted

How To Make Cupcakes:

  • Firstly, gather together your equipment and ingredients, preheat your oven to 170C / 338F / Gas Mark 3 and line a 12 hole muffin tin with muffin cases (I used halloween cases from Hobby Craft).
  • Secondly, using a colander drain your defrosted fruit making sure you catch the juice in a bowl. Once drained, set the separate bowls aside.
  • In a large bowl, cream together the 6oz of salted butter and 6oz of caster sugar until light in colour and fluffy.
  • Add in your 2tsp of vanilla essence and mix well.
  • Slowly pour in your 3 beaten eggs making sure you mix throughly in-between.
  • Once your butter mixture is mixed, little by little fold in the 6oz of self raising flour until a cake batter is formed.
  • Spoon the cake mixture 1/3 of the way up in the muffin cases, add a spoonful of the mixed fruit into the middle of the batter then spoon another dollop of the batter on top of the fruit until the muffin cases are nearly full.
  • Put the cakes into the oven for around 20-25 minutes or until golden brown & a skewer comes out clean.
  • Once the cakes have been baked, take out the muffin tin and leave on a wire rack to cool further.

Ingredients For Toppimg:

  • 100g Of Unsalted Butter
  • 200g Of Icing Sugar
  • 2tsp Of Vanilla Essence
  • Juice Of The Fruit

How To Make Topping:

  • Whilst your cakes are cooling, it’s time to make the butter cream.
  • In a bowl beat together the unsalted butter with the icing sugar until light in colour and fluffy in texture.
  • Mix in your 2tsp of vanilla essence. (TIP: if you still find your buttercream to be a little buttery or loose in consistency, then add a little more icing sugar until your happy).
  • Once your cakes have cooled right down, place a generous dollop of the buttercream on top of each cupcake and spread out.
  • With the juice from the fruit, using a teaspoon, drizzle the juice over the top of the buttercream cupcake to make it look like a blood scene. Continue to drizzle the juice until your happy.

Ingredients For Sugar Shards:

  • 150g Of Granulated Sugar
  • 2tbsp Of Water

How To Make Sugar Shards:

  • Lastly, it’s time to make your sugar shards.
  • Firstly, have a sheet of parchment paper ready on a baking tray and place on a heat-proof surface.
  • Secondly, measure the 2tbsp of water into a heavy-bottomed tin, then cover with sugar and place over a medium heat until the sugar starts to dissolve.
  • TIP: resist the temptation of stirring as this can cause crystallisation.
  • Once the sugar starts to dissolve, turn up the heat to a medium-high until the sugar begins to boil.
  • When the sugar begins to boil, pour the sugar onto the parchment paper. (TIP: DO NOT touch the sugar whilst it’s still hot, it can cause serious burns).
  • Then, once the sugar has cooled right down, using a knife cut the sugar into triangle shards. Do this carefully as it does break easily!
  • Finally, place three sugar shards into each cupcake, pushing it down through the butter cream into the cake so they stand upright. Drizzle a little of the left over fruit juice onto the shards.

That’s your Murder Scene Cupcakes prepared, baked, decorated and ready for you to enjoy this Halloween!

Ok, but is this or is this not the perfect cupcake to bake your family this year? I feel like this will look super cool amongst all the other Halloween inspired food you’ve brought!

Obviously these cupcakes aren’t just for Halloween, you can make them anytime. These are so fun to make and are pretty effortless believe it or not.

Let me know wether you bake these cupcakes for yourself or not, I’d love to know!

Sending tons of love and hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo



  1. April 16, 2021 / 7:05 pm

    these look delicious and such a funny idea to make! I love cupcakes, but sometimes it’s great to spice it up with some decorations! Thanks for sharing x

    • ellegracedeveson
      April 16, 2021 / 7:48 pm

      They came out so good I was stoked! So easy to make aswell. Thank you so much Xo

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