What’s In My Holiday Makeup Travel Bag?!

Hello lovelies,

As you may have guessed by the name of this blogpost, I’m off on holiday this month so I thought it would be interesting to share with you whats in my holiday makeup bag!

I’m the type of person who would pack their whole makeup collection if they could, as picking a small handful of makeup items to take doesn’t sit comfortably with me. I like to have options when getting ready BUT that being said, I do have a few stand out makeup favourites which I use on a daily basis which have made the trip.

I only wear makeup during the evenings whilst on holiday as I like to let the sun get to my face during the day. I like to go all out glam whilst sipping away at my cocktail during the evening entertainment, who doesn’t? Which is why I’ve chosen these makeup products below, as they make me feel holiday ready;

Face Products:

Hydrating Mist; I brought this product from Primark last month and I’ve used it every single day since. I spray it all over my face to hydrate my skin throughout the day & night and it’s such an incredible product. I know this will be an amazing to take on holiday with me for hydrating my skin after sunning myself *hopefully* all day by the pool so my skin doesn’t become dehydrated and dry. This is only £2 from Primark, bargain! 

– Sleek Highlighting Palette, Cleopatra’s Kiss; this palette is one of my favourite, yes you heard it right, my favourite highlighting palettes! Who doesn’t want to be glowing to NASA whilst sipping a cocktail and watching the entertainment? because I sure do and I know this palette will give me the glow I’m looking for. Bronzed and glowing are the perfect combination. For only £9.99 you can’t go wrong…

– Kiko Water Eyeshadow, Light Gold; why is an eyeshadow in a face product list you may be thinking but this is one of the prettiest golden pigments to use on the face as a highlighter. Like the sleek highlighter, I want to be glowing and this will also give me the glow I’m looking for. 

– Avon, Makeup Setting Mist; I cannot go on holiday without a setting mist, it’s an important part of my makeup routine to keep my makeup looking flawless all day/evening especially in the heat. 

Eye / Eyebrow Products;

– Maybelline, Lash Sensational Mascara; night-times are made for long voluminous lashes and this is exactly what this mascara does. This is my favourite mascara of right now, it makes my lashes so long and define which is exactly what I want when I’m out & about. 

– Avon, Eyebrow Powder Brown; this powder I’ve been using since the beginning since January and I take it everywhere with me. It’s the only powder which is my eyebrow hair shade and when on holiday my eyebrows still have to look on fleek! 

– Anastasia Beverley Hills, Brow Definer, Soft Brown; alongside the Avon brow powder I use this to make my eyebrows look somewhat defined and perfect. 

– Benefit, Ready, Set Brow; this brow gel literally glues my brow hairs in place all day and I haven’t gone a day without it, wether I’ve powdered my brows in or not, this is incredible. It also plumps the brows to make them look thicker which is what most girls love. 

Lip Products; 

– Kylie Cosmetics, Mary Jo K Lipsticks; When on holiday you can’t beat a red lipstick and this is in my opinion is the perfect red lipstick, why you may ask? It isn’t to pink and it isn’t to brown, it’s the perfect red and I think it really compliments my skin tone. 

– NYX, Liquid Suede, Orange County; this has to be the brightest orange lipstick I own and with bronzed skin will look beautiful which is why I had to include it in my holiday travel bag. 

– Maybelline, 365 Plum Passion; a perfect, plum purple always has to be in my travel bag wherever I go, it’s the colour I wear most often and I couldn’t not take it on holiday with me. This one from maybelline is beautiful, it’s not drying and it’s so pigmented – a purple dream. 

And that’s all the products I’m taking on holiday with me. If your wondering where I’m off too on holiday, I’m off too Salou in Spain! I know this may look a lot too some people but this is essential to me and I couldn’t not take them with me. I’m hoping to buy some more goodies out in Spain also, so if I do, I’ll be sure to haul it for you all. 

Are you off on holiday this year? If so, where are you off too and what’s in your makeup travel bag? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to find out. 

Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always, 

Elle xo 



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    Love the way you’ve done your photos! x

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