The Best Of Drugstore & High-End Makeup 2019!

Hello lovelies,

It’s become some what of a yearly tradition to write a post filled with my favourite makeup items of the year!

These are some of my favourite posts to write as I just get so excited when writing about products I’ve been loving. I feel really blessed that many people look to me for makeup advice etc, so trialling products has become a huge hobby of mine.

I feel like I say this every year but wow, 2019 was the year for brands bringing out the new products. I also feel that this past year, brands have stepped outside the box when it comes to releasing products! No two items were the same and that’s something I can really appreciate as you don’t want to end up buying a product that’s similar to another you’ve already brought.

As you can imagine, I spent many days throughout the year testing new releases. Some I absolutely loved and quickly became holy grails whereas others I disliked ALOT (which is a shame as I hate the thought of wasting money). I’m not the type of person to slag a product off as I know what doesn’t work for me, may work for someone else BUT I’ll always, always share with you products I’ve been loving as I want others to be able to enjoy the product aswell.

So, before I start rambling on, shall we get into my yearly favourites?


For me, priming has become probably the biggest part of my routine. I have incredibly dry skin so using a primer is a must to add that hydration back into my skin before applying heavy duty makeup. Every persons worst nightmare is looking cakey… right girls & boys? So like I mentioned, I like to have a hydrating primer to give my skin some moisture and make the makeup I’m about to apply, apply smoothly. Saying this, in 2019 I also became a huge lover of primers which also give your skin a glow. I love my skin to look naturally radiant, hydrated and smooth so these primers I’ve listed below do just that! I’m literally obsessed!




For me, concealer hides a multitude of sins! from redness to those hard to cover spots, it has to cover it all, therefore I love a concealer which is high in coverage. Saying this, some concealers which I’ve tried are high coverage yet make my skin look crusty after a few hours of wear, so I now look for concealers which are a little more hydrating as it just makes my skin look perfect (when underneath the concealer… it tells a whole other story!) these two concealers I’ve mentioned today do just that! My friends are always saying to me how natural my skin looks, so that’s always an added bonus when your caked in concealer.


Powder / Powder Foundation:

In 2019 I was taken off my heavy duty painkillers due to starting my new migraine tablets, anyway, one thing I’ve noticed that’s subsided is my constant sweating. This was one of the main reasons why I couldn’t wear Foundation as I’d sweat it back off again. 2019 was the year I was able to get back into wearing it! Rather than wearing liquids, I decided to try out powder foundations and coloured powders as I’d heard good reviews on them. The ones I’ve listed below are full coverage and doesn’t make my skin look any drier than normal which is a total bonus. They glide over my pores and don’t enhance them. They make my skin look unbelievably smooth and quite honestly, I don’t need to use liquid foundations as the powders do the job perfectly.



As I mentioned above, my sweating finally subsided so bronzing became part of my daily makeup routine again! I’m incredibly fair (thanks chronic illnesses), so finding a bronzer which works for my skin type is difficult. I’d heard so many good reviews on the kiko bronzers, so I decided to give it a go myself. It’s literally the perfect colour for my skin tone, it’s not too pigmented so it doesn’t make you look muddy and it’s nice and buildable.



Wow… 2019 was really the year blushers coming back in fashion! I believe I see more people wearing blusher now than I ever have before. Mind you, I’m not complaining as I love a good blusher. Personally, I love a peachy blush myself as I find pink makes me look paler than I already am. Naturally, my eyes just dive towards a peachy blush and I love it! I love the look it gives me and I couldn’t do my makeup routine without it now. The three blushers I’ve mentioned below quickly became my ride or die products through 2019. They’ve been a constant in my makeup bag and I can’t see them leaving anytime soon.



