Living My Friends Fantasy At Friends Fest!

Hello lovelies,

Since I was around the age of 10, I’ve had a huge love for the tv series Friends which is aired on Comedy Central and soon to be Channel 5 also. From the very first moment I sat down and watched one of the episodes, I was hooked and I knew I needed the whole series in my life. I can honestly say, Friends has that affect on you.

If you don’t know the series Friends, then let me quickly get you up to date, although, I am concerned… where have you been for the last 24 years? Friends is an American television sitcom which aired on 22nd September 1994 and continued on till their last ever episode on the 6th May 2004. The series ensembles a cast starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. The show revolves around six 20-30 something year old friends living in Manhattan, New York City. Overall, there was 10 seasons and 236 episodes – each lasting around half hour! Friends has become one of the most popular television shows of all time, the series was nominated for 62 Primetime Emmy Awards, crazy right?

For the last couple of years I’ve seen that there’s been an event called “Friends Fest” advertised on Comedy Central inbetween episodes of Friends. Following last years sell out tour, global award-winning Comedy Centrals UK’s Friends Fest returns this summer for a 12 week tour of the UK in which they stop at 6 locations, excitingly Brighton being one of them this year.

Q. What Is Friends Fest & What Can You Expect?

A. Friends Fest is a Friends fan’s dream! I can quite honestly say that it’s everything I would have hoped for when going to an Friends event and more.

The 2018 tour is bringing you the very best including Monica’s apartment, Joey & Chandler’s apartment complete with corridor, as well as a brand new full scale set of Ross’s apartment (formerly home to Ugly Naked Guy). During each tour there’s around 25-30 people, which may sound a great amount of people per tour but the apartments are substantial sizes and you get 10-15 minutes to look round in each. Before the tour begins, you get up close and personal with original memorabilia from various episodes and get a insight into how much their each insured for. Let’s just say, it’s crazy amounts!

After the tour finishes, you get to continue looking round the rest of the Friends Fest by yourselves! You can continue onto, Central Perk to listen to a Phoebe Tribute Act and grab a drink, you could grab food on the new Friends themed food stalls, there’s a cocktail bar and the ultimate Friends Quiz which you real deal fans can take part in live on stage.

Q. Can I Take Selfies?

A. There is a photo opportunity at every location and they even have specific parts within Friends Fest for you to get the BEST selfies with your friends/family.

Obviously, this means that your allowed to bring your own camera and equipment to take photos with (as long as it’s within reason). Friends Fest does have Stewards throughout to help you when/if possible, especially around the Sets. I also found when we was there that everyone around us was also so willing to take photos for you, which was SO lovely, as it meant that I didn’t have to awkwardly ask someone.

As I’ve mentioned, Friends Fest has the best opportunities to get the most unique profile pictures on social media! They have sets in which you can dress up in some of the most unforgettable outfits and props from the episodes within friends for the ultimate selfies. Furthermore, this years Friends Fest is giving you the chance to recreate the iconic PIVOT! scene on the stairs with Ross, Chandler and Rachel which was voted the nation’s favourite Friends moment by thousands on fans last year on Comedy Central.

Also, whilst on the tour around each of the apartments your allowed to take as many selfies as you wish. Sit on the couches, open the fridge in Chandler & Joey’s kitchen (if you dare), have a cuppa in Monica’s kitchen, sit on Ross’s desk and stare out of the window into others apartments, then cross over the road to Central Perk to take center stage with Phoebe whilst singing Smelly Cat, or go behind the counter with Gunter, once you’ve done all that it’s only right to go sit on the couch each of them spent most their time on, take as many unique and iconic selfies as you please to make all your friends fantasies come to life!

(never added so many selfies of my self to one blogpost, wow okay)

Q. How Much Time Do I Need To Allow Myself For My Trip To Friend’s Fest? What Are Opening And Closing Times?

A. Honestly, this is something I wouldn’t put a time on personally. I’d at least allow half a day if not all day because this isn’t something I’d personally want to rush. There is SO much to go round, enjoy and just take in, it isn’t just an event you can quickly walk around in half hour and be done for the day as you’d have wasted your money. The tour itself takes at least 30-40 minutes and once that’s done, you can go outside and visit all the other friends related things.

Opening times in Brighton are:

Sunday-Wednesday: Midday till 9pm

Thursday-Saturday: Midday till 10:30pm

Q. How Much Are Tickets?

A. £27.50 admission (including booking)

Q. Is There Wheelchair Access?

A. Being that I’m in a wheelchair I can vouch that this event is defiantly disabled accessed. Although, if you are like myself and are going to this, do be aware that the site is outdoors on a greenfield and the parkland can be rough to go over. furthermore, if it rains the day before, id be aware that the ground would most likely become muddy so the access will defiantly become harder then.

As for the apartments, I couldn’t rate the stewarding team who were giving us the tour more highly. They were amazing with me and my needs. They allowed me to stay in the apartments for 10 minutes after everyone had moved onto the next, alone so that I could take photos and have a closer look without knocking into anyone or being knocked into.

Unfortunately, the only part I couldn’t get onto was the photo sets. The curbs to get behind the frames were to high for my wheelchair to get onto but I could take a photo in front so I didn’t care to much anyway! it was just an FYI.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for today’s post! I highly recommend going to Friends Fest if your a massive fan like I am as it’s a opportunity to good to miss out on. I was literally living my Friends Dream!

Are you a Friends fan, if so what’s your favourite episode and why? whose your favourite “character” out of the Friends gang (if you can even choose one)? I’d have to say my favourite would have to be Chandler, you can’t beat his one liners.

If you’ve never seen an episode of Friends before, then I recommend you stop everything you doing right now and go watch an episode as everyone needs those six people in their lives. They always manage to make you laugh no matter how grumpy, sad or unwell your feeling!

Sending you tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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