Makeup That Blew Me Away In 2017!

Hello lovelies,

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you reading this post! it’s hard to believe how quickly 2017 went by, it only feels like yesterday we were entering the year of 17 and now we’ve entered the next. It’s crazy.

I wouldn’t say I’m going to be sad to see the back off 2017. Don’t get me wrong it had its fair share of highs but it had plenty of lows which caused pain emotionally, physically and mentally. Therefore, I’m hoping 2018 will bring much more positivity for me, as I think it’s well needed and deserved!

Though, throughout the year of 2017, I felt brands really began to step up their game when it comes to makeup. Wethers it’s just their advertising of makeup, re-launching makeup or its bringing out new makeup – brands really outdone themselves last year and i can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. Although, it does mean my account took a nasty hit BUT hey, I do it so I can try products and share my thoughts with you (plus I’m just a makeup addict and want everything and anything).

Due to buying/being gifted so much throughout the year, I was able to find some amazing products which blew me away. So, I’m here today to share these products with you… let’s get to it;

Makeup Items Which Blew Me Away:

Face Items:

  • The Concealer that I’ve been using practically every time I go out is the “LA Girl Pro Conceal” in Porcelain – considering this is known to be a “cheaper” concealer, it’s coverage is unbelievable. I use this to cover my blemishes, redness on my cheeks and seriously bad designer under eye bags which it covers well. I haven’t found it to crease much either, though I do tend to set mine with a translucent powder straight after I’ve blended it out and this usually lasts all day on my skin.
  • For Powder, I’ve found myself dusting my face with this every time I do my makeup without a doubt. It’s the “Skin Camouflage, Fixing Powder”. Once I’ve applied any cream products to my face, I use this translucent powder to set it and i know for a fact it’ll last all day, (even on days I forget to spray setting-spray). Despite it being a translucent powder, I have found it to have a little bit of flash back but I don’t mind considering how amazing it works on my skin compared to others I’ve continued to try throughout the year.
  • My go-to Bronzer of 2017 has to be the “Benefit, Hola Bronzer” as this is just the perfect shade for my pale skin. Not only can I bronze with this but I can contour also, therefore it’s the best of both worlds! I mainly put this on my cheeks, big old forehead and nose so I can look some what human again, which amazingly, this bronzer does for me! Pale skin girls, holler at this hola bronzer.

  • 2017 was defiantly the year of me expanding my collection of highlighters. Due to me doing that, i found myself testing many throughout the following months but two highlighters in particular blew me away; The first highlighter is “Becca, Pressed Highlighter” in Pearl. This is my first ever highlighter from Becca, actually it’s my first ever product from them so I was excited to give it a try. Its a very buildable, finely milled and very delicate! The second highlighter is “Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Skin Frost” in Ice Cold. This is a unbelievably pigmented highlighter, which is a little more on the glittery side but I wouldn’t dismiss it because of that as you can blend it until your hearts content. Both of these highlights are blinding which I love, and are brilliant for us pale girls but will look incredible on all skin tones!

Eye Items:

  • My favourite affordable Palette of 2017 had to be… can you guess? I bet you can?… “Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette”. There is simply not enough words to describe how beautiful this palette is. It’s pigmented AF, blends like butter, applies easily, lasts all day and you can create any look you like with it as it has every colour you could possibly need. They collaborated together to create a palette that makeup lovers dreams are made of!

  • Furthermore, my favourite high end palette of 2017 has to be the “Urban Decay, Naked Heat Palette”. A warm tone lovers dream. The Naked Heat does all of the things I’ve mentioned above! Urban Decay created a palette which not only adds to my collection of Naked’s but has raised their standards higher than ever as the Naked Heat truly has the most beautiful warm colours which you can create some incredible solitary looks with.

  • Throughout the year I began to discover a love for glitters, as I think they add that bit of extra glam to any eye look. “Nyx, Face & Body Glitters” have been my go to when I’m wanting to amp up my eyes in 2017 which I know I’ll continue on through this year also. I have been trying to collect these glitters throughout the months and I can’t tell you how many beautiful shades they have. From your classics to your uniques, they have it all therefore I want them all!
  • Alongside any glitter, comes a glue and it wasn’t till later in 2017 that I discovered “Nyx, Glitter Primer” . If this doesn’t stick that glitter to those eyes/cheeks/body of yours and keep it there then I don’t know what will?!

  • For my brows, I’ve actually gone back to a powder “Avon, Brows”. Due to the fact in 2017 i found a natural (if that’s what you call it hahah) looking brow more appealing, so I thought I’d go back to my trusty Avon Brow powder which is a perfect match to my ashy coloured eyebrows. It’s long lasting, pigmented and is pretty budge proof this powder.
  • After doing the powder, i do like to set what brow hairs I do have, in place using my trusty “Benefit, Ready Set Brow”. This made my 2017 if I’m honest as i used it practically every single day, even days I didn’t go out. I used this to set my brows in place so they didn’t go all messy. It’s certainly a product I’ll be re-buying again and again!

Lip Items:

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Velour Liquid Lipstick” In “Androgyny, Baby Daddy & Designer Blood” have become three of my favourite findings of 2017! These lipsticks are unbelievably pigmented and I must say they glide on the lips beautifully. Drying down these lipsticks happens pretty quickly, there matte yet there not drying on the lips at all which is something I love about them as I can’t stand lipsticks that dry my lips out. I’ll certainly be buying more throughout this year!
  • In September 2017 I finally got to go to sephora, so of course I had to try their brand as I’d heard nothing but good things. I’ve found myself loving their “Sephora Collection, Rouge Gel Lip Liner’s” in the colours “Nude & Rouge”. These liners are so creamy, very pigmented and glide on the lips nicely! There everything you want in a lip liner, I just wish I got myself more!

There’s been so many incredible products launched throughout 2017, therefore it was hard narrowing it down to just a handful of products. Despite it being a challenge, I think I done a pretty neat job of filling you in on what items blew me away throughout 2017. What makeup products blew you away last year? Did I mention any of them above? What products are you hoping to try in 2018?

Also, we can’t forget that throughout 2017, many more American brands became available to us in the UK which of course is just amazing! My inner makeup self has been waiting months for these products to become available over here – shipping them from oversea’s & paying income fee’s is just unbelievably expensive, so when they came to and it was a dream come true. I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2018 has to offer and what releases are to come!

I really hope 2018 brings you nothing but happiness, laughter, brilliant health and good memories with friends & family. Have you got any resolutions? let me know in the comments below.

Sending you all tons of love & hugs as always,

Elle xo



  1. January 14, 2018 / 7:44 pm

    Love your photography! The LA girl pro concealer is awesome isn’t it? I have the green one and it covers up redness so well! x

    • ellegracedeveson
      January 14, 2018 / 9:35 pm

      Thank you so much lovely! It’s honestly amazing, the coverage is incredible considering it’s so inexpensive. Ahhh, I suffer terribly with redness on my cheeks so I may have to invest in that. I use a green pencil stick from Avon which doesn’t really do the trick so I’ll defiantly have to try the LA girl one out, thank you for that☺️ I hope the start to your 2018 has been going well xo

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