Highlighter is defiantly one of my favourite steps to my makeup routine. It just brings everything together and adds a touch more radiance to the skin! Although, finding a highlighter that works well on my skin tone is harder than you’d think. I usually have to go for the more ‘white’ toned highlighters as their literally pale enough for my skin, so finding the perfect one that does everything you want it to proves to be difficult. Saying that, these two palettes and single highlighter I’ve listed below are just that! Both the palettes have a range of different tones and colours so will be perfect for any skin tone but that being said, they have the perfect paler shades which just work for me. All three of these highlighters are blinding, don’t show off to much texture (if any) and blend into the skin seamlessly.


Eyebrow Products:

My eyebrows are probably the most important part of my makeup routine, now I can imagine your asking why? But for me, my eyebrows frame my face and without filling them in, I find my face just looks weird. Through 2019, I tried to branch out and try many different eyebrow products and brands but I always found myself coming back to my Benefit products. Nothing lived up to them if I’m completely honest so I’ve now decided I’m just sticking to what I know and love, as the end result is always what I like. Benefit just know how to make a good eyebrow product, need I say more?



Through 2019, I tried and brought many eyeshadow palettes, they’re one of my favourite things to buy and test. This year, I had plenty of palettes which I absolutely came to love but these four palettes below are just the palettes I just know work for me. They’ve got my favourite tones in and always work for me no matter what I’m wearing. That being said, these palettes aren’t just your everyday eyeshadow palettes, these have got those pops of colour if you wanted to be a little more adventurous with your look or if your going for a simple glam, you can use these palettes also. They’ve got incredible pigmentation, you can blend the eyeshadow however much or little you want and the shimmers… well they are to die for! I know I can always rely on these palettes and that’s what I look for when buying new eyeshadows.



I’ve been blessed with very long, curled eyelashes so when wearing makeup, one of my favourite things to do is enhance them. Make them look as full and voluminous as possible! Likewise, I’ve tried many of mascaras over the years from plenty of different brands but these are the guys who made the cut! Each mascara I’ve mentioned just gives me that false lash effect which is something I look for in a good mascara. I love not having to put falsies on, for me, a coat of a good mascara is all I need. These three are exactly that!



Eyeshadow Primer / Glitter Glue:

I think everyone and their pet gold fish know about the famous P.Louise base! It’s taken the makeup world by storm so obviously I had to get my hands on it. Thank goddess I did because I honestly couldn’t do without it! It’s super full coverage when applying so it hides any discolouration you’ve got on your eyelids, it allows the eyeshadows to apply to their full potential and despite being a wet base, the eyeshadows still blend like a dream. It doesn’t seem to cling to dry patches and it’s a multi-use product – meaning you can use it as a concealer also (yes it has that much coverage!!). If your looking for a product that’s going to allow your eyeshadow to pop, then this is the product you need.




Lip Liners:

Honestly, I don’t really have one certain lipliner that I’m obsessed with. For me, it’s these four certain brands which have quickly become my favourites! I love the fact that they’ve got an array of colours to choose from and each brand of lipliner just applies so beautifully to the lips. I very rarely have to touch up with concealer as it gives me a sharpe/crisp line straight away. I’ve tried many brands out there, these four are the best I’ve found!



I do believe that my lipstick choices are pretty similar to last years ones! Despite having tried hundreds of lipsticks over the years, I’ve found myself always going back to these. These are just so blooming pigmented, they apply beautifully to the lips, they don’t bleed throughout the day, they don’t dry my lips out despite them being matte and they last incredibly well!

I think you may notice that a few of these products where mentioned in my 2018 favourites. So you can trust me when I say these products are good!

I’m determined to make 2020 a year where I switch up my products though so I’m not always using the same products continuously. Even I can say I’m bad when it comes to get stuck in a rut with the same products so I’m going to make it a goal of mine to switch products up monthly.

I’ve got so much planned when it comes to makeup and sharing that with you this year. So get ready for tons of new testing and reviews! I want you guys to know what’s good & what’s worth the buy.

Let me know in the comments below or DM me on my social media platforms if there’s anything you’d like my opinion on or any blogposts you’d like to see me do!

Here’s to 2020 being filled with happiness & makeup!

Sending tons of love and hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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