My New Diagnosis…

Hello lovelies,

Well well well, here we are again… another day, another diagnosis (Yes you heard right, ANOTHER diagnosis) to add to the existing, never ending list.

On Monday the 17th (Of August) I sent a urine sample along to my GP surgery as I’d had my catheter put in a few days before and if you’ve had a catheter placed before, you’ll know it doesn’t take long for it to become infected. My urine was 100% showing signs of an infection so I sent it to be dipped then to be sent on to the hospital labs for cultures.

We got a phone call around 6pm that evening from the nurse saying that yes, my urine is showing that it’s infected but she also said that I had high blood sugars in my urine. This nurse in particular is the one who almost every time I have a infection, dips my urine and she said that in all the times she’s dipped my urine, this has never come up. This meant they wanted me to come in the next day for a blood test.

I had my blood test Tuesday and by Thursday my results were back. My bloods showed that I was showing signs of Diabetes. My GP & nurse decided that I should have another blood test so they can compare the results and basically to be sure that I do have Diabetes and it wasn’t a fluke test (which does happen).

On Friday (the 21st) I had another blood test and I received my results the following Tuesday. Unfortunately, it showed that I do have Diabetes.

Was I showing symptoms? Yes I have been. Due to the amount of illnesses I’ve got, it can become complex trying to figure out if a symptom I’m having is part and parcel of an illness I’ve already got or wether it’s a new illness arising, so it wasn’t until I was told that I could possibly have diabetes, that it clicked that I have in-fact been having symptoms for a little while. The main symptoms I displayed were: increased urine output, dry mouth, increased thirst (this was probably the biggest symptom Ive been having) and extreme fatigue.

A&E Trip – 29th August:

I was diagnosed with Diabetes on Tuesday the 25th and was rushed up to A&E on Saturday 29th after a phone call with a 111 GP, worried I had Diabetes Ketoacidosis as I was displaying the symptoms of someone who did.

Once we got to A&E and had spoken to the triage nurse, I was taken round into my own little room which was nice as A&E was crazy busy (weekends usually are). I met with the consultant and after we’d spoke about my symptoms and diabetes, she decided to run some blood tests just to make sure it wasn’t Diabetic Ketoacidosis.

The bloods came back a few hours later showing that I do infact have Diabetes Type 2 but it isn’t caused by unhealthy eating and drinking (I’m on a feed through my feeding tube that is diabetic friendly and I really only drink water so please no ‘oh you gotta change your lifestyle’ as that’s not true in my case!), it’s caused by one of my illnesses but at this moment in time, until I meet the Diabetic team and have further tests, I won’t know what one. it did show that I had ketones in my blood but thankfully, not enough to have Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I also had my urine dipped which showed multiple things including; ketones, high blood sugars, traces of blood, a infection (which should have gone by now as I’ve been on antibiotics for 10 days so that’s fun *rolls eyes*) and a few other things so that’s been sent off to the lab for further testing.

After speaking with the consultant we know that my Diabetes isn’t under control and will need some form of medication to help with that. My blood sugars are quite high & drop low all of a sudden so that in turn tells us that my Diabetes isn’t controlled and fluctuates a lot! It’s very rare for a young girl of my age to be diagnosed with type 2, so the Diabetic team will have to do further tests into finding out what illness is causing this. As always, I was told I’m a ‘very complex case’ and although I’m having quite deliberating symptoms, there was nothing A&E could do for me so I was discharged with a long list of people that need to be called the following Tuesday (after the bank holiday)!

It’s been a hectic week this week finding out about my diagnosis of Diabetes. It’s been a difficult pill to swallow, especially as so much has happened recently but like always, I will pick myself back up and carry on.

I’m currently in the process of being urgently referred to the Diabetic team, it’s unfortunate that the bank holiday weekend fell on the same week of being diagnosed but hopefully I’ll get an appointment with them this week.

Sending you tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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