Must Have Makeup Brushes & How I Clean Them!

Hello lovelies,

Something I never really thought about when it came to makeup and makeup application was ‘having good brushes’. I always believed that makeup would apply the same regardless of the brush, the price or the size YET I was mistaken.

When it comes to application of makeup, using a brush which has been developed to work perfectly with whatever makeup your using is so important. For example, when your applying foundation, you want a brush that has been made to work with liquid products and doesn’t soak the product up or apply the product streakily. Same goes for concealer, bronzer, blusher, highlight, eye products and even lip products.

Brands worldwide have really been focusing on developing brushes that work perfectly and make your skin look flawless throughout the last couple of years. I feel as though many makeup influencers / enthusiasts started similar to me (well my generation anyway, today’s generation will never understand a good EBay brush set).

I started my makeup journey with a brush set that I brought off EBay which cost no more than £10 and included 30 brushes at most. I feel that’s where many began! Now, I’m certainly not going to slag off my old EBay brushes as over the years they’ve done me good and even now, I’ve still got some within my collection. But, as I’ve grown to love makeup more, I knew it was time to invest in brushes which aren’t just going to make my makeup apply flawlessly but also will last me a lifetime. (The EBay brushes shed ALOT!).

I’ve always been lucky in the sense that my parents support whatever hobby I take on, same goes for makeup! So, I knew they’d help me buy the perfect brushes BUT I didn’t want them to have to take out a bank loan to do so. Therefore, after looking at reviews and searching online for hours, I started with Real Techniques and that lead me onto Morphe. Both brands are drugstore prices yet have high quality products. I’ve learnt now, that you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on brushes which are going to leave you skint, you can buy brushes which are half the price and have amazing quality, don’t shed on your face and make your makeup apply flawlessly.

Therefore, I thought today I’d share with you the brushes I’ve collected over the last 3-4 years and have become staples in my everyday makeup routine!

brushes 17

My ‘Must Have’ Brushes / Brush Brands I Love:

Real Techniques

Real Techniques is one of the first brands I brought brushes from. I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the quality of the brushes, even to this day I’d re-purchase any their brushes. Admittedly, I don’t believe their prices are as low or fairly priced as other brands, regardless, if your wanting good quality, long lasting brushes then I’d defiantly recommend. The brushes that have become my ‘must haves’ are:

You can buy these brushes from either of the brands be linked below:


Real Techniques:


Morphe only came into my life early last year properly and their brushes towards the middle/end. Quickly, they’ve become my favourite (yes, I’m making that statement) place to buy good quality, long lasting brushes that don’t shed and blend the product into your skin flawlessly. The main thing that knocked me back about Morphe, was the prices…. just AMAZING! Whenever I’ve placed a order, i get blown away at the quality for such good prices. Of course, the prices vary between brushes but none are an obscene amount of money. So I’d highly recommend not waiting around, just place that order – you won’t be disappointed. my ‘must have’ brushes from Morphe are:

You can buy Morphe on their UK site:


Primark Beauty

Now, I know many people will be questioning my feelings on Primark Brushes, due to their incredibly low prices. Yet, I’m actually blown away by the quality of their brushes. You certainly can’t complain about the prices of these brushes and in my opinion their long lasting and high quality. I’m going to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of their eyebrushes but their face brushes are incredible. Yes, I’ll also admit some (only some) of their brushes shed but it isn’t extreme enough for me to complain in any way… hence why they’re on this post today. Defiantly check these brushes out if your a beginner or are in-need of new brushes! my ‘must haves’ are below:

  • Large Fan Brush
  • Flathead Contour Brush
  • Double Ended Contour And Powder Brush
  • Double Ended Powder Brushes
  • Circular Concealer Brush

unfortunately, the Primark website is rubbish and you can’t order off-line, but I’ve left the link here regardless. Though, I’d say go into your local store:,accessories

