Where I’ve Been & Sephora Haul! 

Hello lovelies,

I’m back, I hope you haven’t missed me too much! I did fully intend to be back blogging way before now but poolside blogging just isn’t for me when the sun is shining at 30 degrees – I just want to be soaking it in on my lounger. Secondly, as soon as I got home from my holiday i started a new treatment which has really taken its toll on my body (I’ll explain all in another blogpost about that). I can’t apologise enough that I haven’t posted but I’m back and raring to go. Where have I been? Salou is the answer.

After 12 years we went back to Salou as it’s one of the hottest destinations in Spain during the September period. It’s certainly not come into the twentieth century yet as the clubs, restaurants and frangrance shops are very few and far between – despite that the streets ARE filled with touristy shops, fast food chains and never ending palm tree’s.


We stayed in the Olympus Palace Hotel which is right in the centre of Saluo, this is a 6 level hotel with the most wonderful and polite staff who couldn’t have been more helpful. This hotel is 100% perfect for disabled people in wheelchairs like myself as not only are their ramps in and out the hotel, lifts, the rooms an amazing size for the chairs, the balconies are the same and my favourite thing was that the pool had a hoist to get in & out of!

The majority of our holiday was spent sunning it up around the pool, then when it gets that little bit too warm I’d ask the lifeguard for his assistance to help me into the hoist, into pool. who doesn’t love to cool down when your too warm in a nice cold pool… bliss.

When you walk out our hotel, no less then 10 minutes away is the most beautiful beach. The beach goes from one side to another with golden sand and clear blue waters which fills your heart with joy as compared to Brighton beach it’s heaven.


On the Tuesday of our holiday we took a trip to Barcelona which is something I really wanted to do for one main reason…

We took a trip on a disabled coach (I know, we seriously need to get these over in England as us disabled people could go on so many trips too so many more places!) and firstly, we went too Barcelona Zoo then we got dropped off in central Barcelona to do some shopping. As you know we were staying in Salou so coaching to Barcelona we believed would take at least 2-3 hours but to our surprise it took less time than we thought – I’d say at the most it took just over an hour to get to Barcelona Zoo from our hotel which is record timing. We actually traveled through all parts of Barcelona to get too the zoo & the central shopping part, seeing the tourist destinations, landmarks and sites which was interesting.


I’ve been to Barcelona zoo before but that was back nearly 12 years ago so a lot has changed over the years and since then my memories become just like a gold fishes – amounts to nothing… so it was just like going there for the first time!

If you’ve been their yourself, you’ll know that Barcelona zoo is huge (we did have a time limit of 2.5 hours) and filled to the brim with exotic animals which one gets excited about. We did skip the insects and reptiles as they make my skin cruel but we managed to get ourselves round most the zoo before time ran out.

It was truly amazing too actually go to a zoo which felt heartwarming as not all zoo’s have that feeling. I do believe this feeling was brought on by two animals in particular though; one being the dolphins and two being the elephants. why? Because I was lucky enough to be at arms reach with the dolphins and it was lovely to see how truly happy all four of them were. The four of them each had a silly personalities which shone through whilst they showed off and we even got to stay with them after they’d finished their “performances” – yet they still acted the

same, giving us smiles & slashing us.

Furthermore, the elephants are just cute overall aren’t they? as you’ll see in my photo’s, one of them had a grass hat which showed he had such a funny character about him. Meanwhile the other two elephants spent their time munching on the Spanish chilli’s (yes you heard right, Spanish chilli’s!) which made them pull the funniest of faces.

Don’t get me wrong, the other animals do give you a sense of warmth also (but these two just done it for me in particular).

Once we had finished at Barcelona Zoo, we jumped back on the coach to go to the central of Barcelona to do some shopping.

I actually have had this bit of the trip planned for months and MONTHS in my head, I hoped that it would all come together and thankfully it did.

Whilst doing some research about Barcelona, I found out that central Barcelona had a Sephora and I knew I just had to get there. It’s on my bucket list to go to Sephora in America so when I found out there was one in Barcelona – I cried with joy as I’ve wanted nothing more than to go to one for the last two years. The Sephora in Barcelona that I went too was a store within a store so it wasn’t very big and didn’t have many brands but never-the-less I was thrilled to have a huge dream of mine come true and I may have gone a little crazy (but I did save hardcore for this so I think it was well deserved).

Also, right next to the Sephora section was a huge NYX section which obviously I had to have a nose around and I also went a little crazy in there… who wouldn’t?

Anyway, I won’t ramble on anymore. Here’s my Sephora Haul for you –

Sephora Haul;

  • “On The Go” Detangling Hairbrush | Tangle Teezer. 
  • Three Mini “Better Than Sex” Mascara’s | Too Faced.
  • Shimmering Skin Perfector In Pearl | Becca 
  • Prep & Prime | MAC 
  • Becca  X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette | Becca 
  • Gen Nude ButterCream LipGloss Collection | bareMinerals
  • Defined & Refined Brows | Benefit 
  • Glow On The Go, Shimmering Skin Perfector In Opal | Becca 
  • Poudre De Soleil, Bronzing Powder | Sephora 
  • Glitter Bomb Palette | Too Faced
  • Three Mini Triple Action Cleansing Water | Sephora 
  • Contour & Color, Liner & Lipstick Duo In Deep Nude 03 | Sephora 
  • Gel Lip Liner In 02 ‘Nothin’ But Nude’ | Sephora 
  • Gel Lip Liner In 16 ‘Mesquite’ | Sephora 
  • Cream Lip Stain In 02 Classic Beige | Sephora 
  • Cream Lip Stain In 04 Endless Purple | Sephora 
  • Everlasting Liquid Lipstick In ‘Bow N Arrow’ | Kat Von D
  • Lotus Eye Mask | Sephora

NXY Haul;

  • Perfect Filter Eyeshadow Palette | NYX
  • Golden Peach, Single Eyeshadow | NYX
  • Sex Kitten, Single Eyeshadow | NYX
  • Girl Talk, Single Eyeshadow | NYX 
  • Face And Body Glitter In 03 | NYX 
  • Face And Body Glitter In 04 | NYX
  • Lip Cream, Crystalized Metal In CMLC16 | NYX
  • Lip Cream, Crystalized Metal In CMLC17 | NYX
  • Lip Cream, Crystalized Metal In CMLC10 | NYX 

Other Items I’ve Brought;

  • Versace Women, Eau De Parfum For Her | Versace 
  • Inspirational Wooden Clips | Codangatta
  • Enamel Pins | Free Spirit 
  • Tripod | Ale-Hop 
  • 5 Sets Of Earrings | Ale-Hop

And that’s my huge haul which I wanted to share with you guys as I know so many people like myself love to read hauls and have a nosy through what people have brought/been up too.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s post, I apologise it’s taken so long for me to upload it but like I say I’m back! I had the most amazing holiday which I can’t thank my Mum, Nan and Grandad enough for. I was spoilt rotten and I’m so grateful for everything.

I hope your all as well as can be.

Sending you all tons of love and hugs as always,

Elle xo


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  1. Tory
    October 5, 2017 / 10:57 pm

    Great photos Elle! Looks like you all had a great time! And what a haul, can’t wait to hear what you think of it all. Hope you are doing well. Take care xx

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