5 Blushes Everyone Needs In Their Collection!

Hello lovelies,

Although Blush has always been a product within the beauty community, I feel as though it didn’t really get the recondition it deserved until early 2018.

Blush is like marmite, people either douse themselves in Blush, or they hate it… there’s no in-between. I personally never particularly liked Blush on myself as I have rosey cheeks as it is BUT then one of my favourite youtubers @shaaanxo done a ‘Blush declutter’ video on her page and almost instantly, I found my deep love for it. Looking at Shannon’s collection really brought Blush to life for me, it made me realise there’s so much more to Blush than just a bog standard pink, there’s different undertones, colours and if you find the right type of Blush, then they will be build able rather than a massive blob of pink on your face.

Ever since that video, I spent the majority of 2018 reading reviews and watching Blush recommendations so I knew what to spend my money on and what not too. Anyway, I feel as though I’ve got a pretty good Blush collection now, therefore, I’ve now been working on getting it to work with me rather than against. Which, it may have taken a fair amount of time but I do believe I’ve conquered Blush and everything about it.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you the 5 main blushers that have changed my makeup game and 5 blushers which work for my pale ass skin. So if you like the sound of that, then keep on reading:


5 Blushers Everyone Needs:

  • Morphe, 8W Warm Master Blush Palette | for the majority of 2017 this blush palette was sold out and I was gutted as it’s one of the first blush palettes that I fell in love with. Thankfully 2018 came around and Morphe has had it stocked up ever since! This palette is just perfection… need I say more. It has 8 beautiful shades which are incredibly versatile, buildable and pigmented. These apply like a dream to your cheeks and wether you apply a apricot shade or a burgundy, it still gives you that ‘naturally flushed’ look that every beauty lover wants. I love that each shade within this palette is wearable for every skin tone and even if you wore no makeup, just adding a bit of this blush to your cheeks will give you a natural glow. I’m obsessed| https://uk.morphe.com/collections/blushes/products/8w-warm-master-blush-palette
  • Revolution Pro, 4K Blush Palette Peach | when revolution brought out this blush palette, it automatically went into my basket, it has the most beautiful peachy shades which I loved! Admittedly, this one isn’t as buildable as the rest as a tiny dip into the blushes can apply a larger of product. Although, what I did notice almost instantly was the way it blended out, it may apply more than the others but it blends out like a dream into the skin. It isn’t one of those blushes which is hard to work with, this gives you blendability and high pigmentation. Each shade is born to work with all skin tones and just gives the apples of your cheeks that peachy, summery look| https://www.revolutionbeauty.com/Mobile/en/Revolution-Pro-4K-Blush-Palette-Peach/m-m-7501.aspx
  • Milani, Baked Blush In Luminoso | this blusher has got to be one of the best sellers throughout the world as I know so many people inside and outside the beauty community that rave about this Blush. It’s one of those blushes that really suits my pale skin YET is versatile, meaning even people with deeper skin tones than myself are able to use also. It’s a beautiful peachy colour which has a slight sheen throughout to give your cheeks that glow from within look. it’s a very buildable Blush also, which is personally a plus for me, as I like to be able to start with a small amount and build up to the colour I desire | https://www.beautybay.com/p/milani/baked-blush/luminoso/
  • MAC X Patrick Starrr, Powder Blush Duo In Take Me Home| I’m not 100% sure if this is a limited edition Blush (I apologies if it is) but I’ve always admired Patrick Starr so I knew I had to grab his ‘Floral Realness’ collection as it was the perfect spring inspired makeup. Patrick is known for his blusher, he’s always applying plenty of blusher, therefore I know he’d create the best. And he did. This Blush duo is perfect for the everyday flush of pink. It isn’t a bright pink that would scare someone, both are the kind of pink that gives you that natural look and is incredibly buildable| https://www.lookfantastic.com/mac-floral-realness-full-face-kit/patrickstarrr-me-so-fleek/11726112.html
  • Mark. Be Blushed Stick In Sunny Apricot | For a while now I’ve been really interested in cream products. It’s something I’ve never used before and I knew that I wanted to try more throughout this year and one of the first products I brought was this beautiful peach blush. This not only applies amazingly to the skin, with brush or sponge BUT it blends into the skin giving you a natural sun kissed look. It isn’t heavy, nor too pigmented, it’s just right!| https://www.avon.uk.com/product/5274/mark-be-blushed-stick?cb=1317207426

wether your a person looking to try Blush for the first time OR just wanting to add more Blush to your collection, then I really hope today’s blogpost gave you a insight into some highly recommended blushers from myself & why I like them.

I know it can be incredibly tricky finding blusher that either works with your undertone or actual skin tone in general, so when I came across these 5, I feel as though I didn’t need to worry anymore. These will not only work with any undertone but will work with most skin colours also. From very pale to very deep, these will work for you!

I really hope you liked today’s blogpost, let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these blushers yourself or your going to buy them, as I’m always interest in hearing about it. ALSO, if you’ve got any blushes in your collection which you would recommend for me, I’m always open to new recommendations.

Sending tons of love and hugs to you all as always,

Elle xo


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