Spectrum Brushes

I was actually gifted a whole set of Spectrum brushes from my best friend Jessica-Jayde for my birthday in 2016. something I’m so grateful for and are brushes I’ll keep forever! Spectrum are known for their crazily pretty brushes, brush sets and accessories. I genuinely use these brushes every time i do my makeup, they blend my makeup into my skin perfectly and the quality is incredible. I always thought that their brushes were madly priced, until recently I found that if you buy their brushes individually they are roughly the same price as Morphe – just as good quality also. My ‘must have’ eye brushes by them are listed below:

brushes 11


Random Brushes

I have a handful of Brushes in my collection which I also love, but I don’t have many from that brand in particular. Though, I did want to mention them today as they are just as good as the others I’ve mentioned above. Everyone has those few fandoms in their collection which you can’t help but love! my random brushes that are ‘must haves’ are:

One of the biggest tips i can give you when wanting your brushes to last longer, is to wash them gently after every other use. Not only does this help them to stay in tack, but it means your getting rid of any bacteria that’s built up on your brushes whilst applying makeup or whilst they’ve been sitting on your counter.

Keeping your brushes clean is a MUST! If you leave them on the side for weeks on end, you’ll find bacteria build up and without knowing, you’ll be applying that to your face every time you use them. This can cause irritation and spots. I actually wash mine after every use and I make sure to wash them throughly so no makeup is left on them. You may be thinking ‘well isn’t that bad for your brushes to wash them after every use’ but the answer is no, no it isn’t. Although, you’ve got to wash them carefully, with a gentle hand, with the right products and make sure your drying your brushes properly also!

I watched a video recently which taught me that if you leave your brushes to dry upright, your leaving the moisture to get deep into the glue which holds the brush hairs in and that can cause the glue to come away, meaning your brushes will be no use. Therefore, you must dry your brushes upside down (with the brush standing on its head).

Although, I’ve found a newish gadget which will not only wash your brushes properly, but will dry them at the same time. Meaning, you’ll be able to use the brushes again straight away! After receiving this for Christmas, I’ve used it every time I do my makeup and I’ve come to love it. It’s something I’d highly recommend to everyone that loves makeup….



How I Wash My Brushes:

Ever since I become addicted to makeup, I’ve washed my brushes the same. Well, until recently anyway.

I’d always use the B. Makeup Brush Cleaner which is incredibly quick and easy to use, especially when your constantly doing makeup. I’d spray a little of the product onto a dirty brush, and swirl it around on kitchen roll until the brush became clean (which takes seconds, may I add). Now, some may say this doesn’t clean your brushes properly, but I totally disagree with that! I could never complain about this product, and how it cleans my brushes. It would remove any makeup that was on the brush and it would even remove any stains that were on the brush due to the pigmentation of products. So, I’d defiantly recommend this:


For Christmas, I received the StylPro which is talked about by many influencers worldwide. This certainly has 50/50 reviews, some claim it ruins their brushes, whereas others couldn’t recommend this enough. Now, for my review, I’d agree with those who recommend it – it’s a game changer.

The StylPro is a ‘gadget’ that not only cleans your brushes perfectly, it dries them at the same time. So, you can use them again within 30 seconds. It isn’t messy, nor inconvenient, it’s a gadget that is perfect for the everyday makeup people or the pro artists.

You add a tiny drop of brush shampoo & water into the bowl it comes with, and attach your brush to the spinner and get started. Dunk your brush into the bowl, turn on the spinner and watch your brushes become instantly clean, and dry! So I’d highly recommend this to all of you!


I really hope that today’s blogpost helped any of you who are starting out in makeup, love doing makeup or those of you who just do their makeup daily for work/nightout etc. I know it can be stressful not knowing what brushes to use or what brands to trust in, so I hope this opened your eyes a little more and gave you a push in the right direction.

These are brushes I believe everyone should have in their collection, as not only are each of them amazing but they’ve made such a difference to my everyday makeup routine! I’d highly recommend each and every brand/brush I’ve spoke about today.

Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo



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